How A Buckwheat Pillow Can Guarantee Luxurious Sleep

Everyone deserves to have a good night of sleep at the end of the day. Ideally, a person should have at least seven to nine hours of sleep daily. This allows the body to recover and recharge for the next day ahead. With that, it’ll be great if you could look for ways to have a well-deserved sleep every night.   

If you don’t have much trouble falling asleep at night, the next thing you could try to improve is having a luxurious sleep. In this way, not only that you’ll feel fully energized, but you’ll also feel like royalty as you just had the best rest of your life. While having a good mattress would help, using an excellent pillow, like buckwheat or Sobakawa pillow, will bring plenty of benefits to your body and sleep quality. 

What Is A Buckwheat Pillow?

A buckwheat pillow is a new variation that uses buckwheat hulls as its fill, allowing you to have a luxurious and comfortable sleep at night. This pillow originated in Japan but it’s now making its way into the international borders, providing plenty of restful sleep for everyone around the globe.  

Moreover, a buckwheat hull is the hard outer casings of buckwheat seeds. Since they don’t come in a single solid form, a person can choose to remove the hulls, depending on how high or low they want their pillow to be. Along with this, since they’re tiny and firm, they can contour well to the head’s shape, promoting better posture as you sleep at night.  

A buckwheat pillow is highly durable, as well as heat- and allergy-resistant. Do note that some people are allergic to buckwheat. But, in general situations, people use a buckwheat pillow as an alternative to cotton, leather, latex, and down pillow.  

Luxurious Benefits Of A Buckwheat Pillow

Since a buckwheat pillow uses natural fillers, knowing the benefits that it could bring to your body might intrigue you. Along with this, using a buckwheat pillow won’t only let you have a great night of sleep, but you can also sleep in luxury, making you feel majestic every morning.  

How A Buckwheat Pillow Can Guarantee Luxurious Sleep

Listed below are the luxurious benefits of sleeping with a buckwheat pillow: 

1. Customizable Height

Not everyone enjoys a similar size for their pillows–some might prefer to use a high-rise pillow, while some enjoy sleeping almost flat on their bed. With the various preference, it’ll be difficult to search for a pillow that can provide the right feeling as you lay your head at night. With a buckwheat pillow, you can fully customize how high or low your pillow could be, allowing you to have control of your comfort.

Since you can customize the height of your buckwheat pillow, you no longer have to look for the perfect pillow. This will help you save plenty of money since you’re eliminating the process of trial and error.

2. Moulds Perfectly To Your Head

When you open your buckwheat pillowcases, you can see actual buckwheat hulls, which you can take out of the case. With this, the buckwheat hulls can freely move around your pillow, enabling it to mould perfectly on your head, neck, and shoulders. This can help eliminate any annoying lumps and bumps, both of which will make you feel uncomfortable every night.  

With a buckwheat pillow, you can ensure that your pillow will fit you perfectly, giving you maximum support. This will help you maximize its benefits and give you a good, deep, and luxurious sleep every night.  

Furthermore, since the buckwheat pillow moulds perfectly on your head, it can help promote proper posture as you sleep since your head won’t be adjusting to the pillow’s posture. Instead, it’ll allow the pillow to adapt to your body.  

3. Luxurious Scent

One way that you can feel truly luxurious as you sleep at night is by smelling an elegant scent every time you sleep at night. While some people prefer to diffuse essential oils inside their bedroom minutes before they hit the hay, you can eliminate this step as your buckwheat pillow can provide you with an amazing scent, giving you an enjoyable sleeping experience every night.  

Traditional pillows don’t have any scent at all. Worse, your pillows might smell awful from the chemicals and plastics used. With a buckwheat pillow, it can produce a natural smell that can help you sleep better and be more comfortable at night. Hence, having a buckwheat pillow is an effortless way to improve your sleep quality without affecting everyone inside the room.  

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about any strong scents as they’re extremely subtle, which can make you think they’re odourless but can provide the relaxing benefits of a good aroma. Moreover, the strength of the scent can vary depending on each pillow, but it’ll never overpower your nose.  

How A Buckwheat Pillow Can Guarantee Luxurious Sleep

4. Lasts Long

You know that a pillow is of great quality when it can last for more than a decade. Regular pillow usually lasts for 18 months to three years, maximum. But with a buckwheat pillow, they’ll be able to survive for up to twenty years! But, of course, you need to take care of them properly as they also require love and maintenance.  

Even if it uses natural materials, a buckwheat hull is extremely sturdy as it’ll take plenty of years before breaking them down. With that, having one in your bedroom would be an excellent investment as it’ll take you years before worrying about what pillow you should have next. 

Since a buckwheat pillow is customizable and will last you for years, you can adjust its height and fill as your pillow preference changes. In this way, you no longer have to constantly replace your pillow as you can simply take off some buckwheat hull to suit your preferences.  

5. Promotes Proper Spine Alignment

While it may go unnoticed, proper spine alignment is critical every time you sleep at night. In this way, you can avoid waking up to extreme back pain, which can affect how your day will be.

By using a buckwheat pillow, its hulls will adjust perfectly to your body, promoting proper posture as you sleep at night. Even if you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, this can go well as the pillow contours with your sleeping position.  

If you’re a side sleeper, you should consider matching your sleep with a good knee pillow that can help promote proper posture. This way, you’re not just relying on good posture with your buckwheat pillow as it can only help with your upper body. A knee pillow can help promote whole-body proper alignment, which your body will thank you for years.  

6. Reduces Snoring

While you might not be the one who can feel this luxurious benefit, but your sleep buddy would surely do. With a buckwheat pillow, you can reduce your natural snoring sounds, which can interrupt people in their sleep, especially if they’re extremely light sleepers. 

Since a buckwheat pillow helps promote proper posture as you sleep at night, it can help free your airflows, eliminating any blockage that can cause you to snore. In this way, you no longer have to purchase any anti-snoring devices as you can just rely on the buckwheat pillow to get the work done for you.  

However, you shouldn’t rely on everything to your buckwheat pillow as it can only help reduce your snoring and not completely eliminate it. If using this kind of pillow didn’t show any improvements, even if you sleep on your side, you should consider visiting a sleep doctor. Doing so will allow you to gain some useful tips and medications to reduce your snoring. Do note that excessive snoring could be a sign of a serious health condition.  

7. Uses Natural And Organic Materials

There’s nothing more luxurious than sleeping peacefully at night knowing that you’re using natural materials. With this, you can feel the luxury since most traditional pillows use synthetic materials to comfort their consumers. With a buckwheat pillow, you can guarantee that everything’s natural and organic, which means that it’s free from any chemicals that could be harmful to your sensitive skin.  

With a buckwheat pillow, you can live an organic lifestyle while allowing you to feel luxurious and a friend to the environment. Moreover, since a buckwheat pillow uses natural materials, expect that there’ll be no chemical smell that you usually get from synthetic pillow fills.

8. Keeps You Cool

When sleeping at night, the last thing you want is to constantly toss and turn your pillow since your head keeps on sweating or you feel comfortable about the warm temperature. If you’re using a memory foam pillow, you know exactly how much heat it can provide over your head, which can make you feel uneasy, especially if you’re a hot sleeper.

Since buckwheat isn’t a single solid foam and uses small bits, you can ensure that it’ll promote proper air circulation, keeping you cool as you sleep at night. In this way, your pillow doesn’t trap heat but rather lets it pass through it. With a buckwheat pillow, you can eliminate any excessive sweats at night and be able to have a cool and relaxing sleep.  

9. Eliminates Risk Of Allergy Reactions

If you’re a person who has an extremely sensitive body, you’re probably tired of looking for a pillow that could provide you with the best comfort without giving you any allergic reactions. Since a buckwheat pillow uses natural and organic materials, you may be able to sleep peacefully at night without having to suffer from any health concerns.  

Moreover, you should still confirm if you’re allergic to buckwheat as there’s a limited number of people who react negatively to this. After verifying that you’re not allergic, purchase one right away so you can have a good night of sleep for years to come. 

How A Buckwheat Pillow Can Guarantee Luxurious Sleep
The pillow with organic buckwheat hulls

Buckwheat Pillow Buying Guide

Since there are plenty of benefits that a buckwheat pillow can offer to your body, you might be in a rush to purchase one of your own. But before you rush to the market and buy the first thing that you see, listed below is a buying guide that could help you get your money’s worth:  

Choose The Right Size

Like with any other regular pillow, one of the things that you need to prioritize is the pillow size; you no longer have to worry too much about the pillow’s firmness. You can choose between having a king, queen, standard, or Japanese-sized pillow, which is around 14″ x 20″.

When choosing the right pillow size, consider the size of your bed and your needs. This should allow you to have a great-looking bedroom. You can also choose to try sleeping on one at the store and see which one you’re most comfortable sleeping around.

Moreover, you should also consider your sleeping position. A small pillow might not be ideal for those who keep on changing their positions as they’ll feel that they’ll fall out of their bed.  

Pillow Cover and Fill  

Since you’re using a buckwheat pillow, anticipate that you’ll only have a single material for every kind of pillow. With that, you can drive your focus about the pillow cover and look for ones that use organic materials for an entirely natural and organic experience.

 For your pillow cover, you can either go for bamboo or organic cotton, like Pinetale’s basic plus buckwheat hulls pillow, allowing you to feel comfortable as you sleep at night.  

In other cases, some buckwheat pillows can offer additional fill for maximum comfort. However, it might not give you a full buckwheat experience but it can provide an extra-plush, which would be beneficial if you enjoy soft pillows. For your additional fills, you can choose between having shredded cotton or foam. For a full natural experience, cotton would be the best option.  


A buckwheat pillow is getting more popular as it can provide plenty of benefits as you sleep at night. While they can help you sleep better and improve your body’s posture, a buckwheat pillow uses natural and organic materials, which can be highly beneficial for the environment. Hence, it’ll be a guilt-free comfort that you’ll surely enjoy in your home.

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