How To Buy The Right Bong For You

Buying the right bong can be challenging, whether you’ve been smoking for a long or short time. Meanwhile, bongs vary in size, components, and materials used in production.

However, before you pay for a bong, there are some essential things you should check out. Are you a newbie, and you don’t want to get the wrong type of bong? Are you a regular bong user on the market, and do you want a bong that suits your style better? Worry less.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can buy the right bong for yourself, exposing you to the types and basic features of bongs in the process. Kindly read on as we help you buy a suitable one.

Choose The Right Size

How To Buy The Right Bong For You

Another notable point you must consider while buying the right bong is size. Your choice of size could, however, be influenced by your smoking style, way of life, and budget.

Meanwhile, the bigger the bong, the bigger the hit. Heavy smokers and party smokers will go for big ones. However, big bongs are not portable, and they can also get damaged if not kept properly.

Conversely, the convenient mini bongs don’t produce big hits like the bigger ones, but they’re also potent. They are cheaper and easier to carry about and keep. It is an ideal choice for beginners, and if you also travel a lot, go for smaller bongs.

Consider Your Smoking Habits

It is crucial to review your smoking habits if you desire to buy the right bong. It will streamline the type or size of the bong you should buy. Meanwhile, if you want a big hit, bigger bongs are ideal for you.

However, if you smoke occasionally and alone, you can opt for the glass type, provided you’ll station it in a room to avoid breaking it. But, if you’re a party smoker, a plastic bong would do, considering it would get passed around.

Also, your bong will later need cleaning. Simple-styled bongs are easier to clean. Similarly, bongs with ash catchers are easier to clean.

How To Buy The Right Bong For You

Decide On The Material

Bongs are built with various materials: glass, ceramic, plastic, silicone, and bamboo. It now depends on your choice because they all serve their purpose.

However, glass bongs are classy and costly, but they break easily. Plastic bongs are cheaper and more portable. Ceramic bongs are smaller and heavier with lovely designs. Bamboo bongs are durable, while silicone bongs provide an experience close to that of glass, and they hardly break.

Despite being delicate, glass produces a better smoking experience. You can, however, get a thick glass bong to prolong its lifespan. Similarly, ceramic bongs create nice hits but are challenging to tidy up. Also, plastic and silicone bongs might be better if your location changes often.