How To Smoke From A Bong: Tips And Tricks

When it comes to pot smoking, there is no right or wrong approach. Nonetheless, many smokers claim that bongs are one of the most common and trusted methods of smoking pot.

Bongs have been a part of the smoking habit since the beginning. Their water filtration mechanism catches ash and other smoke-related toxins for a cooler and smoother smoking session.

The fact that bongs don’t clog like traditional pipes is also a benefit. Yes, you will need to wash them once in a while, but it doesn’t pose such an obligation as cleaning a pipe does.

How To Smoke From A Bong: Tips And Tricks

If you’ve never smoked marijuana before, mastering the art of bong-hitting should be one of your top priorities. This article will pinpoint a lot of info regarding bong smoking.

The Basics

Before we light up and draw, let’s break down the fundamental parts of a bong.

Bongs have a water-filled base, a mouthpiece, a bowl, and a downstem. Smoking from a bong produces a chilled, smooth hit, providing a purer experience than a joint or another smoking device.

For a more detailed analysis of a bong’s anatomy, we have a comprehensive guide to bongs tailored for both novices and toking veterans. Keep reading to learn how to smoke from a bong and even some nifty tips and tricks!

How To Smoke From A Bong: Tips And Tricks

How To Smoke From A Bong

To smoke a bong, you’ll need to start by pouring some water directly into the mouth of the bong. Fill up the water about an inch above where the downstem sits.

Next step: you’re going to pack the bowl. If you pack it too tight, it has the potential to clog up the bowl. In addition, it helps if your cannabis is nicely ground.

If you’re going for calming, focused, and happy effects – use a Sativa dominant strain. If you want to induce pain-relieving effects – use Indica.

Hold the bong using one hand while you blaze the cannabis in the bowl. Place your mouth inside the mouthpiece and inhale. The smoke will go through the bong’s chamber and the mouthpiece, where you’ll place your lips.

If your bong has a carb (a hole in the device), hold a finger over it while you light. As you inhale, remove it to clear the chamber of the smoke. Pull the bowl out of the stem if it doesn’t have a carb.

When you’re doing a bong hit, a lot of smoke is produced, so be prepared to cough. Don’t feel obligated to inhale all the smoke. Only do what’s comfortable for you.

How To Smoke From A Bong: Tips And Tricks

The Best Ways To Smoke A Bong

Over the years, cannabis users have developed strategies to make bong hits smoother, such as using the proper technique.

Here are a few pointers on how to get the most out of your bong experience:

Ice Catchers

There’s a good reason certain bongs include ice catchers, even if you don’t use ice in the first place.

The following are some of the advantages of utilizing ice for your next bong rip:

  • It does a better job of filtering the smoke because it introduces a second ingredient into the mix;
  • Ice cools the smoke, allowing you to inhale more deeply and take more giant puffs;
  • It works as splash protection (Especially if placed above the water chamber);
  • The second layer of filtering adds to the rich taste.


Bong rips are a way to increase your ability to inhale large quantities of marijuana while maintaining your ability to do so for an extended period. So, you better use your fine grinds wisely for more impact.

Using breathwork to strengthen your diaphragm and help open your lungs is the most significant way to accomplish these goals.

Hit Stacking

Stacking bong hits is among the most acceptable methods to enjoy a bong session. You’re smoking your bong, and the smoke isn’t moving up to the mouthpiece – a hit stacking method. The smoke will remain in the chamber and tube until you wish to inhale it, allowing you to stay using your bong longer.

You may stack bong hits by inhaling gradually over time. Inhale until you’re out of breath, then slowly pull the bowl to fill the chamber with smoke.

Finally, take the bowl out entirely and inhale quickly – you’ll receive a significant quantity of smoke all at once.

How To Smoke From A Bong: Tips And Tricks

Bong Water Content

It would be best to fill it halfway with water to get the most out of your bong. The downstem should be immersed in water, but not so much that you risk ingesting bong water in your mouth. Aim to fill the downstem to a height of about an inch above the water’s surface.

The French And Snap Inhale

Here’s one technique that will surely make your friends’ jaws drop. While the rings and the Snap Inhale may suggest smoking aptitude, the French Inhale has been around for a while and is a widespread technique.

If you’re using a bong, retaining the smoke in your mouth may be challenging rather than rapidly inhaling it into your lungs. As you inhale, slowly fill your mouth with smoke, and then as it starts to exit your mouth, inhale through your nose.

It is possible to divide the French Inhale in half using your tongue. You can also do an excellent effect using your tongue to flick out the smoke and then inhale again via your mouth.

Final Words

Whether a first-time bong smoker or a seasoned veteran, you shouldn’t stop learning to improve your smoking experience. Also, don’t hesitate to attempt new things since practice makes perfect!

Even if you’re not a bong enthusiast, we are here to inform you that there are several methods to improve your bong rips and techniques to enjoy the bong without leaving behind the lingering smell of pot.

Try any tested methods mentioned above, and you’ll quickly notice a shift in your smoking sessions – for the better. Switch it up from time to time for fun, and remember to stay safe and trust your limits.