How to Care for Lab-Grown Gemstones

Although the laboratory production of gemstones allows for access to top-quality gems, it is still important to commit to taking care of these gems if they must maintain their sparkle. Thankfully, there are no hard processes to taking care of lab-grown gemstones. You’d often need to care for them the same way you’d do for a mined gem.

Note that different gemstones come with unique properties that may require a certain kind of special care. For example, some gemstones are very hard and durable while others are softer and more prone to chipping. Also, transparent gemstones would require extra care to preserve their quality than coloured gemstones or gemstones of darker colours.

If your gemstone is particularly one that you wear all the time, it is quite easy to get used to it and treat it like it’s never there. On the other hand, it is possible to also ignore gemstones that are not used frequently and this may not be good for the gem and the other metals used in the jewellery. Here are some basic tips for caring for your lab-grown gemstones.

Remove Jewelry During Tasks

When performing heavy tasks, it is advised that you remove your jewellery pieces. This will prevent physical damage such as scratching, chipping, and exposure to destructive chemicals. You may also want to remove your jewellery during recreational activities. If not for anything, to prevent it from getting lost.

Meanwhile, frequent exposure to certain products such as body lotions, perfume, soap, and cooking ingredients can cause build-ups that dull your gems, make them harder to clean, and can cause them to chip or peel during cleaning.

How to Care for Lab-Grown Gemstones

Avoid Exposing Your Gemstones to Harsh Chemicals and Heat

Besides removing your jewellery during tasks, you should also be careful to avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals such as harsh cleaning agents, gardening chemicals, or makeup products. While some of these products may not be harmful to your skin, you never know how they will react to your gemstone. Also, other metals used in manufacturing your gemstone will become more prone to rust when exposed to water or other unfriendly chemicals. If you are not sure, you should just remove your jewellery before carrying out any task that involves chemicals or heat.

Store Lab-Grown Gemstones Away When Not in Use

It is not ideal to keep your jewellery piece on the dressing table if you will not be using it for a long period. You could place substances on them causing them to scratch or they could even go missing as you sweep them aside with other stuff. You should always store your jewellery away to keep it safe and clean for your next use.

When storing gemstones, it is also important to avoid their contact with other jewelry as they could scratch each other. Diamonds, for example, will scratch anything including other diamonds they come in contact with.

Use Jewelry Polishing Clothes or Soft Brushes

Keeping your gemstones clean is an important process for preserving their sparkle. However, there is a tender way to do this so you don’t regret a well-intended chore.

When cleaning your gemstones, avoid harsh towels and hard brushes that can scratch the stones. Use very soft clothes, paper tissues or soft brushes. You should also not apply too much force when cleaning. A tip to this is to clean regularly so dirt doesn’t build up on your gemstones.

Use Warm, NOT Hot Water

Soaking your eco-friendly or lab-created gemstones in warm water can make dirt and grease lift quickly so cleaning is easier. However, avoid using hot water, hot water can react with your cleaning detergent, causing the metals used for the jewelry to corrode. Also, take note to use mild soaps when cleaning.

How to Care for Lab-Grown Gemstones

Consider a Professional Cleaning Service

While you may not need an expert to help clean your lab-grown gemstone, you can consider professional cleaning if you have not paid attention to caring for the gem in a while. Many jewelry manufacturing companies also offer cleaning services and expert advice for maintaining different kinds of gemstones.

How long your lab-grown gemstone serves you depends on how well you take care of it. We recommend that you clean gemstones that you use all the time a couple of times a week, if not daily. It is also important to stay conscious that you are putting on a gemstone so you can avoid its exposure to harmful routines.