How To Revamp A Strangely-Shaped Room

If only all rooms were of a decent size and either square or rectangular – wouldn’t furnishing and decorating be so much easier? The answer is yes, but it might also make things more boring.

One of the reasons we love older houses is for their quirkiness, and this often comes in the form of oddly-shaped rooms. Rather than cursing this awkwardness, embrace it and work with it to create something quite wonderful.

What’s The Room For?

How To Revamp A Strangely-Shaped Room

This is the first question you should ask. Then think about the main pieces of furniture required. Whether it’s a sofa and TV for a living room or a bed for a bedroom, these should take precedence and become the centrepiece. The other furniture – side tables, coffee tables, desks and so on, should fit around this.

Using The Space

How To Revamp A Strangely-Shaped Room

Don’t try and clutter the room with too many things. Keep it simple, then you’ll maintain that sense of space. Having a pathway from one side of the room to the other is another way of keeping it looking decluttered, but make sure you account for any extra space needed for the likes of radiators and shelving. You may also want to consider using smaller furniture, such as chairs instead of armchairs to allow the room to breathe more.

Think how you can use or decorate an awkward corner (in fact, think of it as characterful, rather than awkward). You might want to place a large mirror there to make the room feel more spacious, or maybe there’s enough room for a small desk and chair.

Built-In Furniture

How To Revamp A Strangely-Shaped Room

This is a great way to maximise the use of a tight space. If a sloping ceiling encroaches on a wall, or there’s a little nook hidden in a corner, consider fitting shelves into the available space, turning the nook into a cupboard or a work-station. You can never have too much storage or functional space! Moreover, by having a dedicated work-station or even an arts table neatly tucked away in a dedicated space will ensure that this area stays clear of interference from other family members.


How To Revamp A Strangely-Shaped Room

An awkward-shaped room is a blessing. It gives you an opportunity to create a space in your home that’s unique. It’ll become the sort of room people look at with surprise and amazement, as it’ll no doubt look different to any room they’ve seen before.

If your room is narrow then keeping everything in one light colour (as in walls, ceiling, curtains and furniture) can give the impression of more space. If, however, there’s a funny shaped wall to one side, then you could paint this a contrasting tone to make a feature of its character.