Ways To Consume Cannabis: Tips From The Experts

It is interesting to think about the question of how did our ancestors know which plants to consume?

How did they know to distinguish them from the dangerous and lethal plants? How did someone come up with the idea of eating honey from a beehive? We should never forget about these works of our ancestral pioneers that granted us the goodies of today. Not only did they know which plants are edible, they knew which ones are good for our health.

With modern science, we can prove many of these substances’ pros on a molecular level. With this knowledge, we can use this natural medicine to our advantage. One of the plants that became popular again, with the help of science, is cannabis.

With the help of science and experts, now everyone can enjoy this helpful plant in regions where it is legal to consume. Here are some tips that will help you better understand cannabis, so you can consume it properly.


Ways To Consume Cannabis: Tips From The Experts

The safest ways of consuming cannabis are the ones that avoid the process of combustion or try to minimize it. The reason why cannabis consumption is associated with smoking is that it is the most effective way of importing it into your body. One of the ways you can minimize combustion is by using bongs that use water to filter out the smoke.

When you smoke with a bong, you also do not need to use smoking paper, which reduces unwanted combustion.

This way, you are smoking a larger percentage of the plant and not a piece of paper that is burning. Besides that, the water makes the smoke thicken up, which has a positive effect on the taste. Our taste perception works much more efficiently on thick smoke compared to whimsy smoke.

Although, water filtration is not as effective as many deem it to be. The reason is simple: water is polar, and harmful substances are less polar. It is still the best way to compromise the effective transport of smoke to your lungs and is safer than regular smoking.


Ways To Consume Cannabis: Tips From The Experts

Many people associate edibles with brownies, but they come in almost any other form of food, even beverage. By eating, or drinking, edibles, you completely avoid the process of combustion and smoke entering your lungs. However, this comes at a much slower rate than smoking cannabis.

This can be both good or bad, depending on what you want to get from this experience. The most important thing you need to watch out for is the dosage in edibles.

You can buy already made edibles that tell you the exact dosage of active compounds in them. This is the safest way to consume since you know what you are getting yourself into. If you never had an edible before, you should always try smaller dosages or talk to a professional about it.

Making edibles is trickier because you can easily miscalculate the dosage that is pleasurable. More substance does not always mean more enjoyment, it can cause unwanted side effects. That is why you should always be patient and calculate how much cannabis you need in an edible.


Creams are another great way of consuming cannabis that avoids combustion. Again, this method of consumption is much slower compared to direct inhalation of the goodies. Creams are a really good way of consuming if you use cannabis to treat physical pain at a certain part of the body. You need to first know what concentration suits you the best to avoid unnecessary side effects as with potent edibles.

Ways To Consume Cannabis: Tips From The Experts


Patches represent a sleek way of consuming cannabis over a period of time. By using a patch, you can get a constant dosage of the good stuff at a rate that you prefer. Again, you need to discover your optimal dosage and talk to a professional in order to know your unique dosage. You can consume cannabis on the go using this very convenient method while you are being a bit sneaky with it.

Knowledge is a special power that humans use, so they can exist in this world. Through knowledge and information sharing, we can learn so much more about the goods of this world. This is why it is important to educate yourself and read the tips that experts give in various fields. 

These tips were selected on the premise of consuming cannabis the proper way and by understanding the principle. By understanding the principles of cannabis consumption, you can learn even more about it in the future. With these principles, you are well-equipped to broaden your knowledge on the subject of cannabis. The more you know, the more you can enjoy this gift of nature.

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