Impress Your Guests With Your Dining Room This Christmas!

Christmas is approaching and it’s time to start preparing your dining room for the big day! To impress your guests this Christmas, Juliettes Interiors have compiled a list of tips and tricks for preparing your dining room and giving it the ultimate luxury makeover.

1. The Perfect Dining Table

There is no Christmas dinner without a dining table! Many already have their dining table, but if you don’t, or just want to change it up, it’s extremely important to get this ordered as soon as possible, especially if you are looking for a custom dining table. There is a range of considerations to keep in mind when choosing the perfect dining table such as…

  • Consider the number of guests you have to ensure there is plenty of space – it’s a good idea to have spare seating and space for any last-minute add-ons. 
  • Make sure your table design fits with and compliments your interior style.
  • Consider what shape you want your table to be – keep the size of the room in mind.

Pro Tip: If you have a lot of sharp angles and ‘square’ items in the room, a circular or oval-ended dining table could be a nice way to break this up.

2. Christmas Colour Scheme

Your festive colour scheme is the first and most important step when preparing your dining room for Christmas as this is required when selecting other items such as napkins and decor. When selecting the perfect colour scheme, make sure to keep the current colours of the room in mind to prevent selecting a colour that does not work well in the room. 

If your room is mostly neutral colours, try using shades of champagne, gold, silver and white. If you have a darker colour scheme in your dining room, such as black, navy or forest green, a gold or copper Christmas colour scheme may compliment the room well. If you have any pastel shades in your dining room, silver and white could be a great option for Christmas decor. 

3. Table Cloth Or Table Runner?

Laying a table cloth or runner is the first step when decorating your table – Table cloths cover the whole table, whereas table runners are just a piece of fabric that runs down the centre. It’s extremely important to make sure that whichever you opt for is the right size for your table – to work the size out for a table runner, measure the width of your table and divide it by three, and for a table cloth measure from the centre of your table outward, then multiply the measurement by two.

4. The Perfect Centrepiece

Before choosing the centrepiece, keep the shape and size of your table in mind – if you have a large circular table, it may be a great idea to have one large centrepiece, whereas if you have a longer, rectangular table, it’s a good idea to have a few centre pieces along the centre of the table – whichever you decide, just make sure that your guests still have plenty of space around them. 

Some popular centrepieces include: 

  • Mini Christmas trees
  • Flowers
  • Candles 
  • A vase filled with baubles 
  • Low hanging lights.
Impress Your Guests With Your Dining Room This Christmas!

5. Perfect Place Settings

Place settings are arguably the most important part of your Christmas dinner – your guests may be slightly unhappy if they are unable to eat their dinner. The place settings should include a placemat, plates, napkins, cutlery, and glasses and should be traditionally set up in the following way…

  • The dinner plate should be on the placemat, with a side plate on top followed by a bowl.
  • Water glasses should be to the left, and wine glasses to the right above the placemat.
  • Forks should be laid on the left of the plate, with the one being used last being positioned the closest to the plate, and knives should be on the right-hand side in the same order, as well as any spoons that are not dessert spoons, which should be placed above the plates.
  • Bread plates should be above the forks. 

As for napkins, these can either be placed at the side of the placemat, perhaps with cutlery on top, or they can be placed on top of the plate – you could even experiment with some napery! Or if this isn’t working out for you, invest in some luxury napkin rings

6. The Finishing Touches

Last but certainly not least, adding some finishing touches can make your Christmas dining table! Although your centrepiece will be the main focus and decorative part of your table, you can add additional decorations around such as candles and fairy lights, or scatter some acorns and berries across the table. 

Depending on the number of guests and how you’d like them to sit, you could add name cards that match your colour scheme and design on top of the place settings. To really impress your guests, add a favour to their place setting – this could be gift-wrapped keepsakes such as a candle, chocolates, or a small bottle of alcohol. 

Hosting Christmas can be an extremely stressful time, but if you prepare early and follow these steps, we’re sure you will have a fantastic time and impress your guests!

Impress Your Guests With Your Dining Room This Christmas!

Finishing Touches

Once the above steps are in place, you can begin adding finishing touches to truly make your dining table magical for Christmas and impress your guests. 

Once you have selected your centrepiece, you can include complimentary decoration around the table to make it look truly dressed for Christmas (but remember to make sure there’s still plenty of space!) Dot some tea light candles around the table, preferably ones with wintery scents, intertwine fairy lights across the table or scatter some acorns of faux berries around. 

Depending on how many guests you have and if you want people sat in a certain place, you can add name cards on top of the stacked plates – try and find place cards that match your colour scheme or have a Christmassy design. You could also include a small gift for guests and make these your place cards – gift wrap a small keepsake such as a candle, chocolates, alcohol etc., and add a label with each person’s name to double up as a place card.  

It might feel like you have a ton of time to organise your dining room for Christmas, however, it will soon come around and it’s best to be prepared and not panic closer to the time, especially if you need to order new furniture.

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