Kylie Jenner Teams Up With Mother In Most Recent Celebrity Cosmetic Collaboration

Kylie Jenner is not just one of the most well-known public figures in the world. She’s also a well-established businesswoman and the owner of a beauty empire, Kylie Cosmetics. The reality star started her journey in the world of skincare and makeup back in 2015, and now her products are among the most sold in the world. 

But you can’t stay ahead of the competition, especially in a field this dynamic, if you don’t come up with new and exciting ideas. And Kylie is smart enough to know this. 

Therefore, she teamed up with her mother (for a second time), the equally famous Kris Jenner, and launched a new line of products called the Kris Collection. 

Today we’ll look at what this collaboration means and what you should expect from the new products. 

Designed To Celebrate Kris’s Love For Martinis

Kris is a refined, mature woman who knows what she wants, so Kylie wanted to celebrate her mother’s elegance and style by dedicating the collection to her mother’s love for Martinis. This is why all the products come in martini-inspired packaging.

Most of the products are packed in olive-green shades or have olives on them (check the eyepatches, they’re great!). Plus, the pressed powder palette is literally shaped like the top part of a martini glass – super cute, right?

Overall, the packaging is inspiring, and the black and green theme gives it a luxurious vibe – perfect for a night out with the girls!

Not Their First Collab

The Kardashian-Jenner family is well-known for their collaborations, but the ones between momma Kris and the youngest daughter of the family have a unique feel. 

This is round two for the Kris Collection, launched by Kylie Jenner’s brand, and this time, buyers can enjoy products like the ‘’Curetini’ (under eye patches), a big eyeshadow palette, a lip crayon set, an anti-ageing lip serum, and a face palette.

The announcement for the launch was made during a live TikTok when the two icons of the Kardashian world got together to chat with their fans and boast about these amazing new products. 

Of course, both looked stunning, and fans got to admire Kylie’s gorgeous silhouette and Kris’s impressive look, especially considering her age (the momager just turned 65). 

They also introduced the public to the new PR box, which has since been shipped to content creators and influencers everywhere. The box is beautifully decorated with roses and adorns the momager’s signature on the front (a graphic detail that’s on all the products as well). 

This Kardashians’ cosmetics collab is inspired by an iconic 2017 photo of Kris Jenner’s and Kylie made it clear that her mother was actively involved in choosing the shades and the names for the products. 

A Resounding Success

The launch was a huge success, with fans of Kylie’s brand and the Kardashian empire, in general, eager to try on the new look. Plus, social media was flooded with images of the PR box, which also includes the items you need to make a delicious martini (shaker, strainer, mixer, and a shot measurer). 

So, you can do your makeup and have a bit of fun before leaving the house. And who knows, maybe the girls will come over, and you can all enjoy a martini before going out looking fabulous.

As for the new products, they look exquisite and fit extremely well with the party theme. Plus, the eye shadow and the lip serums are a hit with so many fans out there. The lip crayon set, blush, and highlighter also go well together.

Overall, the new Kris Collection is a hit with party goers everywhere, and we can’t wait to see what these two will come up with in the future.

*Feature Image: Kylie Cosmetics