Lamborghini Victory: Oregon Team’s Spectacular Win at Monza

In a dazzling display of skill and determination, Maximilian Paul and Pierre-Louis Chovet showcased their championship aspirations with a triumphant performance at Monza.

The dynamic duo, representing the Oregon Team, notched their fourth victory of the season, firmly cementing their status as contenders for the International GT Open championship.

Lamborghini Victory: Oregon Team's Spectacular Win at Monza

Dominating the Qualifiers

The weekend commenced on a high note for Paul and Chovet as they asserted their dominance during the qualifying sessions. Maximilian Paul, with his deft touch, claimed the pole position for both races. His remarkable performance in the #63 Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2 during free practice set the stage for their triumph. In a wet qualifying session, Paul posted a blistering time of 1m46.751, leaving his competitors trailing in his wake.

The Oregon Team exhibited their prowess, with Daan Arrow and Pietro Perolini in the sister Lamborghini, securing the third position on the starting grid.

Rainy Challenges and Tenacity in Race One

Saturday’s racing action unfolded under the persistent rain, necessitating a safety car start for the first race. Once the race commenced, Maximilian Paul stormed into the lead, only to be momentarily overtaken by Karol Basz’s Audi. Undeterred, the #63 Lamborghini demonstrated its formidable race pace, closing the gap and forcing a critical error from Basz. In a thrilling manoeuvre, Paul reclaimed the lead, igniting the hearts of motorsport enthusiasts.

Lamborghini Victory: Oregon Team's Spectacular Win at Monza

During the pit stop, Pierre-Louis Chovet took the wheel and gambled on slick tyres as track conditions improved. This audacious choice ultimately paid off, despite briefly dropping to second place behind the #6 Mercedes. Chovet’s masterful driving prowess shone as he executed a breathtaking move around the outside of the first Lesmo corner, propelling the #63 Lamborghini back into the lead. The victory was sealed with a comfortable seven-second lead over the Mercedes, a testament to their unwavering determination.

The Thrilling Finish in Race Two

The momentum continued into the second race as Chovet once again dominated the qualifiers, securing pole position. This time, under dry conditions, Chovet led the race before and after an early safety car intervention.

However, the #63 Lamborghini faced a daunting challenge – a mandatory 20-second handicap time during the pit stop, owing to their previous victory. Maximilian Paul, undaunted by adversity, showcased his mettle by clawing his way back to fourth place after a setback involving contact with another car. In a nail-biting finish, Paul managed to snatch the final podium position from championship leader Sam de Haan, crossing the line a mere four-hundredths of a second ahead.

Lamborghini Victory: Oregon Team's Spectacular Win at Monza

Pierre-Louis Chovet, reflecting on their remarkable victory, shared, “We started with quite low tyre pressures during Max’s stint, but of course, he did a really good job this morning, so we started P1, then he dropped to P2 but fought back into the lead.”

Teammate Maximilian Paul added, “It was a really nice race, the Audi was really quick at the beginning, so it was hard for me in the first three or four laps, but we managed to regain the position and remain consistently in front.”

Their outstanding teamwork and strategic decisions ultimately led to their fourth win of the season, reaffirming their championship aspirations.


Maximilian Paul and Pierre-Louis Chovet’s exceptional performance at Monza not only secured their fourth victory of the season but also solidified their position as formidable contenders for the International GT Open championship. Their unwavering determination, strategic brilliance, and impeccable driving skills have left a lasting mark on the world of motorsport. As they head into the final round at Barcelona next month, the motorsport community eagerly anticipates their pursuit of the championship title.

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