Lamborghini’s Racing Legacy: A Journey Beyond Motorsport

Lamborghini, renowned for its luxurious road cars, has a rich history in motorsport, a journey that wasn’t the primary driver when the company was founded in 1963.

However, it has evolved into a key pillar for the brand, as Head of Lamborghini Squadra Corse, Giorgio Sanna, passionately elaborates.

This transformation is highlighted in the latest episode of Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast, featuring the exciting collaboration between Romain Grosjean and Lamborghini in the upcoming endurance racing season.

Giorgio Sanna’s Dream: From Test Driver to Motorsport Heights

Lamborghini's Racing Legacy: A Journey Beyond Motorsport

Giorgio Sanna, reflecting on his 21-year tenure as a test driver at Lamborghini, expresses, “Coming to work for Lamborghini as a test driver 21 years ago was a dream, and I always dreamed of taking Lamborghini to the highest levels of motorsport.

It’s been a journey of two decades but what we’ve achieved in the last ten years is exceptional.”

Romain Grosjean’s Transition: Formula One to Lamborghini’s SC63 LMDh

Formula One veteran Romain Grosjean is set to drive Lamborghini’s new hybrid-technology LMDh race car after an illustrious career in single-seater racing.

Grosjean eagerly shares his excitement, stating, “In Formula One you drive alone, even if there’s an incredible team behind you.

With the opportunity to drive the SC63 in endurance racing, I become part of a squad of drivers, and we must all work together to win.”

The Essence of Teamwork in Endurance Racing: A Winning Mindset

The podcast delves into the challenges of ‘going beyond’ and draws parallels between the lives of Sanna and Grosjean.

Lamborghini's Racing Legacy: A Journey Beyond Motorsport

Both share a profound passion for both road cars and racing, emphasizing the importance of motorsport to Lamborghini’s super sports brand.

They discuss how their careers defied limits and developed a winning mindset, highlighting the co-existence of teamwork and competitiveness that produces the best results.

Beyond Racing: Lifestyle, Cooking, and Challenges Overcome

Sanna and Grosjean engage in a candid conversation about their careers, victories, and challenges.

This includes Grosjean’s remarkable comeback from a racing accident, overcoming fear and adversity, and turning challenges into advantages.

The duo also explores the differences between single-seaters and sports car racing, offering insights into how work and life seamlessly combine into a unique ‘lifestyle’.

Interestingly, Grosjean, with a nod to his French-Swiss roots, shares his experience working as a top-trained chef to complement his racing pursuits.

Lamborghini's Racing Legacy: A Journey Beyond Motorsport

Looking Forward to 2024: Lamborghini SC63 on the Global Stage

The anticipation for 2024 is palpable as they look forward to competing in the Lamborghini SC63 in the world’s most significant endurance races.

This includes the hypercar class of the 2024 FIA World Endurance Championship, featuring iconic events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Additionally, they express excitement about participating in the GTP class of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Endurance Cup, which includes prestigious races such as the 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring.

Hosted by Lamborghini: Beyond A Lamborghini Podcast

Lamborghini's Racing Legacy: A Journey Beyond Motorsport

Hosted by Lamborghini Director of Communications Tim Bravo and lifestyle and music broadcaster Giulia Salvi, Beyond: A Lamborghini Podcast provides an immersive experience.

Listeners can tune in on Spotify and Apple Podcasts or watch on YouTube. A special podcast hub on ensures easy access.

With a new episode dropping each month, the podcast promises to keep enthusiasts updated on the thrilling intersection of Lamborghini’s legacy and the fast-paced world of motorsport.

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