Lancer Square’s Exquisite Show Apartments: A Royal-Inspired Oasis

Lancer Square, a prestigious development by Bellworth Developments, nestled in the heart of Kensington, recently unveiled two splendid show apartments that effortlessly blend classic and contemporary design, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of the Royal Borough.

In a manner reminiscent of the illustrious history and vibrant community that characterizes the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, these two apartments pay homage to a myriad of local influences. They artfully craft inviting yet lavish spaces that harmonize with the architectural treasures and natural splendour of the area.

In response to the prevailing global desire for tranquillity and serenity at home, a trend magnified by the post-pandemic era, both apartments have embraced soothing colour palettes, fashioning spaces imbued with a serene opulence.

Lancer Square's Exquisite Show Apartments: A Royal-Inspired Oasis

Lancer Square, boasting a total of 36 units, stands as one of the scarce new developments in this neighbourhood. According to Savills, the resale of super-prime new builds in the vicinity is a rather uncommon occurrence, with merely 14% of properties re-entering the market within a span of five years.

Lancer Square, managed by London-based CIT, enjoys a prime location just moments from Kensington Palace and a stone’s throw away from the renowned Kensington High Street, making it a coveted destination for residents and visitors alike.

In harmony with Kensington and Chelsea’s storied history and vibrant community, these two apartments pay homage to their surroundings, creating inviting yet opulent spaces that echo the architectural landmarks and natural beauty of the area.

Studio Ashby: A Tranquil Retreat

Spanning an impressive 3,312 sq. ft. with five bedrooms, Studio Ashby’s design palette is inspired by nature, featuring soothing sky blues, smoky greens, and dusty pinks. Custom joinery and inviting upholstery create an ambience of serenity and tranquillity. Positioned on a corner, this apartment offers exceptional views of Kensington’s picturesque rooftops, inspiring its rich materiality and layered accessories.

Lancer Square's Exquisite Show Apartments: A Royal-Inspired Oasis

Studio Ashby collaborated with esteemed British craftsmen and artisans to curate the apartment’s eclectic decor. While maintaining a sophisticated aura, playful elements like a vibrant kitchen shade and captivating artwork infuse the space with energy.

Sophie Ashby, Founder of Studio Ashby, comments: “The bones of this apartment at Lancer Square were a total joy to work with – there’s a real fluidity between the different spaces, complete with a charming view of London’s skyline. Our vision for the interiors centred around evoking a strong sense of calm so we leant into a refined earthy palette rooted in nature – embracing sage green, ochre, terracotta, creams, rusts and blues and other joyful sunrise shades throughout. There’s a rich eclecticism to the curation and layering of the pieces, and we feel immensely proud to have worked with some of Britain’s finest makers and artisans to bring it all to life.”

The apartment showcases Studio Ashby’s “Sister” collection, featuring bespoke furniture, art, and accessories. Notable pieces include the Kudu dining chairs and the Rhino armchairs, exemplifying innovation and style. The Patch fabric, with its cerulean sky blue and gold stripes, adds charm to the dining area.

Lancer Square's Exquisite Show Apartments: A Royal-Inspired Oasis

Inspired by local galleries, Studio Ashby seamlessly incorporates art and antiques into the apartment’s design. Jeanne Gaigher’s artwork, weaving the delicate palette together, serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. Reupholstered vintage items and sustainable paints bridge heritage and innovation.

Angel O’Donnell: A Playful Tribute

Angel O’Donnell’s 3,566 sq. ft. apartment draws inspiration from local architecture and the natural hues of Kensington Gardens. Playful design touches, such as iridescent koi carp wallpaper, pay homage to the neighbourhood’s heritage.

Richard Angel, Co-Founder & CEO, Angel O’Donnell, comments: “It’s always a pleasure to interior design a residence inside a new London landmark. Lancer Square already feels tightly locked into the fabric of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Its elegant proportions, sculptural garden and 36 unique apartments create an intimate, sumptuous and boutique-like sanctuary. Our designs reflect these qualities with strong contours and shapely silhouettes, bespoke, handcrafted furniture, densely textured wallcoverings, and a wealth of quality materials. It’s a discerning and warmly inviting space worthy of an exceptional development.”

Lancer Square's Exquisite Show Apartments: A Royal-Inspired Oasis

Throughout the apartment, Angel O’Donnell incorporates bespoke elements, including wood-clad walls, handcrafted headboards, and hand-tufted wool and silk rugs. The design creates an inviting and sensory home, akin to a private members’ club.

Minty-coloured kitchen walls offer a refreshing contrast, creating a calm backdrop for statement pieces like a hand-formed glass chandelier and an eggshell-covered table, resulting in an arresting visual.

Ed O’Donnell, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Angel O’Donnell comments:
“Kensington has it all – royal parks, neoclassical flamboyance, Victorian ornamentation, 21st-century modernity, fashion, elegance and now, Lancer Square. It’s a seriously impressive residence deserving of a seriously seductive design. So we set to work blending a little sartorial style with a dash of bohemian nonconformity and a bounty of new and old-school craft techniques. The result is a characterful, irresistibly comfortable, and creatively stimulating home. It’s been enormous fun to work on.”

Lancer Square's Exquisite Show Apartments: A Royal-Inspired Oasis

The apartment showcases craftsmanship from around the world, preserving time-honoured traditions while pioneering contemporary techniques. Twisted glass, a Tibetan wool rug, and an eco-friendly sofa crafted from ocean plastics exemplify the global influences that enrich each room.

In conclusion, Lancer Square’s two remarkable apartments, inspired by the rich heritage of Kensington and Chelsea, offer a unique blend of opulence and tranquillity. Their thoughtful incorporation of local influences and calming aesthetics speaks to a global longing for peaceful sanctuaries, especially in the wake of a post-pandemic world.

As one of the few new-build developments in the area, Lancer Square’s exclusivity is further underscored by the rarity of super-prime new builds resurfacing on the market, making it a truly exceptional and coveted address in the heart of this distinguished neighbourhood. These apartments stand as a testament to the enduring allure of Kensington and Chelsea, where history, luxury, and serenity converge to create an unparalleled living experience.

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