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I’m definitely not an expert on eyelash extensions, I had them once a few years back and they just didn’t suit me. Since then I’ve envied girls with beautiful lashes extensions and just assumed they were not for me.

Then I saw Lara Lashes London on Instagram. The style of extensions seemed to complement every girl in the example photos. Mostly showing a natural, enhanced beauty style of lashes. Faye, the owner of the Salon, opened in 2013 offering a bespoke service for lash extensions, LVL and waxing/threading. Faye originally trained in extensions whilst the service was fairly new and so I felt comfortable trusting her for my first application after a few years.

I booked in, being clueless to lash extensions, I always wondered how long do eyelash extensions last?. I went for my patch test with makeup on (I thought it would be behind the ear like a hair salon). Well, it turned out that your patch test is actually a small lash added to each eye, however, you need to leave them for 24 hours without getting them wet. The first tip – take makeup wipes and wash your face before a patch test.

Two weeks later I had my appointment, just in time to have the lashes on for my holiday. I always wanted to wake up and just go to the beach looking glam! This time, for my appointment I ensured my face was make up free and fresh.

My stylist was called Jess. I was talked through different types of lashes, styles that would suit my eyes, what look I wanted to achieve and the curl I wanted. Throughout Jess advised me what would be best for me personally. I truly felt happy with my decision and that I had a bespoke service.

The application took around an hour, Jess was amazing and kept me chatting throughout so that the time flew by. There was no pain or uncomfortableness at any point, even when I opened my eyes at the end it was painless (I had been warned the glue could sting). I ended up going for a ‘B Curl’ with a full set of classic lashes.

Jess talked me through how to look after the lashes to keep them looking good for as long as possible. No oil-based products are to be used, micellar water to take off makeup, avoid mascara if possible and dab dry after a shower. Never rub. But most importantly do not get them wet for the next 24 hours.

I am now 2 weeks in since application and my lashes have been amazing! I’ve had so many compliments with some even believing they could be my own lashes. Some have fallen out which is normal for around 2 – 3 weeks but they still look full. My top tips would be to use bioderma for taking makeup off, avoid putting cream near your eyes and if you can avoid putting on eye makeup, even better. Now that I’ve had them done I think I could go 10% fuller but I would definitely recommend starting with classic lashes.

Thank you so much to Faye, Jess and the team at Lara Lashes London. I am definitely a lash addict now. 

Love Mia xxx

Mia Middleton


Contributing columnist Mia L Middleton brings an insight to an influencer’s life in London. Her lifestyle column gives you access to everything exclusive in and around London. See inside the private parties you’ve always wanted to attend, the luxury hotels, spas and member’s clubs where London’s exclusive are pampered as well as the best hot-spot restaurants and bars. Be sure to follow her on Instagram as well for live updates!

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