League Of The Lexicon – The Ultimate Word Game

League of the Lexicon is not just any word game. Designed by Joshua Blackburn, this beautifully crafted game is ideal for language aficionados, quiz enthusiasts, and the incurably curious. The game has received praise from notable personalities such as Stephen Fry, Susie Dent, and Lynne Truss, and is like no other language game available today.

The game’s backstory is unique. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Joshua and his two young sons, Sonny and Jude, created language games to avoid doing their English homework. From WordSplat to Word War, the Dojo, and finally the League of the Lexicon, their last creation became an obsession. The game is a highly entertaining board game about words made by word lovers, for word lovers.

League Of The Lexicon - The Ultimate Word Game

League of the Lexicon is a collaboration with the world’s finest linguists and lexicographers who contributed to the game’s questions. The game’s players face the ultimate test of worldly wisdom, and it is not just any old quiz game. The questions probe every corner of the language, from definitions and archaic words to etymology, usage, and language trivia.

The game features 2,000 questions that will challenge even the most erudite players. The game is simple to learn but challenging to win, catering to two to six players, and can accommodate both solo play and large parties. It has six rule variations and two levels of difficulty, making it suitable for younger or less confident players.

League Of The Lexicon - The Ultimate Word Game

In 2021, Waterstones, Britain’s largest book chain, secured exclusive rights to sell the game in the UK and ordered 5,000 copies for Christmas. The game sold out in record time, making it the most successful word game in Kickstarter history within three weeks of launching on the crowdfunding site.

The game’s characters, from the esteemed Doc Johnson to Roget, the martini-drinking badger, are part of the League of the Lexicon company, who are outcast lexicographers on a quest to secure rare lexical artefacts. Illustrator Stavros Damos brought these characters to life, and their intriguing cast adds to the game’s appeal.

The game is beautifully designed with a sustainable heart, the packaging and contents are made with FSC sustainable paper stock, and no plastic components. The game’s design agency run by Joshua Blackburn had to ensure the game looked perfect, but as a game for word lovers, it also had to have the brains to back it up.

League Of The Lexicon - The Ultimate Word Game

Playing word games can support cognitive health, increasing focus, concentration, and memory, making it great for players of all ages. While it is not clear if brain games can prevent age-related cognitive decline and dementia, growing research suggests that they may slow or delay them.

The game is available in the UK, priced at £34.99, exclusively at Waterstones, Blackwell’s, Foyles, Hatchard’s, and Waterstones subsidiary brands. The game will soon arrive at Barnes and Noble, ready for American language lovers.

In conclusion, League of the Lexicon is a unique and engaging game about words, making it a must-have for any language lover. It is an ideal gift and could be the game to expand your language repertoire and boost brain health. Get your hands on the game and join the outcast lexicographers on their quest for rare lexical artefacts!

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