Up Close & Personal With Let’s GoDo’s CEO Juliana Chies

In our recent interview with Juliana Chies, founder and CEO of Let’s GoDo, she spoke passionately about the need for authentic travel experiences that take travellers off the beaten path.

Let’s GoDo is a new online platform that connects travellers with locals who can provide unique and authentic experiences, from cooking classes to walking tours. Juliana Chies‘s inspiration for the platform came from her own experiences travelling the world and seeking out hidden gems that are often missed by tourists.

Juliana Chies‘s background in the music industry, producing festivals and shows for major acts such as Paul McCartney, has given her a unique perspective on the importance of creating memorable experiences. She is a passionate traveller herself and has explored the world both through work and as a solo female traveller.

Let’s GoDo is the result of her desire to share these experiences with others and to connect travellers with locals who can offer a more authentic and personal perspective on their destination. With Let’s GoDo, Juliana Chies hopes to inspire a new wave of travel that values meaningful experiences over ticking off popular tourist attractions.

Juliana, congratulations on the launch of Let’s GoDo! What inspired you to create this unique online experience platform?

Thank you! It has been a beautiful journey to finally launch Let’s GoDo. I have been travelling a lot my whole life, many times as a solo traveller, and my passion for meeting new people to learn about their culture, eat their traditional dishes, and go the places that locals go, running away from the obvious touristic spots, made me realise that if you don’t know a local in the place where you are travelling to, it normally takes up to 3 days until you meet a local who will take you out, or give a good recommendation, but then your holiday it’s already ending considering people usually stay 3 to 5 days at the same place.

So I thought “Why not create a platform where locals can create their own experiences, something they are passionate about, for example playing the guitar by the beach or watching a sunset with cheese and wine, or it could be class, a workshop, a tour around their favourite bars and hidden gems. It can be anything. People can be creative!

This can stimulate tourism in more remote areas, and increase income if not a full-time job. We all want to live beautiful experiences and create amazing and unforgettable memories!

How do you feel your background in the music industry has influenced your approach to designing and curating authentic travel experiences?

I was always fortunate enough to be able to attend and to work in some of the greatest events in the world, I have lived experiences that if you don’t have the right connections you could never be part of.

But now we are able to give people the chance to live some of those unique experiences with Let’s GoDo.

As a passionate traveller, what are some of your favourite destinations and why?

I love to travel to places that I have never been to before but for some of the destinations I will always go back to Spain. I love that country, the happiness and friendly way of the Latinos means fun is always guaranteed, along with the great Spanish food and gorgeous nature like in Ibiza and Barcelona.

I have a special love for Israel, which I have visited a few times. The beauty of the country, the spiritual connection in the holy places and the friendly people, apart from very good parties, everyone should go there at least once in their life.

I loved Croatia, which is where I met some of my favourite people in the world on a solo journey I did around Split and Hvar. It’s a paradise, the food is amazing and I love the Croatian people, they are friendly and very welcoming to tourists.

But for sure my own country Brazil is a country I will explore my whole life. It is such a big country, full of paradises to be discovered, and boat trips around Morro de Sao Paulo in Bahia or Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil, I grew up going there and will go back every time I can.

But many more memories and experiences to tell and to keep creating! I will always be seeking to visit new countries and learn about different cultures!

What sets Let’s GoDo apart from other travel experience platforms in the market?

Let’s GoDo is more than just a travel experiences platform; we are a community, where locals share their passions with the world. It’s a personal experience where you know who is your host and why he has created that experience, making it more intimate.

Our customers are at the heart of our strategy and the platform is designed to have the best customer journey, with a strong team of marketing experts and Host Managers giving all the support to our hosts from the registration process and always creating new rewards and incentives within the community. We care a lot about our Hosts and Customers!

Apart from all the diversity of unique experiences, we have built a Travel Agent portal where our travel partners can book our experiences with their clients directly via our platform. Let’s GoDo is a safe community, an online platform that everyone can trust.

Can you share a memorable experience you had while travelling that inspired the concept of Let’s GoDo?

When I was still figuring out the concept of Let’s GoDo, I went on a solo trip to the Czech Republic while I was visiting Prague, I really wanted to try traditional Czech food, and I kept asking locals for a recommendation on what and where to eat, and no one could tell me a place. But three people answered the same thing “If you want to try traditional Czech food you would have to come to my grandmother’s house for a Sunday lunch.”

That was when I said to myself, why not create a platform where you locals can create local experiences, for example, cook a traditional dish and invite travellers to their house, but not only on a Sunday, it could be any day of the week. So many people have great talents, skills and hobbies that can be shared with the world!

As the founder and CEO, how involved are you in the selection process for the experiences offered on Let’s GoDo?

I like to be involved in everything, so I am constantly making sure we keep our standards with the right vetting criteria. But we have a great team working at Let’s GoDo!

What is your vision for the future of Let’s GoDo, and how do you plan to continue evolving the platform?

Let’s GoDo is a global platform starting with a focus on experiences in the UK and Portugal but looking to expand around Europe and for sure Brazil. As a global platform, we have no limitations, let’s see where the world will take us!  We are also about to launch our App and a blog with a lot of great tips and recommendations for our community.

The platform will always be evolving; we will soon launch immersion experiences, which can be hosted across multiple days. I see Let’s GoDo as a community where people feel safe and meet like-minded people from around the world making travel a lot more fun and easier, stimulating tourism in more remote areas and helping all travellers and explores from around the world to have the best experiences while travelling or even to get to know better their own hometown, as in a stay-cation when you want to try something different to do around you, or even book a private experience to celebrate a special occasion.   

How does Let’s GoDo ensure the safety and comfort of both travellers and local hosts?

We have a strict vetting criteria and verification processes for every host and experience to make sure our guests are safe and have a great experience.

Up Close & Personal With GoDo's CEO Juliana Chies

Can you share an example of a unique experience currently available on Let’s GoDo that you think our luxury magazine readers would love?

The World Wine Tour is a great experience for travellers who would like to learn more about wine.

The full-day workshop includes tastings of 16 fine wines whilst guests learn about different grape varieties, old world vs new world styles, and how to taste as the experts do, all from a fully certified Wine and Spirit Education Trust tutor. The experience can be booked here: https://www.letsgodo.com/product/the-world-wine-tour/

How does Let’s GoDo cater to travellers with varying interests, from foodies to art enthusiasts and adventure seekers?

We have a variety of categories in the platform to suit every type of people, Adventure, Arts & Culture, Classes & Workshop, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Film & Tv, Food & Drink, Health & Wellness, History, Kids, Music, Nature & Outdoor, Nightlife, Sports, Tours and Wine, so whatever is your interest we have something for you. Whether you are a solo traveller, in a group of friends seeking to meet new people or even on a family holiday.

We have varied types of experiences with a range of different prices to suit every budget and taste.

How do you see the future of luxury travel and how does Let’s GoDo plan to meet the evolving demands of affluent travellers?

I see the world craving for new and unique experiences that will help all those passionate about travel to discover new places in a unique way, booking experiences created by passionate hosts.

Let’s GoDo is for all types of people and tastes, and if you are looking for something more private we have the option for private bookings which has a minimum price. Guests can always message the hosts to ask any questions or request specific date availability.

We have a lot of surprises coming soon.

As a successful entrepreneur, what advice would you give to others looking to start their own business in the travel and hospitality industry?

It is important to understand well the travelling market, and what is needed to plan a trip, being on a low or a high budget.

Being present online is also very important in building trust as an online platform, recommending the right things, buying into the brand, buying into the culture, and always having the customer at the heart of your strategy.

How has your experience as a solo female traveller influenced the development of Let’s GoDo, particularly in terms of inclusivity and diversity?

I have been travelling my whole life, exploring different countries and cultures; throughout my travels, especially being a woman, I noticed how important it is to feel safe when you are abroad. So to create a platform where people feel safe is super important.

It is hard to really get to discover a new country, to find the right places to eat, try the traditional dishes, choose the right beaches or where to party, play sports with locals or go to authentic city sites that only the locals would know. I want to be sure that I take the correct choices and live their culture, connect with the local community and go back home feeling like I really enjoyed my time away.

So founding Let’s GoDo, I found a way to help people to plan their holidays in advance, choosing how to spend their time abroad according to their interests and already connecting the travellers with the local community.

How has the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affected the travel industry and what steps is Let’s GoDo taking to adapt and support its users?

The travel industry has been strongly affected because of the pandemic, and many travel businesses have closed their doors and a lot of people lost their jobs. So our travel agent portal that was built inside of our platform will be a way to support the industry in getting new partners worldwide.

We also have online experiences to allow people that cannot go away to also have experience or just want to do something more authentic and learn a new thing from the comfort of their home in their free time.

Lastly, Juliana, when you’re not working on Let’s GoDo, how do you like to spend your free time, and what are some of your personal passions?

I have a big passion for food so I am always going to different restaurants and I love to cook. I studied Gastronomy at university and I like to cook for my friends when I can; we have great dinners and lunches at my place.

I also love music so I am constantly going to live music events. I read a lot and I try to connect with nature constantly, it’s my way to recharge!

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