Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Little Greene’s Exterior Finishes

Little Greene offers a comprehensive range of exterior paints, designed to withstand the elements while providing a beautiful finish and rich colour depth.

These long-lasting paints are crafted with the highest technical performance, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal for your outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re refreshing woodwork, metalwork, brickwork, stone, or render, Little Greene has you covered with a variety of finishes to suit your needs.

Transform Your Exterior with Little Greene’s Weatherproof Products

Little Greene’s exterior paint ‘family’ comprises six weatherproof products, each tailored to specific surfaces and application methods. From gloss and eggshell paints for woodwork and metalwork to traditional Limewash and Masonry Paint for brickwork, stone, and render, there’s a solution for every exterior surface.

These paints, available in both oil-based and water-based systems, ensure longevity and protection for your home’s exterior.

In recent years, there has been a notable shift in how exteriors are decorated. Rather than treating outdoor spaces separately, homeowners are extending their interior design schemes to the outdoors.

Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene, observes, “We are seeing interior design schemes and the use of colour being taken outside, often forming a transitional dining or living area bursting with personality.”

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Little Greene's Durable Exterior Paints

By incorporating colour and design elements, outdoor spaces are transformed into vibrant extensions of the home, seamlessly blending with gardens or exterior settings.

Trending Colours for Exterior Decorating

Exterior decorating trends mirror those seen in interiors, with a focus on rich, warm tones and earthy natural colours. Sunny yellows evoke year-round joy, while coastal blues and greens offer a traditional yet refreshing aesthetic.

These colours, alongside brown-based tones, create inviting outdoor environments that reflect personal style and enhance curb appeal. Beyond practicality, exterior decorating presents an opportunity to infuse outdoor spaces with design personality.

Mottershead highlights, “Decorating your exterior is also the perfect opportunity to add design personality to your outdoor space.” Simple updates, such as painting a single wall or refreshing wooden furniture, can instantly elevate outdoor living areas, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living.

Intelligent Masonry Paint: Lasting Protection for Exterior Walls

Little Greene’s Intelligent Masonry Paint offers long-lasting protection for exterior walls, lasting up to 15 years when applied correctly. This environmentally friendly, water-based paint features anti-fungal and anti-ageing technology, ensuring durability and weather resistance.

Suitable for various surfaces, including brickwork, render, and cement blockwork, it provides a smooth matt finish that enhances the exterior appearance of any home.

Ideal for exterior woodwork and metalwork, Intelligent Exterior Eggshell combines practicality with elegance. Its advanced formulation allows for direct application onto new and bare wood, delivering a smooth appearance and inherent strength.

Available in all shades from the Little Greene colour palette, this paint dries quickly and offers durability for outdoor joinery and metalwork.

Intelligent Gloss: Sleek and Environmentally Friendly

Intelligent Gloss offers a water-based alternative to traditional oil gloss, perfect for exterior use. This tough, environmentally-friendly paint provides a chic, high-sheen finish that is fully washable.

Suitable for all joinery and woodwork, Intelligent Gloss dries rapidly, offering both practicality and aesthetic appeal for outdoor surfaces.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Little Greene's Durable Exterior Paints

Named after one of Little Greene’s senior chemists, Tom’s Oil Eggshell is a preferred choice for professional decorators. This oil-based finish boasts excellent flow, deep adhesion, and weather resistance, making it suitable for exterior woodwork and metalwork.

With its charming low sheen and washable properties, Tom’s Oil Eggshell offers timeless durability for outdoor surfaces.

Traditional Oil Gloss: Classic Elegance

For a classic, deep gloss finish, Little Greene offers Traditional Oil Gloss for both exterior and interior woodwork and metalwork. Despite its traditional qualities, this gloss finish utilises environmentally-friendly eco-oil, providing durability and shine. Ideal for front doors and traditional joinery, Traditional Oil Gloss enhances the exterior appearance of any home.

Traditionally used to decorate and protect porous surfaces, Limewash offers a breathable finish for stone and lime-rendered surfaces. Unlike modern paints, Limewash fuses with the stone surface, providing long-lasting protection against damp.

With its wide choice of colours and matt finish, Limewash adds character and depth to exterior walls, preserving their natural beauty.

Little Greene’s Intelligent ASP serves as the perfect primer for exterior surfaces, ensuring optimal preparation for your chosen finish. Tinted to match your top-coat colour, Intelligent ASP is recommended for patch-repaired or friable surfaces.

This technically advanced primer aids in the transition between light and dark colours, providing a seamless and durable finish for your exterior projects.

In conclusion, Little Greene’s range of exterior paints offers not only durability and weather resistance but also an opportunity to infuse outdoor spaces with personality and style.

From the practicality of Intelligent Masonry Paint to the timeless elegance of Traditional Oil Gloss, each product is crafted with precision and care to enhance the exterior appearance of any home.

As exterior decorating trends continue to evolve, homeowners can rely on Little Greene to provide innovative solutions that protect, beautify, and transform outdoor spaces for years to come.

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