Planning The Perfect Vacation: 5 Luxurious Things To Do When Visiting Miami

Miami is undoubtedly one of the most popular cities on the planet. Located in southeastern Florida, this coastal metropolis is frequented by millions of people from around the world each year, thanks to its many attractions and opportunities to relax and have a good time. It has for long been a hub for luxury vacations, with lovers of water activities and nightlife considering it a dear darling.

Are you looking to have the time of your life in this exciting city on your next vacation? If so, please consider reading on. Here are five luxurious activities you can indulge in while visiting Miami for that perfect vacation.

Planning The Perfect Vacation: 5 Luxurious Things To Do When Visiting Miami

1. Tour The City In A Chauffeured Limo

Sometimes called the “Magic City” or “Little Cuba” Miami City is full of attractions to gape at and amazing things to do while there. You will definitely have a lot to do during your visit there, but nothing beats the fun you can have and memorable experiences you can create in a place like Florida’s most famous city.

Not forgetting the numerous sandy beaches, amazing weather, awesome nightlife, and unique culture, there are numerous attractions and sightseeing opportunities that will create fun memories in your mind for ages.  

With this being said, what better way to explore this great city than in a chauffeured rental car? To do it in style, and luxuriously, consider renting from a reputed chauffeur service in Miami where they offer various limousine options to pick from. Depending on whom you’re traveling with, where you’re going, and how many you are, make sure the limo hire service you pick has options such as:

  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Hummer’s
  • Limo buses
  • Stretches
  • Convertibles

2. Relax At One Of Miami’s Luxury Beaches

Planning The Perfect Vacation: 5 Luxurious Things To Do When Visiting Miami

Whenever the name Miami is mentioned, most people automatically think of amazing beach experiences. Picture yourself sunbathing on the sandy beach while taking sips from a glass full of Mojito, piña colada, Rum River, or Cafecito. The various top-ranked beaches in Miami provide tons of other activities you can indulge in, including swimming, boating, deep-sea fishing, surfing, kayaking, and watersports if you travel as a team. Some of the most popular beaches include:

  • Miami Beach
  • South Beach
  • Surfside Beach
  • Sunny Isles Beach
  • North Beach
  • Just to name a few

3. Take A Trip To The Bayside Marketplace

Attractive to tourists and the locals alike, this marketplace is another great place to spend your luxury time on your trip to Miami. The outdoor marketplace is home to many unique local shops alongside chain stores, where you can find souvenirs and unique gifts to take back home.

What’s even more interesting is, the outdoor mall oversees the waterfront, so you can enjoy your shopping escapades while still taking a glimpse at the great views of the ocean. If you get hungry or thirsty, you just pop into one of the many restaurants or cafés at Bayside, plus you can expect access to amazing live entertainment anytime.

Planning The Perfect Vacation: 5 Luxurious Things To Do When Visiting Miami

4. Visit Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is another big attraction you don’t want to leave Miami without visiting if you or a loved one adores the sight of wildlife. Especially if you are traveling with kids, you will find this wildlife-friendly zoo worth your while. The Zoo Miami is home to more than three thousand animals, and species get to interact freely with other species.

And there is a unique aspect to this zoo. Rather than being caged individually, different animal species live in enclosures designed to replicate their natural environment in the wild. Some of the animals you can expect to see here include:

  • Lions
  • Jaguars
  • Tigers
  • Chimps
  • Gorillas
  • Giant River otters
  • Orangutans
  • Giraffes
  • Zebras
  • And a lot more

5. Visit The Coral Castle

Somewhat an offbeat attraction, visiting this attraction can be an ideal way to add some oomph to your Miami visit. It is often great for road trip enthusiasts when traversing Miami headed to the Keys. The so-called Coral Castle is said to have been designed by a Latvian immigrant who perfectly carved giant coral rocks just to impress a woman in 1923.

Another fun fact is that, while the sculptor, Ed Leeskalnin, weighed just 100 pounds, the Castle weighed approximately 1,000 tons. Although he had to face rejection, Coral Castle remains an iconic structure to date, getting the attention of tourists from all four corners of the earth annually.

Traveling is no fun without having a list of things to see and do while there. When planning a vacation, one of the first things to think about is the fun activities to indulge in. The few tips above should come in handy if you’ve chosen Miami as your next luxury travel destination.