Top 5 Small Breeds Best For Families With Kids

We take a closer look at the top 5 small breeds which are best for families with kids and will be the perfect addition to the family.

Owning a dog can be the perfect way to spend time with your kids. But not all breeds are appropriate for children over eight years old, and many smaller dogs aren’t suitable around small children due to their size or temperament.

If you love little pups and have kids at home, finding the right breed might seem like an interesting challenge – especially if they’re under eight years of age! While there’s nothing wrong with larger pooches that ‘growl’ just as much as any other pup does when it gets excited about something (like food!), some more diminutive pets may not work well in households where rowdy young ones run amok: these animals could get hurt after being knocked down by toddlers running into them without warning.

But, remember it is not just about getting the right pet, they need to be looked after. It is important to feed a dog good quality food like happy dog from a good quality pet food store, but it’s just as important to make sure they get plenty of exercise and are given the love that every living thing deserves.

There are many different types of small dogs, each with their own pros and cons. Knowing which one is right for your family can be a difficult decision. Depending on factors like the size of your family, your way of life and the age range in children this may change what type would work best for everyone involved-which might not always be easy to decipher!

For the best family-friendly breeds, look to smaller dogs. They are full of life and will be happy with whatever time they get from you. Here are the top 5 small breeds which are best for families with kids and will be the perfect addition to the family.

1. The Maltese

Top 5 Small Breeds Best For Families With Kids

The Maltese are a gentle and fearless breed of dog. Their bright white coat is unmistakable to any passerby who has ever seen one before, but they’re also exceptionally receptive dogs that enjoy learning new tricks more than anything else in the world!

The Maltese is the perfect pet for any family with children. These people-friendly dogs are playful, sweet and always happy to greet their owners when they walk through the door! The only downside? They need daily brushing in order to keep up that gorgeous coat of theirs. But it’s worth doing your part because these little guys have such smooth locks, delicate dispositions, and love nothing more than a game or two of fetch (or tug)! Your kids will feel comfortable playing with this breed too as they’re so full of life – even if you don’t think about them all day long!

2. The Pug

Top 5 Small Breeds Best For Families With Kids

Pugs are adorable, wrinkly faced dogs that make great pets. They have a short snout and twisted tail which makes them look very different from other breeds but they can be brown or black! These pups may not always seem interested in what you’re saying to them (or even when there’s food around) but they really do love their humans as much as any dog does.

These adorable puppies are the perfect breed for families with children. They’re raised to be friendly and loving, just like humans! The pug’s wrinkly snout gives them a special, unique look that people love so much. A downside of being a potential pug guardian is their constant shedding; however, they make up for it by giving you, unconditional love!

3. Yorkshire Terrier

Top 5 Small Breeds Best For Families With Kids

The Yorkshire terrier is a pint-sized pet that can be perfect for families with time and energy to spend. These dogs are active, clever, and affectionate! It’s important to test your patience when playing because they may have some aggression tendencies from being so energized all the time.

Known for their loyalty, the Yorkie breed is a small and lovable pup who loves to cuddle. These pups can be difficult to train as they are very playful but need lots of attention from an early age or else they may end up being stubborn and disobedient. The best thing about these dogs though? They’re great travel companions!

4. Schnauzers

Top 5 Small Breeds Best For Families With Kids

Schnauzers are revered as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, originating in Germany a few hundred years ago. They think fast and love to play around with children. If you’re looking for an awesome companion that also doubles as your best friend… look no further than this face!

The small schnauzers are a fun and energetic breed that is great for people who want to have an active dog. They will never get bored from the activities you give them, but make sure they always stay busy or else they’ll end up with frustrating behaviour!

5. Brussels Griffon

Top 5 Small Breeds Best For Families With Kids

Brussels Griffon terriers are not only adorable, but they’re also quite sensitive. They will follow you wherever and whenever possible while always seeking your attention with their big eyes that just melt your heart.

The adorable Brussels Griffons are just the type of pets your kids need to be their best friend. Originating in Belgium, these lovable dogs always know how to make you feel amazing with a wagging tail and enthusiastic greeting when they see you!

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