Luxury Living in Barbados: Grove Group’s Vision

In the idyllic coastal haven of Barbados, a dynamic duo, Suzanne Koshnoodi and Max Mulligan have artfully combined their expertise and approachability to create a thriving empire over the past nine years.

This empire, known as Grove Group Developments, spans a diverse range of ventures, from hospitality to retail. With a reputation as the fastest-selling developers in Barbados, they have consistently witnessed their developments flying off the market within 2-6 weeks of launching.

Luxury Living in Barbados: Grove Group's Vision

Barbados: Where Luxury Meets Lifestyle

For nearly a decade, Max and Suzanne have collaboratively sourced, designed, and constructed remarkable developments as the proud owners of Grove Group in Barbados. Their collective achievements amount to over £40M in property sales, a feat achieved by harmonizing Max’s profound real estate acumen with Suzanne’s exceptional design sensibilities.

Located in the picturesque paradise of Barbados, Grove Group Developments has become a beacon of luxury living. Their exceptional properties have even garnered national recognition, with a recent feature on Channel 4’s ‘The Caribbean – Billionaires Paradise.’ These properties are meticulously crafted to seamlessly meld opulence with practicality, offering a sophisticated living experience that caters to extraordinary lifestyles.

A Glimpse into the Vision

Suzanne, the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder reflect on their journey: “The kids are growing up, and the business has evolved from that humble beachfront beginning into what it is today—a comprehensive development brand encompassing homes, hotels, future restaurants, wellness centres, and retail ventures—a destination where people can visit and thrive. We’re incredibly proud of our accomplishments, and this is just the beginning.”

Luxury Living in Barbados: Grove Group's Vision

In 2023, Max and Suzanne are poised to unveil an extraordinary portfolio of developments, each embodying the essence of luxury and lifestyle. Their maiden venture into the restaurant and retail hospitality sector, Gipsy Grove (also known as Gipsy’s), will redefine culinary and entertainment experiences. Eden Grove, an expansive 20-acre eco-mini city, represents a £100M investment, comprising 150 homes, a hotel, spa and wellness facilities, retail outlets, restaurants, sporting amenities, a cinema, and more.

Luxury Communities Redefined

Grove Group Developments has expanded its horizons into luxury communities, designing and constructing residences with price tags exceeding £5M in the exclusive Sandy Lane Estate and Apes Hill. Furthermore, negotiations are underway for two colossal development projects.

Luxury Living in Barbados: Grove Group's Vision

The Gibbs Grove Hotel, boasting 23 private residence/hotel units, will offer a European-style rooftop and breathtaking West Coast sea vistas. Meanwhile, the highly-anticipated Mullins Grove 2.0, featuring 21 unique beachfront residences, goes beyond conventional living with private pools, a restaurant, a rooftop sun deck and pool, a wellness centre, a west-facing rooftop terrace café, a cocktail lounge, a kids’ club, evening security, a reception and concierge, a gym, and exclusive access to the Grove Group Beach Club. Remarkably, all residences in this development have already been sold off-plan.

A Multifaceted Brand with Unparalleled Influence

Max Mulligan, the CEO and Co-Founder, emphasises their forward-thinking approach: “We understand that the world and travel are evolving, and so are people’s lifestyles. We aim to create developments that look towards the future—anticipating how people will want to live in ten years, not dwelling on the past.”

Luxury Living in Barbados: Grove Group's Vision

These visionaries have transformed their brand into a multifaceted enterprise, boasting unrivalled influence in the realms of home, gastronomy, and family. They have launched an array of celebrated properties, including three completed developments and the coveted 52 villas that comprise Westmoreland Hills. Each of their properties champions an active outdoor lifestyle and an enviable sense of community.

With interiors tastefully adorned with oak, natural stone, and harmonious colour palettes, these residences are thoughtfully designed to embody the epitome of luxury living in Barbados. In fact, each residence exudes an enchanting sense of escapism, akin to that of a luxury hotel.

In summary, Suzanne Koshnoodi and Max Mulligan, through Grove Group Developments, are not merely developers; they are architects of a new Barbadian era, a testament to how innovation, vision, and unparalleled dedication can transform a coastal paradise into a global luxury destination. Their journey has only just begun, and the world eagerly awaits their future contributions to the world of luxury living.

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