Rediscover Artistic Marvels at Serpentine Park Nights 2023

Serpentine, a trailblazing hub for artistic innovation, recently unveiled the revival of its much-anticipated event, Park Nights.

This innovative and interdisciplinary live programme takes place within the esteemed architectural creation, the 22nd Serpentine Pavilion, masterfully crafted by the visionary Lina Ghotmeh.

A Fusion of Creative Minds: Park Nights 2023

Converging a diverse array of multi-disciplinary artists, Park Nights 2023 promises an exhilarating amalgamation of rave music, captivating performance installations, enchanting poetry, and mesmerising dance. This dynamic live series is an open invitation for audiences to immerse themselves, contemplate, and establish meaningful connections. Scheduled from August through October, this extraordinary event marks a captivating passage into the world of contemporary art.

Friday 25 August, 8pm – The Living and the Dead Ensemble

On this enchanting evening, The Living and the Dead Ensemble will grace the stage with their rendition of the enthralling performance installation, “The Wake.” As night descends upon a world ablaze with turmoil – protests, seismic shifts, and raging wildfires – “The Wake” emerges as a profound artistic manifestation, weaving together a fragmented geography into a potent call and fervent manifesto for an aspiring tomorrow.

Rediscover Artistic Marvels at Serpentine Park Nights 2023

Originating from Haiti, France, and the United Kingdom, The Living and the Dead Ensemble initially united in 2017 to translate and stage Édouard Glissant’s masterpiece, “Monsieur Toussaint.” Through texts, performances, films, and installations, The Ensemble meticulously dissects history and the contemporary from a unique Caribbean vantage point.

Friday 15 September, 8pm – Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro

In September, the stage will be graced by Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, an accomplished visual artist, writer, and psychologist. Her new performance and installation delve into the realm of ritual, dance, and celebration, encompassing both Afro-Brazilian and Western cultures. Collaborating with artists from diverse backgrounds, Vitorino Brasileiro explores dance’s transformative and therapeutic essence, bridging the divide between interspecific spirituality and various forms of existence.

Rediscover Artistic Marvels at Serpentine Park Nights 2023

Notably, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro is a central figure in “Third World: The Bottom Dimension,” an expansive exhibition, video game, and web3 token ecosystem fuelled by Tezos at Serpentine North. This pioneering project, conceived by Brazilian visionary Gabriel Massan, in conjunction with interdisciplinary artists Novíssimo Edgar and music prodigy LYZZA, unfolds from 23 June to 22 October 2023.

Friday 29 September, 8pm – Bambii

As the Park Nights 2023 series unfolds, the spotlight turns to the internationally renowned Producer and DJ Bambii, hailing from Toronto. Renowned for her genre-defying sets that embrace the spirit of dance and rave culture, Bambii forges exhilarating pathways for the unfettered exploration of music.

Rediscover Artistic Marvels at Serpentine Park Nights 2023

Her sonic tapestries, whether woven online or across dance floors, magnificently celebrate the expansive reach of Black diasporic dance music, weaving intricate connections between individuals, cultures, and spaces. Having graced global stages as a solo artist and collaborated with luminaries such as Mykki Blanco, Kelela, and BbyMutha, Bambii’s latest EP, “Infinity Club,” released on 4 August 2023, features collaborations with esteemed artists Lady Lykez, Aluna, Sydanie, Lamsi, and Ragz Originale.

Friday 6 October, 8pm – Christelle Oyiri

As autumn descends, October witnesses the captivating Christelle Oyiri, also known as CRYSTALLMESS, gracing the stage. Paris-based, Oyiri is an accomplished artist, filmmaker, and a prolific DJ and electronic music producer. Renowned for her immersive and profound exploration of collective memory – spanning forgotten and celebrated mythologies, ancient and ultra-modern – Oyiri presents a live rendition of her upcoming record alongside a constellation of collaborators and musical talents.

Rediscover Artistic Marvels at Serpentine Park Nights 2023

The reimagined Serpentine Park Nights 2023 invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of contemporary artistry. As each event unfurls, it brings together diverse voices, ideas, and expressions, creating a rich tapestry that transcends boundaries and ignites imagination. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary journey from August to October.


In the heart of the dynamic London art scene, Serpentine’s Park Nights 2023 stands as a beacon of creativity, fostering connections that traverse cultures, disciplines, and eras. This vibrant series of performances and installations, set against the backdrop of the remarkable 22nd Serpentine Pavilion by Lina Ghotmeh, invites you to embark on a journey of artistic exploration and self-discovery.

As the nights grow longer and the performances continue to mesmerise, Park Nights becomes more than an event – it becomes an immersive experience that sparks conversations, ignites imaginations, and leaves a lasting impression on the tapestry of contemporary art. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Park Nights promises an unforgettable odyssey into the realm of boundless creativity.

Embrace the magic, engage with the diverse narratives, and relish in the beauty of artistic expression. This is more than just a programme; it’s a testament to the power of art to shape perspectives and redefine boundaries. Join us from August to October and become a part of this transformative journey through the captivating world of Serpentine’s Park Nights 2023.

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