Men Gift Guide: The Ultimate Luxury Gifts For Him

When it comes to indulging in luxurious goods, women have no problem finding products and services with which to pamper themselves. From lavish scarves to jewelry, there’s always something available. Finding a luxurious gift for men, however, can be a bit more difficult.

If you’re at a loss for what to purchase the man in your life— whether it’s a special occasion or a gift of success— use this list to guide you. Here are the ultimate luxury gifts for him in 2021.

An Alligator Leather Wallet

Many men will buy an affordable wallet based on functionality. While their investment may become more substantial as they move throughout their careers, this item doesn’t typically get much consideration during the buying process. Whether you are looking for a wallet with neck strap or an elegant ‘billfold’, upgrading a wallet is the kind of gift that will last years.

Investing in a high-quality wallet is a great, unexpected luxury gift for the man in your life. Elevate this offering with an alligator leather option, such as these exotic wallets, to make a statement. Alligator leather, as the name implies, is durable leather derived from alligator skin. Alligators produce layers of a hard protein called keratin, making for lasting wallets and shoes. The leather feels smooth and luxurious yet impenetrable.

Alligator leather comes in a variety of shades and textures. Proper maintenance is key for extending the lifespan of an alligator leather wallet— be sure to provide care tips to the recipient.

Men Gift Guide: The Ultimate Luxury Gifts For Him

A Cigar Set

Maybe your recipient enjoys cigars with an evening coffee or a glass of a favourite drink? For this occasion, we offer a set of Cuban cigars. They are perfect for any occasion and are delighted by most men. Cigars are the synonym of luxury and elegance and you can undoubtedly surprise the recipient with them. Cigars have lots of types and strengths that can fit any smoker’s taste. If the celebrant is a light smoker, you can choose from Hoyo de Monterrey cigars, such as Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2  which is one of the most popular Robusto cigars in Cuba and worldwide. It has a slightly more cedar tone accompanied by other flavours and aromas. For a cigar aficionado, there are more bold and complex ones, such as Davidoff Yamasa Piramide, Punch Double Coronas, VegaFina Nicaragua Short, etc.

A High-Ball and Low-Ball Drinkware Set

When choosing an elegant gift, you can’t go wrong with a high-end drinkware set. A high-ball and low-ball drinkware set is a traditional offering and the staple for whiskey drinkers old and young. Pair this gift with a bottle of whiskey for a well-rounded gift.

If the man in your life has an adventurous streak, swap out the crystal drinkware for insulated stainless steel. These travel-friendly options ensure that he’ll have quality drinkware whether he’s on a work trip in a foreign city or heading on a camping adventure in the backwoods.

Men Gift Guide: The Ultimate Luxury Gifts For Him

High-Quality Luggage

High-quality luggage is something that most people don’t know they want until they get it. This luxury gift is ideal for the man who travels for both business and pleasure and will not only stand out in the conveyor belt but also protect whatever is held inside.

YETI brand luggage offers the same quality as their travel cups and coolers. While you pay for the brand name, it’s well worth the investment. YETI luggage will withstand rough handling, turbulence, and everything in between.

Mark Cross is a heritage brand that makes vintage-inspired trunks, duffles, and cases. This stylish luggage is designed to be shown off, making it perfect for that big business meeting on the other coast when you won’t have time to check into the hotel first. Made with genuine calfskin leather and twill, Mark Cross luggage is the equivalent of a designer purse for men.

A First Edition Book or Comic Book

If the man in your life loves his literature or has a nostalgic remembrance of collecting comic books as a youth, consider getting him a first edition book or comic book as a gift. Choose something that has meaning to him— if you’ve known him for a while, he’ll have discussed it!

While a book or comic book may not seem like a luxurious gift, a first edition indicates scarcity and reverence. To him, this gift will be more than a collection of pages; it will be a treasure. Depending on his area of interest, a first edition book could also be a substantial investment.

A Meteorite Watch

Watches are a traditional gift for men and have been for centuries. If you’re looking for a luxury watch that makes a statement, look past the shiny Rolex, past Switzerland, and all the way to outer space.

OMEGA— a well-known Swiss watch brand— offers a luxury watch with a little piece of the world beyond ours. Boasting all the allure of a traditional chronometer, this watch also contains a piece of the prehistoric meteorite that fell in Namibia. The Speedmaster: Dark Side of the Moon watch is truly one of a kind, with each backing being different due to the unique characters of the meteorite.

Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

Coffee lovers know the luxury of having a perfect cup of morning java waiting for you in the morning. Rather than buying an extravagant espresso machine, buy a Barisieur coffee alarm clock instead. This innovation combines your morning coffee with your morning wake-up call. The Barisieur isn’t just an automatic drip coffee machine; it makes a luxurious, slow-pour brew that the coffee-loving man on your list will love.

It also has a milk chiller, glassware, and backup battery for power outages. He can set the alarm and wake up to the smell of quality hot coffee right beside his bed every morning.

Men Gift Guide: The Ultimate Luxury Gifts For Him

A Traditional Shaving Kit

Visiting the barbershop for a hot shave is a luxury few men have the chance to engage in during our fast-paced modern existence. Fortunately, you can purchase everything the man on your list needs to replicate the experience at home.

A traditional shaving kit typically contains a shaving lotion, brush, metal razor, shaving mug, and storage. You can pair this gift with a collection of high-quality shaving products, such as lotion and aftershave, to create the full experience. Fendrihan also offers a razor blade sampler, so the recipient can choose the type of razor blade that’s best for his skin type.

Flax Linen Bedding

Rollover Egyptian cotton because flax linen is the new king of sheets. Linen has bacteria-fighting properties, moisture-wicking tendencies, breathes in all temperatures, and is more sustainable than other textiles. It’s also incredibly soft and comfortable, making for an ideal sleeping environment.

A pair of flax linen sheets will cost a couple of hundred dollars, but it’s a luxurious gift that the man on your list will appreciate if he loves the finer things in life. Once you feel them, you’ll want a set for yourself. To give the man in your life the luxury he deserves, try any of the gifts on this list. These items are perfect for special occasions or just showing how much you care. 

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