Nana’s Green Tea: Hong Kong’s Newest Haven for Matcha Enthusiasts

Nana’s Green Tea, renowned for its exquisite matcha and green tea creations, recently marked its grand entrance into the vibrant Hong Kong culinary scene with a soft opening at AIRSIDE, the city’s latest shopping and commercial hub.

This establishment, brought to life by the Cafe Deco Group, is a testament to the enduring allure of Japanese gastronomy and hospitality. With 73 successful branches across Japan and a global footprint, it aims to capture the hearts of discerning tea enthusiasts in Hong Kong. This article delves into the rich history, menu offerings, and unique atmosphere that make Nana’s Green Tea a must-visit destination.

Nana's Green Tea: Hong Kong's Newest Haven for Matcha Enthusiasts

A Journey Rooted in Tradition

Nana’s Green Tea emerged on the Tokyo dining scene in 2001 as a contemporary Japanese tea house. It set the stage for a remarkable culinary journey, offering an array of matcha-infused delicacies, desserts, and savoury dishes in an ambience that exudes bliss. Originally known as Green Tea Café, it transitioned to its present auspicious name, “Nana’s Green Tea,” in 2006, honouring the founder’s daughter, Nana, and embracing the cultural significance of the number seven in Japan.

Central to Nana’s Green Tea’s success is its commitment to sourcing matcha from Yamamasa Koyamaen, a revered tea manufacturer with over two centuries of history in Uji, Kyoto. Their traditional stone mill grinding process maximizes matcha’s flavour and preserves its authentic essence, resulting in a melt-in-the-mouth experience with refreshing bitterness and green aromas.

Nana's Green Tea: Hong Kong's Newest Haven for Matcha Enthusiasts

Diverse Tea Selection

While matcha takes the spotlight, Nana’s Green Tea offers a diverse range of green teas, including sencha, hojicha, and genmaicha. These teas are sourced from various regions, including Kyoto and Kagoshima, and meticulously prepared to bring out their distinctive flavours, ensuring a delightful experience for tea aficionados.

Nana’s Green Tea’s menu boasts a captivating selection of signature beverages, including Matcha Latte, Hojicha Latte, Azuki Latte (Sweetened Red Bean), Black Sesame Latte, and Matcha Latte Frappe. Among these, the Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte stands out, with its harmonious blend of matcha latte, shiratama mochi, azuki, and whipped cream, all sourced from Hokkaido, ensuring a less bitter and more flavourful taste.

Nana's Green Tea: Hong Kong's Newest Haven for Matcha Enthusiasts

Hojicha Kuromitsu Latte, featuring Japanese black sugar syrup, caters to lovers of roasted green tea. For those craving a blend of drink and dessert, options like Matcha Soft Serve Latte with Chocolate Crunch and Hojicha Soft Serve Latte offer a delightful fusion of flavours and textures.

Delicious Delights for the Soul

Nana’s Green Tea’s parfaits are a true indulgence, available in eight delectable variations. Whether you opt for Matcha or Hojicha Nama Chocolate Parfait, or the chewy texture of Matcha or Hojicha Warabimochi Parfait, each bite promises a symphony of flavours and textures that will leave you craving for more.

To celebrate its Hong Kong debut, Nana’s Green Tea offers an exclusive Matcha Gold Leaf Nama Chocolate Parfait until 31st October 2023. This delectable treat combines melted cacao and fresh cream, adorned with matcha-flavoured gold leaf, offering a touch of glamour. Only a limited daily supply ensures its exclusivity.

Nana's Green Tea: Hong Kong's Newest Haven for Matcha Enthusiasts

Nana’s Green Tea also presents two signature matcha-flavoured baked collections. The Cheese Cake, available in Matcha, Matcha with Azuki, Hojicha, and Yuzu flavours, combines premium Australian cream cheese with the brand’s signature tea powder. Meanwhile, the Rolled Cake, filled with aromatic tea-flavoured cream, offers a delightful treat in Matcha, Hojicha, or Matcha with Azuki.

For those with a penchant for Japanese dessert classics, Nana’s Green Tea serves up delights like Shiratama Zenzai, Matcha Shiratama Zenzai, Kinako Warabimochi, and Matcha Warabimochi.

Beyond the sweet indulgences, Nana’s Green Tea caters to savoury cravings with a range of salads, rice dishes, donburi (Japanese rice bowls), and udon sets. These dishes prioritize health and nutrition, featuring fresh vegetables and tender free-range chicken, sourced directly from farmers.

Nana's Green Tea: Hong Kong's Newest Haven for Matcha Enthusiasts

A Vision of Hospitality

Each Nana’s Green Tea outlet is meticulously designed to reflect its unique location while upholding a sense of collective unity. The AIRSIDE location, spanning over 1,600 sq. ft., offers a serene ambience with 60 seats framed by a contemporary pergola. The interior design, characterized by a dappled ceiling treatment and playful aesthetics, challenges the conventions of a typical café chain.

“From the beginning, we have been committed to making customers smile with our tempting offerings and delightful décor,” says Nana’s Green Tea Founder Mr. Kazuto Kutami. “Our mission is to present a modern take on Japanese tradition, including the tea ceremony where the host honours the guests. As we open in Hong Kong, we will continue to express the true meaning of Japanese hospitality and food culture.”

In conclusion, Nana’s Green Tea’s soft opening at AIRSIDE heralds a new era of matcha-infused gastronomic experiences in Hong Kong. With a rich history, a diverse menu, and a commitment to excellence, this establishment invites visitors to immerse themselves in the art of Japanese tea culture and hospitality. Whether you seek a sweet treat or a savoury delight, Nana’s Green Tea promises a memorable journey for your taste buds.

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