Nana’s Green Tea Unveils Delectable Valentine’s Chocolate Delights

In an enchanting celebration of love and flavour, Nana’s Green Tea, the eminent Japanese green tea and matcha haven, announced the debut of delectable chocolate-themed confections crafted exclusively for the season of love.

From 1 February to 15 March 2024, sweet enthusiasts are cordially invited to embark on an exquisite journey through the festivities of Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and White Day, starring two luscious concoctions and adorable boxes of exquisite soft-centred chocolates.

A Symphony of Tastes: Chocolate Raspberry Parfait

The ultimate indulgence for the senses, the Chocolate Raspberry Parfait (HK$108) is a harmonious blend of rich chocolate and tangy raspberry sorbet. The sorbet imparts a burst of refreshing flavour, seamlessly complementing the aromatic allure of the chocolate, resulting in a perfectly balanced symphony of tastes.

Nana's Green Tea Unveils Delectable Chocolate Delights for the Season

The luscious middle layer of the parfait literally melts in the mouth, featuring scoops of sorbet paired with silky-smooth vanilla soft serve. A sprinkling of crunchy cereal adds a medley of distinct textures.

The bottom of the glass boasts a glorious combination of chocolate mousse, raspberry jam, and raspberry sauce, while a layer of homemade delights – chocolate sponge cake and dark chocolate crunch – rests on top.

Adorned with a homemade heart-shaped crispy biscuit, fresh cream, and a drizzle of piquant raspberry sauce, this decadent dessert is not only a visual spectacle but also a flavourful journey that captivates the taste buds.

Irresistible Elixir: Hojicha Chocolate Latte

For those who revel in the marriage of chocolate and tea, the Hojicha Chocolate Latte is a must-try beverage this season. This special latte features premium hojicha powder from Kyoto, skillfully combined with a choice of milk or soy milk and generous lashings of white chocolate sauce.

Nana's Green Tea Unveils Delectable Chocolate Delights for the Season

With a creamy layer on top, dusted with chocolate powder and adorned with a homemade heart-shaped biscuit, this velvety smooth drink promises a fragrant delight and a rich, multi-flavoured experience.

Whether enjoyed hot or cold, the Hojicha Chocolate Latte perfectly harmonises the earthy notes of hojicha with the creaminess of milk and the sweetness of white chocolate, creating an indulgent treat that will captivate the senses and make Valentine’s Day truly special.

Handmade nana’s Chocolates in Charming Boxes

In a Valentine’s exclusive, nana’s green tea presents sumptuous handmade nana’s Chocolates in a charming box of four from 1-14 February 2024 to surprise sweethearts.

Each gift box, priced at HK$68, encases the smooth, creamy mouthfeel of Japan’s famed nama chocolate in a choice of three enchanting flavours – the new concoction of Roasted Soybean or the all-time favourites of Hojicha or Matcha.

They conjure the sensory pleasures of savouring aromatic roasted soya or sipping fragrant premium tea while biting into pure, fresh, gooey chocolate. The chocolates are also available as year-round treats in sleek boxes of 16 (HK$168).

Nana's Green Tea Unveils Delectable Chocolate Delights for the Season

A Blissful Haven by Cafe Deco Group

Brought to Hong Kong by Cafe Deco Group, nana’s green tea offers a blissful modern Japanese tea-house setting, curated with arrays of teas, tea-infused cakes, ice cream and parfaits, savouries, and salads, all designed to bring a smile to the face.

Each outlet is meticulously designed to be unique to its location while maintaining a sense of collective unity. The AIRSIDE location spans more than 1,600 sq. ft, offering 60 seats framed by a contemporary pergola with a dappled ceiling effect.

The serene yet playful interiors showcase the brand’s take on joyous, thoughtful hospitality, defying the conventions of a typical café chain.

Nana’s green tea is located at Shop B128, AIRSIDE, 2 Concorde Road, Kai Tak, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is a short walk from Kai Tak MTR Station (Exit C) and opens daily from 12:00 noon to 9:30 p.m.

Indulge in the season of love with nana’s green tea – where every bite is a celebration of exquisite flavours and every sip is a journey through the heart of Japanese culinary craftsmanship.

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