New UK Data Examines If Employees Trust HR Departments

HR departments should be total champions of diversity and listen to all employees equally. They can help their happiness by ensuring that no one feels left out or undervalued, which in turn offers success through creating happy workers who give their all on the job!

What’s the key to improving trust between employees and HR? Communication! Employees know that they can seek out solutions from their human resources manager with the assistance of HR systems as that can help keep track of all records of internal communication regarding employee performance, payroll, and other queries.

The recent Cezanne HR 1,000 employee survey from UK and Ireland organisations with more than 250 employees disclose the disparity of trust between HR and employees and what could be done to improve this.

Trust is the foundation of any business and when high-trust businesses are successful it’s because they have built their trust in the following ways:

There Are Fewer Sick Days

New UK Data Examines If Employees Trust HR Departments

Employees might have a problem, but the channels of communication to HR are not there or they do not feel that it’s worth sharing with their boss any problems for fear of judgement and retaliation from management if something worse than low trust arises as an issue at hand (e.g., mental health issues).

Employees could fake illness days just to take time off, but if there is a distinct level of trust between HR and employees, then that could be reduced since data has indicated that within companies of high-value trust, there would be 29% fewer sick days.

While staff are going to be susceptible to illnesses throughout the year, it is important that there are fewer sick days since if employees are constantly out of the office, then that is going to have an effect on overall company productivity. That is why having an annual leave policy is there to make it clear what your team is entitled to and how to arrange time off in a fair and consistent manner.

The Productivity And Energy Rates

New UK Data Examines If Employees Trust HR Departments

Have you ever felt like your employee is not really committed to the company? If they don’t trust HR and management, this will affect productivity because we are unaware of any problems.

If your employee does not trust you or feel comfortable speaking up about conflicts, it could have future detrimental effects and result in more internal conflicts within the business.

47% of respondents stated that they were unsure whether their HR department would help them manage conflict with another member of staff.

It’s integral that employees and HR departments are able to communicate with each other about the problems of any conflict that arise to ensure that this can lead to a positive effect on productivity improvement, especially since compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report 50% higher productivity and 106% felt they had more energy at work.

Burnout And Stress Can Be Reduced

New UK Data Examines If Employees Trust HR Departments

When the body is physically or emotionally exhausted, it can’t perform at its best. This causes cognitive impairment in which people are not able to think clearly about work-related topics such as your job responsibilities and strategies for success.

Excess hours spent working may also lead employees into burnout where they feel mentally drained from being constantly on alert with every detail around them because there could be any number of problems coming up at any time!

You may have heard about how much more productive people are when they feel valued? Well here’s what happens inside your company too!

The study finds stress and burnout rates can be reduced by 74% and 40% respectively. When employees have lost out on chances to advance in their careers from being passed over again-or not receiving feedback sufficiently early enough-, this has been shown that there is a high correlation between affective states (such as negative feelings) and physical symptoms like headaches.


New UK Data Examines If Employees Trust HR Departments

The way to increase employee trust is by increasing their satisfaction with their work and the workplace culture. Employees want a sense of accomplishment, as well as feeling like they’re making an impact on the company’s bottom line; companies should aim for this too!

It helps us understand how employees can be more productive when they trust their employer. Trust in the workplace leads to a higher quality of work and less staff turnover, which increases profitability due to increased efficiency on all levels, as well as happier staff members who give better customer service.

This also builds upon other aspects employees may currently lack such as skill sets that will help improve both themselves personally (eg. personal development) but also your company overall through activities such as contributing back at least some form towards its success, whether financially or knowledge-wise.

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