Nyetimber Unveils Exclusive Team GB Classic Cuvee

Nyetimber, recognised as the Official Sparkling Wine of Team GB for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, recently presented its exquisite Limited-edition Team GB Classic Cuvee Multi-Vintage bottle.

This exclusive release stands as a tribute to the unwavering dedication to excellence demonstrated by Team GB athletes, a spirit echoed in Nyetimber’s commitment and passion for crafting English sparkling wines that rival the world’s finest.

“At Nyetimber, we believe that greatness is forged over time and that creating world-class wines demands years of determination, perseverance, and precision. It’s an ethos we see mirrored in every Team GB athlete as they pursue gold medal-winning performances. We are deeply honoured to support and celebrate Team GB as they embark on their monumental journey to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games,” says Nyetimber’s CEO and Owner, Eric Heerema.

Attention to Detail and Quality

As the pioneer of English sparkling wine, Nyetimber’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality and craftsmanship are encapsulated in this new Limited-edition Team GB Classic Cuvee Multi-Vintage.

Nyetimber Unveils Exclusive Team GB Classic Cuvee

Drawing inspiration from the fluidity and motion found in the world of sports and the historic Nyetimber vineyards nestled in southeast England, the bottle design features flowing ribbons, each hand-illustrated with Olympic sports. These ribbons symbolise athletic tracks, representing Team GB’s resolute journey to Paris 2024.

The collectable Limited-edition Team GB Classic Cuvee Multi-Vintage embodies Nyetimber’s globally acclaimed signature style of sparkling wine. A blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, it strikes a perfect balance between elegance and intensity.

Nyetimber adopts an artisan approach to winemaking, utilising only 100% estate-owned grapes and following the traditional method, which involves extended ageing to enhance complexity and flavour.

In the Heart of Celebrations

Nyetimber will play a central role in Team GB’s celebrations, contributing to the jubilant moments shared by athletes and the nation. The new Limited Edition bottle will be presented to Team GB athletes, marking a historic moment.

For the first time, fans can immerse themselves in the Games alongside Team GB Olympians at the Team GB House in Paris, where Nyetimber will exclusively serve as the sparkling wine of choice.

Nyetimber takes pride in partnering with a trio of talented Team GB Olympic medallists – rowers Tom George and Ollie Wynne Griffith, and reigning Olympic Champion in modern pentathlon, Joe Choong – who continue to inspire Nyetimber’s Team GB initiatives.

Nyetimber Unveils Exclusive Team GB Classic Cuvee

Celebrating British Sporting Excellence

Throughout July and August, Nyetimber will celebrate the pinnacle of British sporting excellence. Its Limited-edition Team GB Classic Cuvee Multi-Vintage will be poured at iconic UK restaurants and hotels, including The Savoy Hotel, Gravetye Manor in Sussex, and the German Gymnasium in King’s Cross, a site renowned for its historic ties to the first London Olympics in 1866.

The Savoy Hotel, famed for its opulent interiors and exceptional service, will host a Nyetimber celebration-themed afternoon tea in its Thames Foyer. Moreover, a special ticketed event on 26-27 July will enable attendees to commemorate the commencement of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games aboard Nyetimber’s Routemaster ’68 bus, stationed on Savoy Court. Tickets for this exclusive experience will be available on the Nyetimber website from mid-June.

The Limited-Edition Team GB Classic Cuvee Multi-Vintage with a Gift Box is now exclusively available on Nyetimber for an RRP of £41.50, while stocks last. Additionally, individual bottles of the Limited-Edition Team GB Classic Cuvee Multi-Vintage will hit shelves from mid-June at select retailers, including Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, and Berry Bros. & Rudd.

As Team GB joins athletes from over 200 nations on the global sporting stage, Nyetimber invites the nation to raise a glass in celebration of British passion and dedication to sports.

To further commemorate Nyetimber’s summer of rejoicing in British sporting talent, the English Sparkling wine producer has unveiled an elegant ‘Celebratory Silk Scarf’. Combining the bold blue and red hues of the Union Jack with distinctive blue and gold tones, this scarf serves as a timeless memento.

Nyetimber Unveils Exclusive Team GB Classic Cuvee

Available from mid-June for £59, or £95 when purchased with the Limited-edition Team GB Classic Cuvee Multi-Vintage bottle, exclusively on the Nyetimber website while stocks last.


Nyetimber’s Limited-edition Team GB Classic Cuvee Multi-Vintage stands as a testament to the intersection of sporting excellence and fine craftsmanship.

As Team GB prepares to embark on their journey to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Nyetimber’s commitment to quality and celebration shines through. From the hand-illustrated bottles adorned with Olympic motifs to exclusive events and offerings, Nyetimber invites enthusiasts to raise a glass in honour of British sporting passion and dedication.

With each sip, savour the essence of victory and the spirit of collaboration that unites athletes and aficionados alike on this remarkable journey.

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