Opera Gallery London’s New Historic Mayfair Location

Opera Gallery, a stalwart in the art world, is delighted to announce the inauguration of its new gallery in the prestigious heart of London’s historic Mayfair neighbourhood.

Nestled at 65-66 New Bond Street, this grand opening took place on November 23, 2023. This sprawling space, spanning over 500 square metres, surpasses the size of Opera’s previous gallery on 134 New Bond Street, enabling the display of art across three expansive floors.

Opera Gallery London's New Historic Mayfair Location

Additionally, Opera Gallery’s new location features an adjoining Medici Courtyard, which provides an ideal setting for showcasing large-scale sculptural works. This momentous opening follows the appointment of Isabelle de La Bruyère, an art market veteran, as the CEO of Opera Group.

Previously, she had an illustrious career as the Head of the Chairman’s Office & Client Advisory for the EMEA region at Christie’s. Isabelle will now spearhead Opera’s global gallery network, which includes 16 locations in major cities such as New York, Paris, and Singapore.

A Dazzling Debut: “Untitled Rencontres” Exhibition Unveils Modern Masters

Opera Gallery’s debut at its new Mayfair location features a bold and ambitious group exhibition titled “Untitled Rencontres.” This exhibition boasts an impressive collection of Modern Masters, including luminaries such as Pablo Picasso, Fernardo Botero, Marc Chagall, Nicholas De Staël, Paul Delvaux, Jean Dubuffet, Lucio Fontana, Hans Hartung, Yayoi Kusama, Fernand Léger, René Magritte, Georges Mathieu, Joan Miró, Serge Poliakoff, Jean Paul Riopelle, Pierre Soulages, Kees van Dongen, Andy Warhol, Niki de Saint Phalle, and Manolo Valdés.

Opera Gallery London's New Historic Mayfair Location

The exhibition also showcases exclusive presentations by Opera Gallery’s represented artists, Ron Arad, a British-Israeli designer, artist, and architect, and Andy Denzler, a Swiss painter. These two exceptional artists will unveil their latest creations during this groundbreaking exhibition.

With “Untitled Rencontres,” Opera Gallery celebrates the profound ability of art to forge connections that transcend time and space. The exhibition serves as a testament to Opera’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, seamlessly blending its French origins with its longstanding presence in London. It stands as an emblem of the vibrant coexistence of various cultures and perspectives that influence and enhance the gallery’s approach to contemporary art.

In the Medici Courtyard, visitors can admire two remarkable sculptures by Manolo Valdés, namely ‘Infanta Margarita.’ The ground floor of the new gallery space hosts a captivating collection of Modern Masters.

A Journey Through Ron Arad’s Vision

The first floor of the new gallery space is dedicated to a special presentation of works by Ron Arad. Renowned for his ongoing experimentation with raw materials such as steel, aluminium, and polyamide, Arad often shapes them into sinuous, elliptical, and oval forms.

Opera Gallery London's New Historic Mayfair Location

The exhibition showcases significant examples of the artist’s work from the 1980s, including his iconic crystalline ‘Big Easy’ pieces. Arad’s presentation highlights his collaboration with artisans from Dakar, Senegal, resulting in new artworks like ‘America Made in Africa,’ ‘Salam Sofa,’ and ‘Don’t Ya Tell Henri,’ all handcrafted using metal from oil drums.

Notably, five percent of the proceeds from the sale of Ron’s piece ‘America Made in Africa’ will be donated to the medical humanitarian organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières.

Andy Denzler’s Fusion of Painting and Digital Artistry

The lower ground floor of Opera Gallery’s new space is graced by Andy Denzler’s presentation. Denzler is renowned for his distinctive style, seamlessly blending painting and digital manipulation techniques to create artworks distinguished by their ‘glitch’ aesthetic.

Opera Gallery London's New Historic Mayfair Location

The exhibition offers a captivating blend of new and older artworks, with human figures remaining at the core of Denzler’s explorations. His latest works delve into the interplay between figures and interiors in space, forming a collage-like composition on the canvas.

With this new body of work, Denzler aims to capture timeless scenes in space, juxtaposing vintage furniture within a contemporary context to create images that transcend temporal boundaries.

Opera Gallery’s Commitment to Mayfair

Opera Gallery’s new gallery reaffirms its commitment to Mayfair, the epicentre of art and luxury in London, and home to the city’s most esteemed galleries and auction houses. Opera Gallery originally established its presence in London in 2004 at 134 New Bond Street, where it hosted remarkable exhibitions by artists such as Hermann Nitsch, Manolo Valdés, Anthony James, and Cho Sung He.

Opera Gallery London's New Historic Mayfair Location

In September 2023, Isabelle de La Bruyère was appointed as the first CEO of Opera Gallery by Founder and Chairman Gilles Dyan. Reflecting on the new space, Isabelle remarked, “London is home to some of the most important art institutions in the world, and the cultural influence and creative spirit of the city has been captivating to artists and collectors alike for centuries. We are thrilled to continue our tenure on New Bond Street and expand our presence in Mayfair with a larger space where we will continue contributing to and building upon the artistic legacy of the city through the presentation of thought-provoking exhibitions and programming in this historic space.”

Opera Gallery Founder and Chairman Gilles Dyan added, “Today, as we unveil our new, larger space in the heart of London, we mark a significant milestone in Opera Gallery’s journey in this great city that began nearly twenty years ago.”

Speaking about the new artworks in his show, Ron Arad expressed his excitement, stating, “I am filled with excitement for this Opera Gallery show as it features artworks I have not seen in a long time and some that I have never touched before. Over the past year, I have dedicated myself to daily and intensive online collaboration with amazing artisans in Dakar, and I can’t wait to see and touch the artworks for real.”

Opera Gallery London's New Historic Mayfair Location

Housed in a Queen Anne-style townhouse adorned with original arched sash windows, Opera Gallery’s new space encompasses over 560 square metres across the basement, ground, and first floor. It is noteworthy that this space was once occupied by Hook, Knowles & Co, a renowned shoemaker from the late 19th and early 20th century. The list of their clientele included The Royal Family and Winston Churchill, who was a former tenant of this exceptional venue.

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