The Glamorous Princess Sofia Duchess Of Varmland

We take a closer look at the life of the beautiful Princess Sofia Duchess of Varmland.

Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland, is a significant figure in the Swedish Royal Family, known for her transition from a life in the public eye to royalty.

Born Sofia Kristina Hellqvist on December 6, 1984, in Täby, Sweden, she has captivated the public with her journey from a career in glamour modelling and reality television to becoming a respected member of the royal family through her marriage to Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland.

This article aims to explore the multifaceted life of Princess Sofia, delving into her early years, royal duties, charitable work, and her role as a mother, providing a comprehensive understanding of her impact as a Duchess and her evolving role within the Swedish Royal Family.

Who Is Princess Sofia Princess Sofia Duchess Of Varmland?

So, Just Who Is Princess Sofia Duchess Of Varmland

The wife of Prince Carl Philip Duke of Varmland, Princess Sofia is one of the Swedish royal family’s most respected and revered members.

A former glamour model and reality TV contestant, Sofia is now a doting wife and mother to three sons, as well as a keen charity worker.

Her sons, whom she has with her husband Prince Carl Philip, are named: Prince Alexander, Prince Gabriel, and Prince Julian. They are fifth, sixth, and seventh in the line of succession to the Swedish royal throne respectively.

Often snapped by gossip magazines because of her former lifestyle, her good looks, and her keen dress and fashion sense, Princess Sofia is certainly not kept out of the public’s eye. But how did this former “commoner” find herself a princess?

Early Life

Born Sofia Hellqvist, back on the 6th of December, 1984, she was born to a marketing manager mother in the plastics industry and an employment counsellor father who was of Danish-Swedish heritage.

She has two sisters and as a child, it was keen that she had an eye for fashion and a keen sense for creativity. She also was not a shy and quiet child and would often find herself the centre of attention.

She did well at school and would go on to study at the Vansbro Education Centre, where she would study the arts programme.

So, Just Who Is Princess Sofia Duchess Of Varmland

Life Before Royalty

Because of her good looks and slender and toned figure, Hellqvist was photographed and published in a men’s magazine called Slitz, wearing nothing but bikini bottoms, and a live boa constrictor snake around her top half. The image caused quite a stir and in 2004, she was voted ‘Miss Slitz’ by the readers.

This really put Sofia on the map and TV offers began pouring in. She would go on to appear in the reality TV show ‘Paradise Hotel’ on TV4.

The basic premise of the show is that a group of singles are forced to live together in a luxurious hotel resort, taking part in various tasks to see who can progress to the next round without being eliminated.

Contestants pair up into couples and must share a room together in the hotel. Each week, contestants must pair up with different partners, or face elimination.

Sofia made it to the final of the series but ultimately failed to win.

She would go on to live in New York and work as a yoga instructor while studying business development and accounting.

Becoming Princess Sofia of Sweden

So, Just Who Is Princess Sofia Duchess Of Varmland

In 2009, while partying at a club, she met Prince Carl Philip, and the two instantly clicked. They began dating shortly afterwards.

In 2010, the Swedish Royal Court confirmed the two were in a relationship and just one year later, the pair would go on to move in together in Stockholm at Djurgarden, which again, the Swedish Palace confirmed.

In 2014 the couple became engaged and were married a year later on the 13th of June, 2015.

Very much in love, the royal couple would soon go on to welcome their firstborn into the world, when Princess Sofia of Sweden gave birth to Prince Alexander. In 2017 the couple had a second child, Prince Gabriel, and just last year the couple welcomed their third son into the world, Prince Julian.

Charity Work

Both Sofia and Prince Carl Philip are keen charity workers and do a lot of not-for-profit charity work.

In 2010, Princess Sofia co-founded the not-for-profit charity organization ‘Project Playground’ which is a charity designed to help offer assistance to underprivileged children in South Africa who haven’t been given the best start in life.

Princess Sofia Duchess of Varmland is actually the honorary chair of that organization.

In honour of their wedding in 2015, Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip founded Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s Foundation, which was designed primarily to tackle bullying.

The couple requested that, instead of purchasing gifts for their wedding, that people would instead make a donation, no matter how large or small, to their charity, which was a very kind gesture and shows the mentality that the couple has.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, when hospitals were at risk of being overrun, the princess would go on to take a three-day emergency online training course designed to help hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Princess Sofia would go on to work as a volunteer at a hospital in Stockholm. Her primary duties were to assist doctors and nurses with basic tasks and to clean and disinfect rooms, objects, and instruments.

So, Just Who Is Princess Sofia Duchess Of Varmland

Sofia put her health at risk to help others.

Later in 2020, the couple would go on to test positive for Coronavirus. Thankfully, their symptoms were relatively mild, and they would go on to make a full recovery. Both the princess and her husband are some of the most respected royals in Sweden.

Princess Sofia During COVID-19

Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland, notably contributed during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a time of global crisis, she stepped beyond her royal duties to serve the community.

Volunteering at Sophiahemmet Hospital in Stockholm, she completed a three-day online training course to support healthcare workers. Her involvement was not just symbolic; it included practical tasks like cleaning and cooking, demonstrating her commitment to making a tangible difference.

This period highlighted her adaptability and dedication, reinforcing her public image as a hands-on, empathetic member of the royal family. Her actions during the pandemic received wide appreciation and media coverage, showcasing a royal deeply involved in her country’s welfare during a crisis.

Princess Sofia in the Media

Princess Sofia’s media portrayal has evolved significantly over the years. Initially, the media focused on her past as a glamour model and reality TV participant, often overshadowing her charity work and personal achievements.

However, post her marriage to Prince Carl Philip and her engagement in royal duties, there’s been a marked shift in coverage. The media now frequently highlights her contributions to various charitable initiatives, including her impactful role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This transformation in media representation reflects her successful transition from a private citizen to a respected member of the Swedish royal family, emphasizing her commitment to her royal responsibilities and public service.


Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland, has established herself as a figure of resilience and grace under the global spotlight.

Her journey from a reality TV participant to a respected member of the Swedish royal family illustrates her remarkable ability to transcend past narratives and forge a path marked by public service and royal duties. Her active participation in charitable activities and her hands-on approach during the COVID-19 pandemic have endeared her to the public and altered media perceptions.

Sofia’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact of personal evolution and dedication to societal welfare, making her a distinctive and inspiring figure in the modern royal landscape.

Her role extends beyond traditional royal duties, highlighting the potential for members of royal families to engage deeply and meaningfully with contemporary societal challenges.

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