What’s The Difference Between Building Relationships And Dating Spanish People?

First, a person needs to know that not all Spanish men are mighty Latino lovers who recite poetry daily. Also, Spanish women are not fierce Latinas who all know how to dance the tango. Some myths need to be debunked right away. Cultural stereotypes are often funny, but some are true, so a person needs to be careful.

Getting familiar with the traits of Spanish people helps a lot when it comes to dating. This article will help you out if you’re seeking a Spanish single or are already in a relationship with one. Some unique things are different from anything a person encountered before. 

Showing Emotions Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

What's The Difference between Building Relationships and Dating Spanish People?

In Spanish culture, showing how you feel is completely normal and expected. They’re very passionate about everything they do in life, and relationships are no exception. Being able to express your feelings means you are not afraid of them, and you embrace whatever type of emotions you feel.

In other countries, this can be a sign of being too forward or that you crave attention. However, this is a must in Spanish culture. The good thing about that is you’ll always know what your better half thinks and feels, without trying to guess it.

Spanish People Aren’t Strangers To Hookups While Traveling

What's The Difference between Building Relationships and Dating Spanish People?

People from Spain love to travel around, and they aren’t strangers to hooking up on holidays. With the help of a well-established dating site, single guys meet Spanish girls while traveling without too much effort. Using the location and ethnicity filter to see which Spanish girls are in the area saves hours of browsing.

Chatting on the site is another story. People love spending time there, but that’s a topic for different articles. We have to say Spanish people don’t mind going on casual dates with tourists while at home or while traveling. The reason for that must be the famous Mediterranean passion. And they generally don’t care what other people think so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Spaniards Get Married Later In Life

The average age for the first marriage for men is 38 years old and for women 35. The reason for that is a high rate of unemployment in Spain, so people don’t have enough resources to buy their place.

Over 80% of males live with their parents until well into their late thirties. Even though that’s unusual, that means that they have a lot of time for some soul searching. Getting married later means you have enough time to explore and find out what you want and don’t want. By gaining dating experience, people build their characters and meet a lot of different types of people. Once settled down, you can be sure your Spaniard will be faithful to you.

Dating Websites Work Like A Charm In Spain

What's The Difference between Building Relationships and Dating Spanish People?

Online dating is as popular in Spain as it is anywhere in the world. Single Spaniards love to use dating apps and websites to find a perfect match. Sometimes it’s easier to express yourself in written form, especially if talking to a person who’s not native in your tongue.

There’s a difference in the way singletons from Spain use dating platforms. Most people worldwide use those apps to find a casual relationship or hook up, but not Spaniards. They use these apps to find a friend, and they’ll let you know that. So, if you want to score with a single person from Spain, stay on dating websites or go outside.

First Move? No Biggie For A Spanaird

What's The Difference between Building Relationships and Dating Spanish People?

No matter if we’re talking about a chico or a chica, it’s a well-known fact that singles from Spain don’t have a problem asking somebody on a date first. In the rest of the world, most women don’t approach first; that’s the task for men. But in Spain, it is a whole different story.

Spanish women are more likely to ask a guy on a date than in any other country in the world. Also, there’s research that proves that Spanish women are the world’s greatest flirts. Men are eager to reply to women’s texts and emails, and they’ll rarely play hard to get. 

Intimacy Is Not A Taboo

What's The Difference between Building Relationships and Dating Spanish People?

Spain is one of the most catholic countries globally, and you’d think they are shy and don’t approve of sexual activities outside the marriage. But once again, Spaniards are fighting the stereotypes. Since they love showing affection, they love to be intimate too.

They won’t lead you on and will tell a person directly what they want and expect. Spanish people are also open about their sexuality, and they are progressive when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights.

Twist In Dating World

What's The Difference between Building Relationships and Dating Spanish People?

Most people go to usual dating places like restaurants, bars, or movies. That’s how it works in most countries. Spain is, of course, a little bit different. They love to spend their dates in nature, on picnics, walking, and swimming. These kinds of dates are reserved for later in a relationship when you have already dated for some time.

Malaga is a common destination for many Spanish couples because there are awesome things to do. Going away together for the weekend usually means the relationship is becoming more serious, so if your Spanish date invites you to such a trip, you can be sure you’re exclusive.

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