Sale e Pepe Knightsbridge Gets a Fresh Start Under Thesleff Group’s Ownership

Sale e Pepe, the iconic Knightsbridge hotspot, is embarking on a new beginning under the ownership of Thesleff Group, which is also behind Mexican-Japanese restaurant Los Mochis Notting Hill, Viajante87, and soon-to-open Los Mochis City.

The restaurant, a favourite among celebrities, is set to retain its illustrious legacy while introducing subtle changes, including a new menu, ahead of its 50th anniversary next year.

A Brief History of Sale e Pepe

Sale e Pepe Knightsbridge Gets a Fresh Start Under Thesleff Group's Ownership

Sale e Pepe first opened its doors in 1974 on Pavilion Road and quickly became a favourite among locals and the international jet set, hosting some of the world’s most famous film stars, fashion icons, rock stars, aristocracy, and media moguls, including Rod Stewart, Sir Roger Moore, Priscilla Presley, and Ringo Starr.

Over the years, Sale e Pepe has become a staple of the London dining scene, attracting a globally coveted crowd with its distinctive decadent style, red marble, and neon signage. Now, as it approaches its golden anniversary, The Thesleff Group is bringing a revitalised energy and refinement to the beloved gem.

The Revitalised Menu

The refreshed menu at Sale e Pepe features a selection of newcomers, including crab and avocado salad with tomato concassé, spring onions, chives, pimiento de espelette, and lemon dressing (Insalata di Granchio); Bucatini with pecorino cheese and black pepper sauce (Cacio e Pepe); and bone-in pan-fried veal chop in breadcrumbs (Costoletta di Vitello alla Milanese).

Costoletta di Vitello alla Milanese

Signature classics will also remain, including linguine with lobster, cherry tomatoes, basil, and garlic (Linguine all’Aragosta).

Welcoming Guests to the Future

Guests entering Sale e Pepe will be welcomed into the future with the inviting bar, a sophisticated retreat en route to the dining room, paying homage to historic luxury Italia. The esteemed dining room transports guests to the timeless elegance of La Dolce Vita, making for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

The Future of Sale e Pepe

The Thesleff Group Founder Markus Thesleff expressed his excitement about acquiring such a rich legacy steeped in almost 50 years of history, stating that he is proud to have been entrusted with this iconic brand and institution and is looking forward to all that they can bring to Sale e Pepe.

Toni Corricelli, the original manager of Sale e Pepe, expressed his confidence in the Thesleff Group, stating that they are the best choice to carry on the tradition of S&P with the same enthusiasm and dedication. He wished Markus and the team the best of luck for the next 44 or more years.

In Conclusion

Sale e Pepe is an iconic London restaurant with a rich legacy that has charmed many and transcended time. Now, with the Thesleff Group’s ownership, the restaurant is set to continue its legacy, welcoming guests into the future with its revitalised menu and timeless elegance.

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