Key Trends Shaping The Branded Residences Sector In 2022

1. Purpose-Led Purchasers

“While it is of course an issue facing the whole real estate industry, a development’s eco-credentials is now an expectation for many luxury buyers.

“In 2022, we are expecting to see the further rise of the philanthropic buyer, where the purpose is, in part, a motivation for their property purchase. High-net-worth buyers want to invest in something beyond bricks and mortar and beyond financial returns, and instead, are increasingly seeking a home that has been created in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

“For example, Six Senses Residences takes a carbon zero approach, from its use of locally sourced and renewable building materials, smart build process to reduce water usage through to its elimination of plastic items and use of biodegradable cleaning products.

Key Trends Shaping The Branded Residences Sector In 2022

“But this desire extends beyond the way in which the property is built, with buyers at this top end of the market wanting the reassurance that their residence, and the wider resort, has been crafted in a way which honours the local area’s environment, culture and heritage, and contributes to the local community.

“As sustainability becomes a permanent addition to many high-net-worth individuals must-haves, 2022 will likely see many branded residences revisiting their sustainability strategies to ensure they are delivering above and beyond in a meaningful way.”

2. The Renewed Importance Of Health And Wellness

Key Trends Shaping The Branded Residences Sector In 2022

“One thing the global pandemic has taught us is the vital importance of looking after our physical and mental health – with wellness amenities set to remain high on the agenda in the branded residences sector in 2022.

“2022 will see the evolution of wellness offerings across the sector. Whilst it has always been an integral part of the Six Senses Residences brand, we understand the importance of ensuring amenity offerings evolve alongside consumer lifestyles and interests, especially in a post-pandemic world. 

“With swimming pools, spas and fitness facilities now considered the norm in branded residences, it’s vital to be on the front foot and offer residents and guests the very latest health and wellbeing services and programmes on their doorstep, something we already deliver via our extensive network of global experts and practitioners.

“Expect to see 2022 bring a host of new wellbeing offerings in branded residences, such as biohacking – the incredible do-it-yourself biology focused on improving performance, health and wellbeing.

Key Trends Shaping The Branded Residences Sector In 2022

We have a team of specialist practitioners available to provide residents with an in-depth analysis of their body’s make-up, including vitamin levels in order to optimise their own individual needs. At Six Senses Ibiza, there are many ways to achieve wellness through a vast selection of treatment programmes which include longevity treatments, immunity-boosting activities and detox training sessions”.

3. The Rise Of Co-Primary Residence

“Finally, we are expecting to see a rise in co-primary residences. A term coined in Knight Frank’s 2021 Wealth Report, owners are now splitting their time more evenly between their main place of residence and what would previously have been considered their ‘second’ home – something we are expecting to see realised far more in 2022 as travel restrictions ease but the opportunity for flexible working remains long-term.

Key Trends Shaping The Branded Residences Sector In 2022

“This means there are more demands on these co-primary properties, as they need to fulfil wider requirements and purposes. Branded residences will need to respond to this change to ensure there are the right kinds of spaces and environments within the resort, like dedicated work areas and fast internet connectivity.

“In addition, with residents spending more time in their branded residence, there is also set to be a renewed focus on community living. As such, a wider range of on-site facilities is needed at new developments, offering more opportunity to connect with other residents.”

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