Should You Buy An Electric Skateboard? Yes Or No?

Electric scooters have become part of our life. Around the world, scooter-sharing systems are actively starting to work, and sales in this segment are growing every day.

This is not surprising, because the electric scooter is comfortable, easy to use, and does not require any physical training.

In addition, we are all now looking for alternative options for how to get to work in conditions of quarantine and blocked transport.

Should You Buy An Electric Skateboard? Yes Or No?

How Does It Work?

By the way, the electric skateboard is similar to non-motorized boards. It is easy to notice features the distinguish an electric skateboard from an ordinary wheel board.

First, it is simply more massive and heavier. Also, these models are often provided with larger wheels for riding on gravel, paving stones, and dirt roads.

Electronic boards are different. You’ve probably heard these words:

  • electric board;
  • gyro scooter;
  • hoverboard.

The difference is that an electric board has 4 wheels, while a hoverboard has only 2 but quite large wheels.

Theoretically, the hoverboard has nothing to do with boards, since it was not the result of the evolution of the skateboard, but came from the same electronic device only with a handle. But the shape of the structure and appearance – a transverse bar with wheels along the edges – for many evoke associations with skateboards. This is why, in this article, we are going to talk about these ones too.

The Hoverboard is not a mythical skate that was spotted in Back to the Future. This kind of board is with the one roller installed in the middle.


An electric skateboard can consist of one or more motors.  For the smallest boards, the maximum speed is just about 15 km/h. If we are talking about more powerful models, they can accelerate up to 40 km/h. That makes them easy to use for commuting and not only for riding. Still, sports models can accelerate up to 90 km/h.

However, note that it is dangerous to ride such models without practice and protection. The skate motor is human-powered. If you wish, you can turn it off and ride an electric board like a non-motorized projectile.

Should You Buy An Electric Skateboard? Yes Or No?


The electric skate generates the energy from the lithium-ion batteries that are built into the board structure.

The battery power is quite low, however, and the motor consumes little energy. That’s why 1 charge is enough to travel about 20kilometers. Charging such a unit is no more difficult than charging a mobile phone. For this, a regular 220V outlet and the cord that comes with the skateboard are enough. Most models can fully charge in about two hours.


In motor mode, braking is carried out remotely. With the motors turned off, you will have to stop in an old-fashioned way – with your feet. By the way, braking is not sharp. It is known that the average stopping distance is approximately 12 meters.

Should You Buy An Electric Skateboard? Yes Or No?


Always electronic skateboards are provided with specific remote controls. These devices help the rider control the direction, brakes, and speed.

Advantages And Disadvantages

There are a few disadvantages of such transport. The main disadvantage is the price and scarcity. Moreover, in small cities, it may be difficult to find similar products. But in the 21st century, everything you dream about can be found online. For instance, on the Crooze website, you can find evolve electric skateboards. 

Good Investment

True, buying an electric scooter will initially cost you several hundred dollars. Some of them can cost a thousand or even several thousand dollars, but you can easily find amazing scooters for under $ 1000. However, the bulk of the money you will spend on your electric scooter will be in the beginning.

Thereafter, the scooter travel costs are practically not required, except in cases of malfunction after the expiration of the warranty period. The electricity cost to charge an electric scooter is ridiculously low. Certainly cheaper fuel for your car, it is much more expensive. We don’t want to say that it’s free, but it’s really cheaper.

In large cities, the cost of public transport tickets for one year will be the same as when buying a mid-range electric scooter. It’s actually not difficult, you pay for your scooter now, and then you are left with a virtually free mode of transport. We don’t even mention taxis here.

Comparing the cost of a taxi ride to the cost of an electric scooter is like comparing the cost of building a rocket ship to the cost of building a car. Electric scooters, along with some other individual modes of transport, are by far the most economical means of transportation. Nothing beats them for the price per kilometer.

Should You Buy An Electric Skateboard? Yes Or No?

It Is A Lot Of Fun!

In fact, this may be the most important factor for a significant portion of e-scooter owners. It is possible that this is the main reason why electric scooters are so widespread and widely used. After all, they are very fun to ride! When you easily drive through the streets of the city, there is a certain feeling of flow, of presence at the moment, so to speak. Of course, this is better than napping on the subway or bus. No wonder people love them.

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