Should You Buy Your Child a Scooter?

Children love riding scooters and if you’re planning on gifting your child a scooter this year on their birthday, you have made the right decision. We will share a few reasons for a scooter being a good gift for your child and how it helps them develop. In the end, there are a few ways you can keep them safe while using them. 

Benefits of Scooters

Provides Great Exercise

Should You Buy Your Child a Scooter?

Kids need physical activity every day to stay healthy and active. Lack of exercise can lead to several health problems in kids, such as obesity, diabetes, and weight-related conditions. It is parents’ responsibility to encourage their kids to move their bodies and play outdoors every day. 

Kids these days prefer TVs, computers and tablets rather than going to play outdoors with friends. Buying them a scooter would be a fun way to encourage them to get some form of physical activity in their day-to-day life.

There are various models of kids’ scooter available in different sizes and designs, and you should pick one depending on your child’s age and handling ability. 

Develop Their Motor Skills

Kids at young ages are still developing their motor skills. With the help of a scooter, they can learn these. Learning to ride a scooter uses both fine and gross motor skills. Your child would learn to move your body in unique ways, which helps them develop strength and improved motor skills. 

They use their legs to move and hands to hold the handlebar steady while keeping their back straight and stable to maintain balance. These motor skills would help them later in tasks, such as playing sports, handwriting development, and doing chores. 

Confidence Boost

Should You Buy Your Child a Scooter?

Riding a scooter is not an easy task; however, it develops their confidence when your child learns to ride it. They now feel they can do “big kid” things. This confidence helps them achieve in academics and other household activities, such as tying their laces and dressing themselves up. This confidence helps them do their tasks independently because they realize how capable they are. 

Develop Better Balance 

Toddlers are still developing their balance because they understand their centre of gravity and work out this whole “balance” thing. It is when a scooter comes in handy. It would teach them how to hold their bodies up straight while riding. 

Gets Them Outside

Children need to be pushed to go outdoors these days. Fresh air and sunshine are good for their mental health as well as their physical health. Kids who spend time outdoors lead a better lifestyle. They sleep better, feel happier, and have more vital motor skills. 

How to Keep Them Safe

While children are having fun, you need to keep them safe. Here are a few tips parents can follow to keep their kids safe while riding their scooter outdoors. 

Have Them Wear a Helmet

Should You Buy Your Child a Scooter?

You need to wear a helmet when riding a scooter. Helmets come in various styles and sizes, making them available for all kids. Find one that fits your child and tell them why you need to wear it. It should fit them snugly and be secure on the head. Use straps and buckles to adjust the helmet and make sure it doesn’t come off easily. 

Consider Knee and Elbow Pads

You need to fall when learning how to ride a scooter. To keep your kids safe from scratches, bruises and even fractures, you need to make them wear protective gear, such as knee and elbow pads. 

Teach Them Road Safety

Your child is still young and unaware of road safety rules. Before buying them a scooter:

  1. Make sure they understand what different road signs mean, what green and red lights mean, the striped lines, and much more.
  2. Please spend some time showing them pictures and giving clear instructions.
  3. Go over the road signs frequently; you can even get them a picture book or a poster to help them understand clearly. 

Give Them the Right Footwear

Accidents can happen if your child is not wearing the proper footwear. Give them sneakers or close-toed shoes that fit them perfectly so they don’t slip off. If their boots have laces, they are probably tied so they don’t get caught on wheels.

The Bottom Line

Should You Buy Your Child a Scooter?

It is a big step to let your toddler ride a scooter, knowing they could get hurt. However, with the proper precautions and guidance from you, they can learn to ride it in no time. In addition to that, they would learn a lot more skills, and these skills would be beneficial for their growth and development in different areas of life. 

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