Simple Ways To Have An Active Personal Life As A Single Parent

You can still stay active in your personal life as a single parent if you can use the resources you have and adapt to the situation in a positive way.

Two good heads are better than one. But the situation may push to the edge of becoming the only head of dealing with a situation. Becoming a single parent may be so demanding and challenging as the responsibility meant for two-person becomes the sole responsibility of one.

If you are a single parent, you will undoubtedly agree that raising children on your own is a hurricane task. You will face the struggle to find sufficient time for your kids and self, energy to get things done within the little time you have, money, and physical support. As a single parent who is faced with all these difficulties and the battle to balance things up for your children and yourself, don’t be swayed away by all these demands. You can still stay active in your personal life if you can use the resources you have and adapt to the situation in a positive way.

Take Advantage of The Internet to Organize Everyday Life 

Technology has made things easier in this present time. Within a short period, you can get lots of activities done and still have enough time for yourself and take care of other pertinent things. Internet will help you to plan and stay organized:

Online dating is useful for you as a single parent; dating sites will help you stay connected with various people near and far, and from there, you could also get assistance from others. With just the right amount of communication and flirting on chat with moms, it’s easy to get to know both other single parents and singles who will support and share your lifestyle.

Simple Ways To Have An Active Personal Life As A Single Parent

And most importantly, you do not need to waste time, which is already barely enough in the life of a single parent, on meaningless dating, because you can start with online communication and move on to real meetings only when you feel that everything is getting serious.

Set up parental control on your child’s devices or other devices at home. This will help you to monitor all your child’s activities without being physically present. With this, you get your work and task reduced. It will also reduce anxiety about not knowing where your children are or what they are doing. You can also restrict access from the device to the inappropriate content from which you would like to protect your child.

You need to get all the necessary applications on your mobile as well. Apps such as fitness goal planner to stay on track for body and health excellence, or grocery apps that you can order for various items and get delivered to your doorsteps without going to the store, or a calendar to manage all your business, not forgetting about the child’s activities, work meetings or romantic dates.

And, of course, dating apps, which brings us back to the first point. After all, communication via mobiles, right on the go, is something without which it is impossible to imagine a person in our century.

Simple Ways To Have An Active Personal Life As A Single Parent

Look for Relationships with People Who Understand You

Being in the company of like-minded people and people who have a better understanding of you is the best offer you can give to yourself as a single parent. Don’t stay in the company of those that will talk ill of you or your predicament. Stay away from negative people. It is good to find a community of other single parents to join. There, you can seek help in whatever way and have mutual friends with whom you can relate easily.

To become a part of a society that shares your interests, you can, again, take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet gives to a modern person. Chatting with those who accept you or are in the same situation as yours will always help you stay relieved and lively, and can help you find a life partner on the Internet as well.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

As a single parent, don’t be carried away with the task of meeting your children’s needs at the expense of your own. Of course, taking care of your child is something you should be doing, but don’t forget about your well-being:

  • Give priority to a healthy diet and lifestyle, eat well-balanced food and let it be on time. Don’t skip your meals as they may be hazardous to your health.
  • Exercise to keep you physically and mentally fit. Sports activities such as yoga, pilates, jogging or swimming in the pool will help you keep your body in shape.
  • Always have enough sleep as this will help you be fully active to meet up with all the tasks ahead of you. Try to go to bed at the same time and sleep and ensure to have naps regularly.
  • Morning and evening routines, including facial and body treatments, massage, invigorating showers or relaxing baths, should also be on your schedule. Choose something for your soul that you can allow in the free time that you have.
  • Don’t forget about food for your mind – reading books, attending a desired exhibition, going to a concert, painting, or any other hobby that will reboot your thoughts.

Outsource All The Daily Tasks You Can

Know that you cannot do all the work alone if you must meet up with time and have time for your child. Therefore, it is expedient that you make a schedule of all you daily task that cannot be avoided and check those that you are able to accomplish yourself.

Simple Ways To Have An Active Personal Life As A Single Parent

After that, you can outsource some of the tasks to someone who can help, for example, rely on close family and friends who are happy to help and whom you trust. If you need time for yourself, to go away on business or go out on a date, you can always use the services of a cleaner or a babysitter. Your personal life is just as important as being a single parent.


 Parenthood is not an easy task to undertake as a single parent. With this, you must make do with all the available resources at your fingertips to make your life and parenting less complicated. Following the ways highlighted will benefit you, and being proactive to situations around, having the right mindset, and getting your finances right will serve you the best. And you will be more active in your personal life. 

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