Sustainable Fashion: Why It Matters And How To Embrace It

This article suggests the benefits of investing in a sustainable wardrobe for the fashionista looking for new clothes.

What is sustainable fashion, and why does it matter? Keep reading to discover reasons why you should think about embracing a sustainable lifestyle:

Understanding What It Is

People may be familiar with “sustainable fashion,” but how many people know what sustainable fashion is all about? Companies with Fair Trade practices and recycled materials are examples of fashion brands doing their part for sustainable fashion.

There is also the idea of purchasing more expensive but timeless clothes; Another aspect of sustainable fashion practices is where people share, rent, or exchange clothes for helping decrease the effects of fast fashion.

From sites like The Real Real to Poshmark, there are many examples of brands and companies doing their part to help the environment, allowing people to shop for their sustainable dresses and pants without contributing to the harmful effects of new clothing production.

Why It Matters

As mentioned above, fast fashion harms the planet since many clothes today are produced using harmful materials, such as plastic.

These trendy clothing pieces are more likely to end up in landfills and create more waste. By supporting these large brands that mass-produce clothing, you also contribute to the need to produce even more of these clothes.

Also, many of these garments are made overseas, in countries with lenient labour laws.

A valid argument is that purchasing these clothes is unethical because it supports taking advantage of the people in these countries. If you care about the planet and humanity, research how your shopping practices impact the world around you.

What You Can Do

What can you do? You need to wear clothes, right? Where do you buy your clothes from? Do your research to discover the best sustainable brands that provide high-quality clothing while offsetting their carbon footprint.

Shopping at thrift stores and using hand-me-downs is one option; another is shopping at online stores where people sell their lightly used pieces of clothing.

These stores often have high-end options and quality pieces that won’t have you sacrificing fashion; as a bonus, you can contribute to helping the environment by shopping sustainably.

It’s Trending

Listen, you should care about the planet, and you should care about how your products are made, but it’s easy to forget about these things in search of style and fashion.

If you look at some of the most fashionable options on your favourite social media networks, you’ll actually find some great sustainable brands with high fashion options. Ask your stylist to point you in the right direction.

It Feels Good On You

Many sustainable brands offer clothes made from ethically sourced materials that feel comfortable. A lot of investment pieces are made from materials that are higher in quality so that the clothing can last you longer.

Try to look into more timeless options that can serve as solid staples for your wardrobe that you won’t have to swap out quickly.

From recycled cotton to plant-based fibres, explore the best sustainable options and how they feel on your skin.

Sustainable Fashion: Why It Matters And How To Embrace It

You could discover that you only want to wear sustainable clothing from here on out—which is great for the planet, so give it a shot.

In Conclusion

As you search for new clothes, don’t ignore how helpful it is to care about sustainable fashion.

It can make a difference for our planet while caring about the environment; you may discover that you like living a more “green” life.

From ethically sourced clothing to reducing your carbon footprint, there are many reasons to shop for sustainable clothing.

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