Exploring the Artistic Legacy of Lucio Fontana at Hotel Principe di Savoia

Dorchester Collection, renowned for its luxurious hospitality, continues to provide exclusive and bespoke experiences for its discerning guests.

Hotel Principe di Savoia, an epitome of Milanese elegance, invites its visitors to embark on an immersive journey through the world of legendary artists. The latest addition to their collection of private walking trails, the Fontana – Slashing Space trail, follows in the footsteps of Milan’s very own Lucio Fontana.

Exploring the Artistic Legacy of Lucio Fontana at Hotel Principe di Savoia

This experience allows guests to explore Fontana’s rejection of traditional artistic norms, the boundless imagination that shaped his art, and his significant contribution to the Spatialist Movement.

Lucio Fontana: A Pioneer in Modern Art

Lucio Fontana was a trailblazer who challenged the conventional boundaries of art. His innovative approach merged painting, sculpture, and architecture, transcending tradition and embracing technology. Fontana’s legacy reshaped the history of art, and the Fontana – Slashing Space trail offers an opportunity to delve into his remarkable journey.

Milan stands as the epicentre of Fontana’s artistic evolution. It was here that he defied his prestigious Art Academy teachings, venturing into sculpture and even creating art with neon tubes. His iconic move, slicing through canvases with a Stanley knife, marked a turning point in art history.

Exploring the Artistic Legacy of Lucio Fontana at Hotel Principe di Savoia

The Fontana – Slashing Space trail commences at Hotel Principe di Savoia, offering a breathtaking rooftop view of Milan. From there, it immerses you in the city’s artistic heart. The journey takes you to the Brera district, where Fontana once studied at the renowned Arts Academy. The courtyard of his studio, now a contemporary art gallery, and the mesmerizing Duomo, with its Gothic design mirroring Fontana’s ‘Neon structure,’ provide further insight into the artist’s world.

A Guided Artistic Odyssey

Guests embarking on this unique journey will be guided by experienced art historians and modern art specialists. The intimate group setting encourages lively dialogue and allows guests to appreciate the beauty of Milan while uncovering hidden details that often escape the notice of locals. Anecdotes about Fontana’s life and career add a layer of depth to the experience, leaving a lasting impression.

Dorchester Collection ensures that the Fontana – Slashing Space trail caters to both seasoned art enthusiasts and novices. Whether you’re an intrepid explorer looking to deepen your knowledge or a first-time visitor eager to explore Milan’s artistic side, this trail can be tailored to suit your preferences.

Exploring the Artistic Legacy of Lucio Fontana at Hotel Principe di Savoia

Helen Smith, CEO of Dorchester Collection, said: “Building on the excitement of our Legendary Artists’ trails, we’re delighted to announce Fontana–Slashing Space as the first of our trails in Milanat Hotel Principe di Savoia. We were inspired by the indelible impact Fontana made on the art world, from Paris to London, Tokyo to New York, along with a slew of exhibitions worldwide-kickstarting the Spatialist movement. He truly reached for the stars, and Milan proved to be a perfect launchpad for his artistic journey. This wonderfully unique experience gives our guests the chance to get to know the man behind the movement.”


Hotel Principe di Savoia, a jewel in Milan’s hospitality scene, invites you to explore the artistic legacy of Lucio Fontana through the Fontana – Slashing Space trail. This trail not only offers a glimpse into the life and work of a legendary artist but also allows you to discover Milan from a fresh perspective. Dorchester Collection continues to set the standard for bespoke experiences, and this art-focused journey is sure to leave a lasting impression on art connoisseurs and novices alike. Prepare to walk in the footsteps of Fontana and witness the artistic revolution that changed the course of modern art.

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