The Churchill Bar’s UNITY Menu: Sip, Savour, & Unite

The Churchill Bar & Terrace, nestled in the heart of Marylebone and graced by Portman Square’s elegance, recently introduced its latest masterpiece: the UNITY cocktail menu.

This exceptional menu, promising an immersive journey through cultures, flavours, and stories, places sustainability at its very core. Prepare to be transported to the corners of the globe while indulging in a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and taste.

A Celebration of Traditions Unveiled on Portman Square

In a compelling fusion of traditions from three continents, the all-new UNITY menu serves as a tribute to the diverse cultural backgrounds of the bar’s talented team. This delightful concoction aims to intertwine their roots, celebrating their unique heritages, while simultaneously exploring local ingredients and sustainable mixology craftsmanship.

At The Churchill Bar & Terrace, a distinct effort has been made to combine rare flavours and champion innovative techniques, resulting in a cocktail selection that astounds with both familiar and unexpected tastes. Each carefully selected ingredient and method on the UNITY menu embodies the bar’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, all the while taking patrons on an extraordinary journey across the globe.

A Symphony of Flavours: The UNITY Experience

The UNITY menu unfolds a captivating narrative through twelve meticulously crafted signature cocktails, each a testament to the vibrant, diverse landscapes of the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Distinguished into three sections, the menu’s chapters present a creation inspired by each geographical area. The triumphant culmination of this journey is the UNITY cocktail, ingeniously blending elements from two continents. As each section concludes, a final cocktail emerges, serving as a celebration of a distinct ingredient from the remaining landmass.

Tropical Reverie: Mexica Empire

Embark on a voyage to the heart of Central America with the Mexica Empire cocktail. This masterpiece artfully combines the accolade-winning Rum Copalli with the vibrant flavours of “Limonada Especial,” a creation unique to The Churchill Bar & Terrace.

The Churchill Bar's UNITY Menu: Sip, Savour, & Unite

The drink pays homage to the beloved Mexican Aguas Frescas, where every part of the cucumber and lime is utilised, leaving no room for waste. To round off this tropical delight, the infusion of Ancho Reyes chilli liquor, a recipe tracing back to 1927, seals the experience with a fiery flourish.

Mediterranean Elegance: Mama Maria

Drawing inspiration from the bounteous Mediterranean fruit farms, the Mama Maria cocktail is a testament to European excellence. The Lakes Distillery The One whisky gracefully melds with a homemade beetroot shrub and bell pepper juice, repurposed from the kitchen’s abundance.

The Churchill Bar's UNITY Menu: Sip, Savour, & Unite

Conjuring images of orchard fruits and the smoky warmth of Southern Europe, the Mama Maria cocktail reaches its crescendo with the addition of sweet vermouth, resulting in a harmonious equilibrium of flavours.

Zenith of Asia: Ikigai

The Ikigai cocktail, a reflection of its namesake which translates to “life purpose,” beckons with an enigmatic, invigorating flavour profile.

The Churchill Bar's UNITY Menu: Sip, Savour, & Unite

The Gin Inverroche Verdant-based elixir infuses citrus fruits like grapefruits, oranges, and lemons, weaving them seamlessly into the menu’s fabric. With a refreshing crispness reminiscent of a mountain meadow after rainfall, the cocktail stands as an ideal aperitif, offering a revitalising experience for the palate.

Harmony of Continents: Longitude 40° UNITY

The Longitude 40° UNITY cocktail exemplifies the marriage of Europe and Asia, drawing attention to their shared appreciation for grapes.

The Churchill Bar's UNITY Menu: Sip, Savour, & Unite

Discarded Grape Skin Vodka, a sustainable marvel utilising residual fruit from winemaking, intertwines with Umeshu, a distinguished Japanese wine, and Elderflower liqueur. This symphony of flavours is adorned with fresh green grapes, reminiscent of the very vines that birthed them, thus mirroring the journey of the wine itself.

The Epitome of Craftsmanship: Maestra Bertha

The Maestra Bertha cocktail pays homage to the pinnacle of the world’s finest spirits. Casa Dragones tequila, renowned for its sustainable production methods, harmonises with Angostura Bitter, Toasted Pecan Bitter, and Black Truffle Perfume.

The Churchill Bar's UNITY Menu: Sip, Savour, & Unite

The result is a seamless, polished, and utterly distinctive flavour profile, a tribute to Bertha Gonzalez Nieves, the industry’s first “Maestra Tequilera.” The exceptional combination of ingredients encapsulates the true essence of this extraordinary cocktail.

A Global Odyssey: The Unity of Flavours

UNITY encapsulates an exploration of heritage, weaving together innovative twists on classic flavour pairings that honour the richness of global cultures while showcasing the magic of collaboration. This culinary journey transports patrons to a realm of taste that spans continents, all within the inviting embrace of The Churchill Bar & Terrace.

As The Churchill Bar & Terrace’s skilled mixologists whisk guests away on a transcendent voyage across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the Summer Terrace offers an enchanting escape to Provence. This picturesque sanctuary on the fringes of Portman Square envelops visitors in lush foliage adorned with oranges and fragrant lavender.

The Churchill Bar's UNITY Menu: Sip, Savour, & Unite

In line with the bar’s sustainable ethos, Amarante flowers grace the space, meticulously preserved to reduce floral wastage. With terracotta pots and hanging baskets, the terrace transforms into a summer haven, inviting patrons to relish the charm of sunny southern climes.

In collaboration with the bar team, Chateau La Gordonne and Pommery introduce two exquisite Summer Spritz’ to accompany their exclusive selection of champagne and rosé. Guests can transport themselves to the Mediterranean with Madame Pommery, a delightful twist on the Royale, featuring Fig Liqueur and Umeshu. Alternatively, the Clementine merges Chateau La Gordonne with Elderflower liqueur, fresh oregano, and vibrant citrus zest, presenting a zesty option for those inclined towards citrusy delights.

In the heart of Marylebone, The Churchill Bar & Terrace invites you to embark on a journey of taste and elegance unlike any other. With the UNITY cocktail menu, a symphony of global flavours, sustainability, and craftsmanship unite to create an experience that transcends boundaries. As you step into the enchanting Summer Terrace, you’ll find yourself transported to a corner of Provence, where lush foliage and captivating aromas beckon. The convergence of cultures, dedication to sustainability, and the artistry of expert mixologists culminate in an unforgettable exploration of tastes and traditions. Discover UNITY – where every sip tells a story, and every moment ignites the senses.

As The Churchill Bar & Terrace unites global cultures through unparalleled craftsmanship, unforgettable flavours, and a commitment to sustainability, guests are invited to partake in a sensory journey that transcends borders, one cocktail at a time.

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