Redefining Luxury: The G-Class EVOLUTION by HOFELE

Redefining the boundaries of automotive excellence, HOFELE-Design GmbH, an elite German atelier, is proud to unveil the G-Class EVOLUTION, an exquisite addition to its esteemed collection of Mercedes-Benz enhancements.

This thrilling revelation showcases HOFELE’s latest exterior styling package, specifically tailored for the highly sought-after Mercedes-AMG G-Class.

A noteworthy figure in the luxury car enhancement sector, HOFELE has been providing custom exterior styling, interior refinements, and performance upgrades to the present W463A Mercedes-Benz G-Class model since 2019. Acclaimed for their ingenious creations like Reverse Opening Rear Doors and the patented HOFELE Full-Length Electric Side Steps with dynamic exhaust tips for the AMG G63, HOFELE continues to raise the bar.

Redefining Luxury: The G-Class EVOLUTION by HOFELE

2023: The Dawn of the EVOLUTION Package by HOFELE

In 2023, HOFELE debuts the EVOLUTION package, a harmonious blend of elegance, sophistication, and sporty design, devised to augment the renowned G-Class’ iconic DNA. This new package strikes the perfect balance between classic Mercedes-Benz heritage and forward-thinking design, inviting admiration and prestige in equal measure.

Front-End Redesign: The Birth of a New Icon

The EVOLUTION package boasts an exclusive front-end makeover, introducing an entirely new front bumper sculpted from Carbon Fibre and unique Day Time Running Lights. These features seamlessly merge with the signature HOFELE front grille, establishing a striking presence. The carbon trim components of the front bumper flow smoothly into the trim elements of the expanded wheel arches, cementing a unified, refined aesthetic.

Redefining Luxury: The G-Class EVOLUTION by HOFELE

Wheel Arches and Styling Vents: Elegance in Every Detail

Both the front and rear wheel arches, also crafted from carbon fibre, feature integrated styling air vents, offering a touch of performance-oriented flair. The trim elements of the package can be customised in varying styles of carbon, gloss black, or the original body colour, allowing for a truly personalised touch.

Rear Enhancement: Crafting the Perfect Silhouette

The G-Class EVOLUTION by HOFELE extends its elegance to the rear, implementing a fresh bumper design manufactured from carbon fibre, adorned with unique ‘G’ shape styling frames. This addition bolsters the iconic silhouette of the G-Class, rounding off an evolution that exudes both refinement and dynamism.

Redefining Luxury: The G-Class EVOLUTION by HOFELE

A Look into HOFELE-Design GmbH

HOFELE-Design GmbH has been an industry stalwart in automotive design, engineering, and manufacturing for over four decades. HOFELE was officially endorsed by Mercedes-Benz AG as an authorised partner for the enhancement of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in 2018.

As of today, HOFELE exclusively collaborates with Mercedes-Benz, developing and manufacturing automotive styling products, and technical components, and crafting unique automotive concepts. A tale of enduring partnership and shared passion for unparalleled quality and design, HOFELE continues to redefine what’s possible in the world of luxury automobile enhancement.