British Luxury: The Holmes Bespoke X Maison Margaux Collaboration

Maison Margaux and Holmes Bespoke have come together to announce their inaugural collaboration.

In an era where the pursuit of luxury merges seamlessly with the ethos of sustainability and craftsmanship, two quintessentially British brands, Holmes Bespoke, a connoisseur of bespoke rugs, and Maison Margaux, an artisan in luxury homewares, proudly announce their inaugural collaboration.

This partnership heralds a capsule collection that stands as a testament to the fusion of handcrafted elegance and the beauty of detailed design in luxury living spaces.

A Meeting of Minds and Vision

The genesis of this collaboration can be traced back to the recognition of both brands as part of ‘Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow Class of 2023’, a distinction that celebrates British businesses with a visionary outlook, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a dedication to sustainable practices.

It was this shared accolade that facilitated the first dialogue between Laylah Holmes of Holmes Bespoke and Louisa Preskett of Maison Margaux. Through conversations, they unearthed a mutual philosophy centred around sustainable design, a deep-rooted fascination with the transformative power of colour, and a commitment to preserving the art of original craftsmanship.

British Luxury: The Holmes Bespoke X Maison Margaux Collaboration

This discovery of shared values and passions naturally led to the desire to blend their individual artistic expressions into a single, cohesive collection.

Crafting a Harmonious Ensemble

The Holmes Bespoke x Maison Margaux collection is a meticulously curated assortment that brings together three new Holmes Bespoke rug designs with three Maison Margaux table linen sets, designed to be effortlessly intertwined.

This blend of textiles not only accentuates the dining experience but also extends its aesthetic appeal to the living space, encapsulating the essence of summer through a colour palette inspired by nature.

The collection aims to revive the charm of al fresco dining with hues reminiscent of golden sunrises, lush greenery, and the serene blue of clear skies, promising a seamless transition from the elegance of the table to the warmth of the floor.

The Holmes Bespoke X Maison Margaux Collaboration – A Tapestry of Textures and Tones

Among the highlights of the collection are two of Holmes Bespoke’s most cherished rug designs, reenvisioned to harmonise with this new collaboration. The ‘Rachael’ rug introduces an enhanced texture through raised cut detailing, imbued with a fresh green palette, while the ‘Ikat’ rug, renowned for its hand-dyed craftsmanship, presents a soft ombre effect in blue, encasing the rug in a frame of tranquillity.

The collection is crowned by the debut of the ‘Margaux’ rug, a masterpiece woven from jute and wool, edged with a delicate fringe and presented in warm, neutral tones.

British Luxury: The Holmes Bespoke X Maison Margaux Collaboration

Under the expert guidance of the Holmes Bespoke team, each piece can be fully customised, offering a bespoke experience in selecting fibres, shapes, sizes, and colours to suit any interior design aspiration.

A Symphony of Sustainable Luxury

Laylah Holmes, founder of Holmes Bespoke, shares her enthusiasm for the collaboration: “It is so exciting to create a collection in collaboration with another brand with whom we share a natural affinity, it was wonderful to work through the process together with Maison Margaux combining our expertise. This partnership has been so rewarding as it allows us another way to explore how the role of a rug is such an integral component in creating a layered and welcoming interior. I love how the overall table setting becomes a beautiful focal point, offering a sense of liveable luxury and I can imagine many wonderful evenings spent around these tables, kicking off heels and enjoying good food and great company.”

The Maison Margaux range introduces premium cotton blend table linens, featuring three intricately detailed placemat and napkin sets named ‘Meadow’, ‘Bella’, and ‘Sienna’. Each set captures the joy and vibrancy of summer, adorned with delicate white stitched detailing that reflects the collection’s overarching colour scheme.

British Luxury: The Holmes Bespoke X Maison Margaux Collaboration

Louisa Preskett, co-founder of Maison Margaux, reflects on the journey: “Working with Holmes Bespoke was a new and interesting journey for us, taking that element of tablescaping and extending it so that it becomes an immersive space that runs from the table to the floor. I never like to be too matchy-matchy, it’s the key to creating a table that feels imaginative, eclectic and stylish and this mix of different shapes and colours will create a place setting that feels personal and unique. We tend to work with beautiful linens and premium cotton and adding in pure wool and jute through these hand-woven rugs was an exciting way to deliver an extra layer of depth and dimension and offer a truly enticing atmosphere.”

A Testament to British Craftsmanship and Design

The Holmes Bespoke x Maison Margaux collaboration stands as a beacon of British luxury, sustainability, and craftsmanship. It encapsulates a vision that transcends the mere aesthetic to imbue spaces with a sense of purpose, sustainability, and unparalleled beauty.

This collection is not just an amalgamation of products but a celebration of shared values, artistic expression, and the timeless beauty of handcrafted luxury. As these two brands continue to pave the way in their respective fields, their partnership is a reminder of the power of collaboration in elevating design and sustainability to new heights.

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