The Reasons Why Fried Food Tastes Better in Restaurants

Nothing hits the spot quite like your favourite fried food but for many of us, we don’t get the same results as from a drive-thru or restaurant. Where exactly are we going wrong? Turns out, deep frying food isn’t as easy as you might think and there are a lot of variables to think about when getting that delectable deep-fat crisp.

Here are some of the reasons why fried food tastes better in restaurants and takeout:

Pre-Frying Prep

Whether you’ve ordered fried chicken, French fries, or doughnuts, there is plenty of pre-frying prep that has gone into it before it reaches you on your plate. If you’re hoping to put frying into practice at home, then you need to know some safety tips that keep you burn-free and get the perfect crisp.  

Water and oil don’t mix so it’s essential to remove as much moisture from the outside of your food before you get it into the oil. You reduce the possibility of oil splatter by patting it dry and using long tongs to transfer the food carefully. The process of blanching can also help you get the firmest fry. This involves draining and chilling the food before frying it twice at different temperatures.

Type of Oil

The Reasons Why Fried Food Tastes Better in Restaurants

The cardinal rule to frying food is using the right oil. There is a lot of debate out there about what is the best oil for frying but everyone can agree that it needs to be neutral with a high smoke point. Good options include refined peanut, vegetable blend, or canola oil. There are also speciality oils, like grapeseed and coconut, out there that can get you the crispiest fry.

Though it might all sound similar, different oils are better for different cooking processes. Some may be a better match for deep-frying while others will give the best outcomes when shallow-frying or sauteing. The main things you need to keep in mind if you’re trying to achieve that restaurant-level tastiness are flavour and smoke point.

The Right Temperature

The Reasons Why Fried Food Tastes Better in Restaurants

Temperature is everything when it comes to fried food and finding that sweet spot is key to getting that mouthwatering crisp without it becoming greasy or soggy. A fryer thermocouple provides exact temperature readings so you can adjust it as and when you need to fry your food to perfection. These will be included in the majority of restaurant-grade cooking equipment.

Low temperatures can lead to the food absorbing too much of the oil as it causes moisture to vaporize more slowly. While it may vary according to the dish you’re preparing, typically the best oil temperature should be between 325- and 375-degrees Fahrenheit.

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