A Guide To The World’s Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces

Nothing can keep people away from the incredible chunks of precious stones that have been of utmost value ever since ancient civilizations. Precious stones such as pearls, diamonds, emeralds, jade, and rubies, are an undying symbol of luxury and wealth.

As history shows, jewelry has been passed through the hands of royalty and socialites alike. The monetary value of those jewelry pieces reaches exorbitant heights because of the demand among the royal, rich, and famous.

Let’s look at some of the most expensive and exquisite jewelry pieces in the world.


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Pearls are sophisticated pieces of jewelry that never go out of style. It is estimated that for every 10.000 oysters harvested, there’s only one that contains a high-quality pearl. This scarcity of natural pearls makes them incredibly valuable. Royals, jewelry connoisseurs, celebrities from every continent, and more have paid millions of dollars to get their hands on high-quality pearls.

From Marie Antoinette and Elizabeth Taylor to Rihanna and Harry Style, pearls have been worn for centuries and they’re some of the most beautiful and desired pieces of jewelry. Some of the most popular pieces include the Barbara Hutton pearl strand necklace, the Cowdray pearls, the Duchess of Windsor single strand necklace, and many more.

In 2011, the La Peregrina Pearl necklace worn by Elisabeth Taylor was sold for over $11 million.   

From being a symbol for tears of joy by the goddess Aphrodite, pearls have become a symbol of luxury, wealth, and elegance worn by the elite, royalties, and nobles. If you want to experience the magic of pearls, you can explore Pearls of Joy and find some luxury-grade pearls for a fraction of the price. Enjoy wearing elegant yet simple pieces of jewelry.


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Radiant Cut Yellow and White Diamond High Jewellery Ring by Graff | $ 580 000.

Owning expensive jewelry is a means of ensuring and securing social status. In the past, a woman’s worth was signified by the amount of consequential jewelry she owned, and as times have changed, the customs and ways have not. Jewelry such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies have grown rare, and collecting these precious gemstones has become a conquest to be won by all who can afford it.

The most expensive and perhaps the most famous jewel is a 42.52-carat blue stone known as the Hope Diamond, which has an estimated value of $250 million.

A Heritage In Bloom

A Guide to the World’s Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces
A Heritage in Bloom By Wallace Chan

A Heritage in Bloom is a diamond necklace exclusively commissioned by Hong Kong-based jeweler Wallace Chan, and it is a jewelry piece like no other. It is designed around a 104ct diamond centerpiece, the necklace boasts 11.551 diamonds, and weighs a total of 383ct. Interestingly, each diamond has been carefully placed so the necklace can be worn in various ways – 27, to be exact.

The necklace, took over 47.000 hours to make, which is why it is valued at $200 million. L’Incomparable diamond necklace, an incredible work of art, held the title of the world’s most expensive diamond necklace until Wallace Chan’s necklace was revealed in 2015.

Peacock Brooch

Peacock Brooch made by Graff
Peacock Brooch made by Graff

The most expensive brooch in the world is the Peacock Brooch made by Graff Diamonds. Its value is roughly $100 million, and it was first released in 2013 at the TEFAF art fair in the Netherlands. Shaped as a peacock with fanned feathers, the brooch contains a total of 120.81 carats, and over 1.300 stones in white, blue, yellow, and orange diamonds.

At the center sits a very rare, dark blue pear-shaped diamond, which alone totals 20.02 carats.

Pink Star

Pink Star

Although Princess Diana’s Sapphire ring which is now in the hands of Kate Middleton is one of the most famous rings in the world, the Pink Star is the most expensive one. The Pink Star diamond ring is 59.6 carats, although it was originally cut from a 132.5-carat rough diamond. The Gemology Institute of America graded this stone as an Internally Flawless, Fancy Vivid pink oval diamond known to this day.

This rare gem was previously known as the Steinmetz Pink and was displayed at the Smithsonian Institute before being auctioned in 2017, at $71.2 million to Show Tai Fook Enterprises in Hong Kong.

In Closing

It’s no surprise that jewelry is one of the most popular high-value products on the market. It’s usually a must-have purchase for those that like to spend a bit more on unique pieces of jewelry and is often worn by celebrities on the red carpet.

Whether they buy it like an investment piece, simply collect jewelry as a hobby, or want to make a fashion statement. There are many more exceptional and mesmerizing pieces of jewelry worth mentioning, including the Oppenheimer Blue diamond, the Blue Moon of Josephine, as well as the Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite necklace.

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