Top 5 Magic Mushroom Chocolates for Sale in Canada 2023

Mushroom chocolate bars have become increasingly popular in Canada, offering a delightful and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. These edible treats combine the rich flavours of chocolate with the psychoactive properties of magic mushrooms, creating a unique and enjoyable experience for users. 

How to Take Magic Mushrooms Chocolates

As the popularity of magic mushroom chocolates Canada continues to grow, it’s crucial to approach their consumption responsibly. Understanding the legal framework, adhering to recommended dosages, and prioritizing personal safety are key elements in having a positive and transformative psychedelic sailing. 

But always remember that any psychedelic substance, consuming mushroom chocolate bars can have potential side effects. These may include nausea, anxiety, changes in perception, and altered thought patterns. It’s crucial to use these substances responsibly, in a safe and controlled environment, and to be aware of your mental and physical state before consumption.

Psilobites by FunGuyz

Get closer to a remarkable selection of mushroom chocolate bars that have gained significant popularity among psychonauts in Canada. Each chocolate bar is carefully infused with an optimal dosage of psilocybin, ensuring a consistent and reliable experience for consumers. With 5G of psilocybin per bar, users can easily gauge their intake without the need for additional measurements. The packaging design of Psilobites is visually stunning, making them an ideal gift for both seasoned users and those new to the psychedelic experience.

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with magic mushrooms chocolates Canada. Many users find this form of psychedelic consumption more enjoyable compared to consuming dried mushrooms, as it eliminates issues like indigestion or mild to moderate bouts of nausea and sluggishness. What is more, Psilobites offer 5 different options for various purposes. Each customer will be able to find something at FunGuyz!

Adventure Bars

Adventure Bars offer a diverse range of mushroom chocolate bars with an emphasis on flavours and visual appeal. These bars are thoughtfully crafted, combining high-quality chocolate with carefully measured psilocybin content. Users can choose from a variety of 10 flavours, including vanilla sea salt, sugar&spice and more classic options like milky chocolate


Cheshire takes pride in its commitment to sourcing premium ingredients for their mushroom chocolate bars. Their bars are made with ethically grown magic mushrooms, coming in 2 strains – Golden Teacher and Lizard King, and organic cocoa, ensuring a high-quality and environmentally conscious product. Cheshire also follows strict quality control measures, resulting in consistent potency and a remarkable taste profile. This dedication to quality has earned them certifications and recognition within the industry.


Wonderland stands out with its focus on sustainable manufacturing practices and community involvement. The cooking contains eco-friendly methods and packaging materials, reflecting the brand’s dedication to minimizing its environmental impact. Wonderland also collaborates with local mushroom producers, supporting local economies and fostering a sense of community within the industry. Their bars contain less psilocybin in them (4G), making them a perfect choice for those, who only start their psychedelic adventure. 

Astral Bars

Astral Bars offer a range of mushroom chocolate bars specifically designed to cater to different taste preferences and experience levels. With strains like Tidal Wave, Yeti, and Trinity, Astral Bars ensure that there is a chocolate bar to suit every palate. This brand places a strong emphasis on effective marketing strategies, aiming to connect with its target audience and establish a unique identity in the mushroom chocolate market.

Comparison and Evaluation

When comparing these top five brands of mushroom chocolate bars in Canada, several factors come into play:

  • Taste;
  • Potency;
  • Packaging;
  • Customer feedback.

All contribute to the overall evaluation. Each brand brings its own unique characteristics and strengths to the table. Psilobites excels in providing a reliable, consistent experience and visually appealing packaging, while Adventure Bar focuses on diverse flavours. Cheshire sets itself apart through its commitment to sourcing premium components, while Wonderland prioritizes sustainable manufacturing practices. Lastly, Astral Bar stands out with its wide range of magic mushroom strains and effective marketing strategies.

Considering individual preferences and desired outcomes can help guide the decision-making process. Whether you value potency, flavour variety, sustainability, or community involvement, there is a brand that aligns with your preferences.

Buying Guide and Availability

There are several options available for purchasing magic mushroom chocolates in Canada. Online platforms such as Funguyz and other trusted dispensaries offer a wide selection of brands and flavours to choose from. It’s essential to ensure the source is reputable and adheres to legal regulations.

When getting magic bars, it’s crucial to check the legality of magic mushrooms chocolates canada in your specific province or territory. While Canada has decriminalized the use of psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic purposes, regulations surrounding their sale and consumption may vary. It’s essential to stay informed and make responsible choices.

Safety and Responsible Use

The consumption of mushroom chocolate bars should always be approached responsibly. It’s crucial to understand the proper dosage and potential risks associated with psilocybin use. Starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it is recommended for beginners. Users should also be aware of their mental and physical state before consuming psychedelic substances.

While magic mushrooms chocolates canada and their derivatives have shown promising therapeutic potential, it’s essential to use them in a controlled and safe environment. Consulting with a healthcare professional or seeking guidance from experienced individuals can stimulate a positive and safe experience.


Mushroom chocolate bars have revolutionized the way individuals explore the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms in Canada. Psychedelic Delights, Enchanted Confections, Fungi Fusion, Psychedelic Sensations, and Mindful Myco – offer a diverse range of options to suit various preferences and requirements. Each brand brings its own unique characteristics, whether it’s reliable potency, diverse flavours, sustainability, or effective marketing strategies.


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