These Key Trends Will Shape Future Marketing Plans

If you are running a business, your focus should always be on how to market your company effectively.

To do this, you need to understand the trends that are currently reshaping the industry and causing this sector to evolve. In this article, we’ll explore all the latest trends that you should be aware of.

This is important regardless of whether you are running your own marketing strategy or choosing an agency to complete the work for you. 


First, you should think about how AI is going to continue to impact the marketing industry. AI may have shocked many marketing insiders when it began to take over the sector at the start of the year. But for many, the writing was already on the wall. AI is becoming advanced enough that it is ready to replace copywriters and create high quality content without the pesky need for writers or employees. However, this isn’t the only area where AI is going to become significant.

Indeed, it’s expanding so quickly that virtually every marketing job you can think of could be replaced or impacted by AI over the next few years. 

Changes To SEO 

You should also be aware of the changes that are coming to SEO. SEO is a key pillar for any effective marketing campaign. If you don’t have the right level of optimization, then you’re always going to struggle to gain any type of attention with your business. The best way to handle this is by choosing the right agency. When you select a marketing agency, make sure that you ask them about how they are preparing for the changes coming to this part of marketing.

For instance, you should enquire about Google Project Magi. This is tied to Google’s plans for a brand new search engine that is going to completely disrupt the marketing sector towards the end of this year. 

These Key Trends Will Shape Future Marketing Plans

A More Personal Approach 

If you want to create the right impact with your marketing strategy, you need to make sure that you are delivering exactly what your audience wants. There’s a lot of needs and desires to focus on here. But one of the key components is a more personal service. Clients and customers want to feel a stronger connection with the companies and businesses that they buy from. There are various steps that you can take to achieve this.

For instance, you might be using an email marketing strategy. If so, then you need to make sure that it feels though an email was written to adn individual instead of a group. 

Social Commerce 

Social commerce is another trend that is currently rocking the marketing industry. It’s expected to be a big deal in 2023. Social commerce refers to people buying products and services from social networks directly without the need to every vist a business website. Adding buy buttons on social media can allow for this possibility and ensure that there’s a more streamlined marketing funnel in place. For this to be effective, you need to make sure that you are using the right social media marketing strategy in your business.

A Focus On Retention 

Retaining existing customers is always more cost effective and valuable compared with gaining new customers for your business. It’s also easier as long as you take the right steps. Retention is also going to be more important this year. Due to the cost of living crisis, customers are less likely to take a chance on companies that they haven’t tried before. Particularly, if they are new to the market.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to instead put a focus and most of your money towards keeping customers that you already have. In doing so, you can avoid a situation where you are constantly relying on new customers joining the fold. 

Video Is Key 

In terms of the type of content that you create for your marketing strategy, video needs to be part of the puzzle. Video content will make your brand marketing more immersive, attractive, and engaging. Don’t forget that this isn’t just about creating the standard videos for your marketing strategy. Instead, you should look at exploring other options too. For instance, you might want to think about setting up live feeds for your target audience. This is one of the best ways to get your clients and customers to engage directly with your brand. 

These Key Trends Will Shape Future Marketing Plans

Written Content Is Crucial 

You might think that a focus on video has wiped out the need for written content on your business website. After all, people prefer watching videos compared to reading articles right? Wrong. Many people believed that video would erase the need for written content once speeds were fast enough to ensure that it was easy to add multiple videos onto a website.

In reality, polls have constantly and continuously revealed that people enjoy reading content online instead of watching a short video. As such, you need a mixture of both for your content marketing strategy to be effective. 

Return To In-Person Events

The COVID-19 pandemic is well and truly behind us. This has left people including your customers and clients thirsty for a return to normal. That’s why you need to make sure that you are appealing to this interest by setting up in-person events. One of the ways that you can do this is by using a guerilla marketing strategy that is going to put team members and employees out on the streets.

You can also arrange business exhibitions that will allow you to showcase new products and services to an eager audience. This is a great option if you want to create a buzz and your business is still relatively new to the market. 


Next, you should think about podcasting. The podcast market is growing rapidly right now and provides a lot of value as a marketing tool. It will allow you to take a deeper dive into different topics and ensure that you can deliver great content that your audience will find valuable as well as interesting. You can hire a professional podcast creator to run a podcast for your brand.

Alternatively, you might want to think about completing your own podcast. It depends on the type of impression that you want to create with your marketing. 

Entertainment Marketing 

Another trend to focus on this year is entertainment marketing strategies. This is all about ensuring that your marketing is fun and allows your audience to interact with it directly. One of the best examples of this is marketing that is also a game that users can play. It is another great way to provide your audience with more value. 

Omnichannel Strategies 

You do need to make sure that you are focusing on an omnichannel marketing strategy that combines various elements together to create a connected and cohesive campaign. The big benefit of a strategy like this is that it means regardless of where a customer enters the marketing funnel, they should always have the potential to land at a purchase decision. As such, it provides a lot of potential for your brand. 

These Key Trends Will Shape Future Marketing Plans

Gen Z Is Your Main Audience 

Do remember to focus on appealing to generation Z these days. This is now the main target audience in terms of buyers. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your business is perceived as green-friendly, a philanthropist and a force for good in the world. Gen Z cares about this more than any other generation that businesses have needed to appeal to with products and services. 

User Generated Content

You may also want to think about using  couser-generatedntent in your business. User-generated content will mean that you can create a positive connection with your clients and customers. It will also mean that your marketing as a whole is far more cost effective. You won’t have to worry about issues with your promotional strategy feeling disconnected. The trick here is to find the best content that is going to deliver the greatest benefits for your brand overall. Once you do this, you will be able to broadcast it across all your social media networks. 

Inclusivity Is Key 

Finally, it’s important to think about inclusivity. Research continues to demonstrate that diverse companies are more likely to be successful. This means it shouldn’t come as a shock that a more diverse marketing campaign is likely to create a more significant impact overall. How you achieve this is up to you. There are lots of factors to explore.

For instance, you might want to consider using a more diverse group of people in your marketing videos. Don’t forget, this is important for employee marketing as well. It will help you attract a more diverse team for key roles in your company. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key points that you must consider if you want to guarantee that your marketing strategy is a success in the coming years. By exploring the right options today, you can exceed your competitors and ensure that your brand has the right level of longevity.

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