Unveiling Rocco Forte Hotels: Oktoberfest Luxury

For those with a taste for the finer things in life, Rocco Forte Hotels presents the ultimate destination to enhance your Oktoberfest experience.

As the exhilarating vibes of Oktoberfest draw near, it’s time to dust off your traditional Bavarian attire and get ready for an authentic immersion into German culture.

Prepare for an enchanting journey filled with overflowing mugs of beer, vibrant celebrations, and an experience that will transport you straight to the heart of this world-renowned festival.

Boasting prime locations, luxurious amenities, and bespoke service, these hotels promise to make your Oktoberfest escapade and urban German retreat not only unforgettable but also steeped in opulence and style.

The Charles Hotel: Your Oasis Amidst Oktoberfest Revelry

Nestled between Karlsplatz and Königsplatz, a stone’s throw away from the Theresienwiese, The Charles Hotel guarantees unbeatable proximity to the festival’s main site, ensuring that you’re just moments away from the thrilling festivities.

Unveiling Rocco Forte Hotels: Oktoberfest Luxury

As the 188th Munich Oktoberfest commences on 16th September, The Charles Hotel eagerly awaits Bavarian tradition enthusiasts and those seeking its famed hospitality. Throughout the three weeks, the hotel will be adorned with festive decorations, offering a special “Wiesn Schmankerl” menu and housing the CocoVero pop-up store, which provides expert styling advice.

CocoVero, renowned for its trendsetting traditional costumes, will have its designs proudly worn by the hotel’s staff. Guests can draw inspiration from charming lace blouses, velvety dirndls, lederhosen, and impeccably tailored traditional costume shirts.

Last year’s successful collaboration between the hotel and traditional costume designers Constanze Schnitzler and Veronika Stork-Jacklbauer allowed guests to conveniently purchase dirndls during their stay for Oktoberfest. This year, an even broader range of exclusive dirndls, complementing jewellery, and an array of accessories will be showcased at The Charles Hotel.

After the lively crowds of Oktoberfest, retreat to the serene ambience of The Charles Hotel’s elegantly appointed rooms and suites. These provide a cosy haven after a day of festivities. Unwind in the intimate lounge or on the rooftop terrace, indulge in beer-themed treatments at the tranquil spa, and relish the city’s longest indoor hotel pool.

Unveiling Rocco Forte Hotels: Oktoberfest Luxury

Sophia’s Restaurant & Bar beckons guests to indulge in modern Italian cuisine, crafted by the hotel’s Executive Chef using the finest ingredients. Don’t miss out on the Bavarian beef offerings. Alternatively, enjoy an aperitif paired with delightful tapas at the bar.

While savouring the elegance of The Charles Hotel, explore one of the city’s vibrant beer gardens to mingle with Munich’s locals and continue your exploration of Bavaria’s historic brewing traditions. Alternatively, immerse yourself by joining a themed Bavarian beer experience, complete with traditional Bavarian attire. This exclusive experience involves touring Munich’s favourite beer halls and taverns while relishing a hearty four-course Bavarian dinner – an experience as unique as Munich itself.

Hotel de Rome: Your Bridge to Berlin’s Urban Splendour

Following exhilarating days at the Munich festivities, extend your urban German journey to the heart of Berlin. The direct connection between Berlin and Munich via the ICE train allows you to seamlessly transition between these dynamic cities in just four hours.

Housed within a historical bank building dating back to 1889, Hotel de Rome effortlessly marries historical charm with modern luxury, harmonising perfectly with Berlin’s diverse cultural scene. Positioned at Biebelplatz, the hotel provides convenient access to museums, galleries, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems.

Unveiling Rocco Forte Hotels: Oktoberfest Luxury

Transition from the vibrant energy of Oktoberfest to relaxation at Hotel de Rome’s spa and wellness centre. Enjoy soothing massages and hangover treatments, and unwind in the sauna, embracing a moment of tranquillity.

Continue your culinary journey at Chiaro, a contemporary restaurant, cocktail bar, and secret garden boasting a menu designed by Fulvio Pierangelini, the Godfather of Italian cooking. Whether you seek a lively atmosphere with live music and signature drinks, a cosy ambience with soft lighting and vibrant art, or a spot for leisurely Milan-style dinners in Berlin Mitte, Chiaro caters to every taste and occasion.

The fusion of Berlin’s vibrant culture with Hotel de Rome’s sophistication guarantees an unforgettable extension to your Oktoberfest adventure. Seize every moment in this lively city and delve into an exceptional city excursion, immersing yourself in the vibrant street art and graffiti scenes of both Munich and Berlin.

Unveiling Rocco Forte Hotels: Oktoberfest Luxury

In Berlin, trust the concierge of The Charles Hotel to arrange a private street art and graffiti tour, offering you the chance to experience the capital as an expansive open-air gallery. Follow your guide, marvel at some of the city’s most impressive graffiti, and uncover the stories behind these spray-painted masterpieces.

Experience Oktoberfest like never before, enveloped in luxury and style, with Rocco Forte Hotels as your esteemed host. Your journey from Munich to Berlin will be nothing short of exceptional, ensuring memories that last a lifetime.

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