Verona Welcomes Lamborghini’s Stunning Showroom

In a momentous year marking Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary, the opening of Lamborghini Verona’s showroom, celebrated with a grand evening event, marks a significant milestone.

Situated in Veneto, Italy, this showroom is the sixth of its kind in the country, showcasing Lamborghini’s commitment to luxury and sports cars. Managed by Vicentini, a leading group specializing in this segment, Lamborghini Verona stands as a testament to the brand’s strength and growing product range.

Verona Welcomes Lamborghini's Stunning Showroom

Lamborghini Verona: A Luxurious Showroom

The new Verona showroom, which forms part of the Eurocar group, offers more than just a glimpse of Lamborghini’s stunning vehicles. It boasts a spacious showroom and top-tier aftersales facilities. This expansion aligns perfectly with Automobili Lamborghini’s growth and the increasing demand for their iconic cars.

At the gala opening in Verona, Chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to be opening this new showroom in Verona. It is a key location for Italian business and industry, and for this reason, our presence here was a must. Lamborghini Verona underscores how crucial Italy is for the company, not only because it is our home but also because it is one of the most important countries in Europe in terms of sales.”

Verona Welcomes Lamborghini's Stunning Showroom

Strategic Location in Verona

Verona, strategically positioned in one of Italy’s key industrial hubs, serves as a testament to Lamborghini’s strong ties to its home country. Italy, currently ranked sixth globally for car deliveries, plays a pivotal role in Lamborghini’s worldwide presence.

The brand-new facility on Via Gardesane encompasses both an aftersales area and a showroom covering approximately 400 square meters. This space embodies Lamborghini’s commitment to its customers. Visitors can enjoy a comfortable waiting room overlooking the showroom, and for those seeking a truly personalized experience, a dedicated studio for Ad Personam awaits. Here, clients can choose from an almost infinite array of colours and finishes to tailor their new Lamborghini to their unique taste.

Verona Welcomes Lamborghini's Stunning Showroom

A Grand Opening Gala

The opening event in Verona was attended by around 300 guests, including the Eurocar board and senior management from Automobili Lamborghini. The event featured the unveiling of an exclusive artwork by artist Nicola Evangelisti – a luminescent canvas painting depicting the image of a bull. This artwork is one of 180 pieces commissioned by Lamborghini dealers worldwide as part of the 60th-anniversary celebrations of the Sant’Agata Bolognese company.

On display at the event were two iconic cars that have made history for the brand: the Miura and the 25th-anniversary Countach. However, stealing the spotlight was the new Lamborghini Revuelto, the first super sports V12 plug-in hybrid HPEV (High-Performance Electrified Vehicle).

Verona Welcomes Lamborghini's Stunning Showroom

Orders for this groundbreaking vehicle already cover production for the next two years. Alongside the Revuelto were representatives from the current Huracán range, including the Evo Spyder, Tecnica, STO, and Sterrato, with just 1499 units produced and already sold. Also showcased was the Super SUV Urus range, featuring the Performante and the S lifestyle edition.

Lamborghini’s Presence in Italy

Automobili Lamborghini now boasts six dealerships in Italy, with locations in Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Milan, Rome, and the newly opened Verona showroom. The first six months of the year have once again seen record-breaking results for the company in terms of sales, turnover, and profitability.

Italy stands as the sixth-largest market for Lamborghini, following the USA, mainland China/Hong Kong/Macao, Germany, Japan, and the UK. In the first eight months of this year, Lamborghini delivered 312 cars to customers, compared to 286 in 2022. In the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Automobili Lamborghini now boasts 79 showrooms across 33 markets.

Verona Welcomes Lamborghini's Stunning Showroom

In conclusion, the grand opening of Lamborghini Verona’s showroom stands as a testament to Lamborghini’s enduring commitment to luxury and innovation. As Italy’s sixth dealership, it reinforces the brand’s strong bond with its homeland and its position as a global automotive icon. With an exquisite range of vehicles and a dedication to delivering a personalized experience, Lamborghini Verona promises to captivate car enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs alike. This new chapter in Lamborghini’s history reaffirms its status as a symbol of excellence and innovation in the world of super sports cars.

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