West Palm Beach’s Finest: Olara’s Exclusive Private Dock

With the increasing number of registered boats in Florida and the high demand for docks, West Palm Beach is experiencing a shortage of berthing spaces for yacht owners.

To cater to this luxury yachting community and attract potential buyers seeking a boating lifestyle, Olara, a new luxury condominium situated on the Intracoastal, has unveiled an exclusive private dock, offering a range of amenities and unique seafaring experiences to its residents.

West Palm Beach's Finest: Olara's Exclusive Private Dock

The Allure of Olara’s Private Dock

Olara’s private dock will feature six for-sale boat slips, providing exclusive resident access to the waterfront. Yacht owners will have the opportunity to secure their berthing space within the comfort of their residences.

The dock’s amenities will be complemented by Olara’s exceptional five-star concierge team, ready to assist residents in arranging various seafaring experiences. From private yacht charters to catamaran scuba and snorkel tours, fishing excursions, and day trips on the water, the concierge will curate unforgettable adventures for the residents.

West Palm Beach's Finest: Olara's Exclusive Private Dock

For those who wish to experience the yachting lifestyle without full ownership, Olara will offer private houseboats that residents can reserve and enjoy at their leisure. This option allows for a taste of luxury boating without the commitment of owning a yacht.

Aside from yachting, residents at Olara will have access to a wide range of water sporting activities, including paddleboarding and floating tubes. The condominium aims to provide a comprehensive waterfront experience for its discerning residents.

A Unique Waterfront Experience

The idea to include a private dock at Olara emerged early in the development process when Savanna acquired the land for the condominium. The nearly four-acre waterfront property came with Riparian Rights, allowing developers to utilize unobstructed waterfront spaces for docking and boating. The prospect of waterfront living and boating experiences played a pivotal role in shaping Savanna’s vision for Olara.

West Palm Beach's Finest: Olara's Exclusive Private Dock

Savanna collaborated with a team of experts, including Douglas Elliman, to navigate the complex permit and approval process required to offer a private dock at Olara. At the federal level, they ensured that the dock’s construction would not interfere with waterways, maintaining environmental integrity. The condominium’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices underscores its dedication to providing a sustainable and luxurious lifestyle.

While many residential projects boast water views, Olara distinguishes itself by actively encouraging residents to embrace the water. The private dock and its accompanying amenities aim to foster a vibrant yachting and water sports community, setting Olara apart as the epitome of luxury waterfront living in West Palm Beach.

Olara is sponsored by Savanna, a proven owner, operator, developer, and institutional fund manager with a remarkable 30-year track record. Savanna has previously invested in and developed over 17 million square feet of real estate, making them a reliable partner for this prestigious development.

Other affiliated parties include the Mactaggart Family Partnership, renowned for their century-long history of investing in and developing premier real estate projects in the United States and England.

Additionally, Haymes Investment Company and Brandon Rinker played crucial roles in assembling the Olara development site and provided valuable development consultancy services. The combined expertise of these entities ensures that Olara delivers a world-class waterfront living experience.


Olara is set to redefine luxury waterfront living in West Palm Beach with its exclusive private dock, offering a host of amenities and unique seafaring experiences. From the convenience of owning for-sale boat slips to the excitement of houseboat rentals and various water sporting activities, Olara promises an unparalleled yachting lifestyle.

As a testament to its commitment to excellence, Savanna and its affiliated parties have meticulously navigated the permit and approval process to create a sustainable and environmentally responsible waterfront community. With Olara expected to break ground in Fall 2023, the anticipation for this exceptional development continues to grow.

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