The Incredible Story And Life Of Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo

Over the centuries, the world has seen some truly remarkable people who have told some truly incredible stories. One such person is Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo.

Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo is a French Corsican businessman and the director of Champagne Pommery. He was also previously the owner of the Hotel Particulier, in Paris, which he inherited and would use as a function hall.

Philippe, despite being a very wealthy businessman, has had his fair share of strife. After being involved in a paragliding accident back in 1993, he became a quadriplegic and tried to take his own life because of his disability.

His accident, however, brought a young immigrant into his life named Abdel, and the two’s lives changed forever.

Who is Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo?

The second son of French Duke, Pozzo Di Borgo, and the Marquis de Vogue, this line of nobility dates way back to the 1500s.

The Incredible Story And Life Of Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo
Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo served as manager of Moët and Chandon.

Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo was a bright young man who, after completing his education, decided to start work. He worked in the champagne industry where he became a manager of Moët and Chandon. He went on to become the director of Pommery.

In 1993 he suffered a life-changing accident which left him paralyzed and unable to move. 3 years later, his wife passed away of cancer and as a result of everything that had happened recently, he tried to commit suicide by wrapping an oxygen tube around his neck. He was unsuccessful.

Philippe and Abdel

So inspirational was his story, that it was adapted into a movie known as ‘The Intouchables’ or ‘Untouchable’ in the UK.

The Incredible Story And Life Of Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo

The movie was based upon the life of this French aristocrat and his Moroccan attendant Abdel Sallou.

After suffering his accident, Philippe was unable to take care of himself and so he was tasked with finding an assistant to look after and care for him. There were, of course, countless candidates due to his social standing, and of course, his bank account, yet out of all these candidates, he chose a young immigrant named Abdel who came from a life on the streets and in prison.

Abdel went to the job interview in an attempt to keep his French Visa, and the 42-year old millionaire businessman instantly took a liking to the young man from Morocco. The two became good friends and the movie itself became one of France’s most popular feel-good movies.

One of the reasons why Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo took a liking to Abdel was because in his own words ‘he didn’t feel sorry for me. He was irreverent, cheeky, and had an outrageous sense of humour. I suddenly found that I was enjoying life again.

The two had fun together, just as buddies would. One example of this is when Abdel installed a powerful engine onto Philippe’s wheelchair so that they could race.