7 Luxurious Anniversary Gift Ideas In 2021

Choosing an anniversary gift for your loved one can communicate your feelings towards them and can even strengthen your relationships when the gift hits the mark. Luxury is a good word to consider when it comes to gifts for your beloved for this reason, though luxury does not have to include a high price tag

Luxury gifts are simply those that your recipient would love to own but cannot justify buying for themselves. This means that luxury gifts also show how well you know your loved one.

1. Anniversary Gift Lists

7 Luxurious Anniversary Gift Ideas In 2021

Anniversary gifts can be a challenge simply because you want to get them right. You can start a tradition within your family of choosing an item based on the traditional and modern list of anniversary gifts that represent each year of marriage. The lists show the materials that symbolize each year of marriage but there are also colours, flowers and gemstones that can guide your thinking when considering luxurious anniversary gifts.

2. Experience Gifts

7 Luxurious Anniversary Gift Ideas In 2021

If you and your spouse have a common interest or a shared wish to try something new, consider a gift experience. This could be a cookery class with an experienced chef or a series of dance classes in Latin or Ballroom. Experiential gifts often bring couples closer together, and if you buy experience gifts for your parents or another couple, the gift can also make your bonds of friendship stronger.

3. Private Tour

7 Luxurious Anniversary Gift Ideas In 2021

If you have already agreed to your plans for a day out for your anniversary or will be taking a city break, add something special to your shared interest in where you are going. This could be booking a private tour for two with an art historian at a local art gallery or premium seats at the theatre plus an after-dinner dining experience somewhere special. You could source tickets for an exhibition and follow this with a champagne afternoon tea.

4. Luxurious Spa Day

7 Luxurious Anniversary Gift Ideas In 2021

Treat yourselves to a spa break for two at an award-winning spa. Choose a spa that offers a haven of tranquillity that will look after all aspects of your health, beauty, and well-being. Look for swimming and hydrotherapy pools, a gym, steam, and sauna suites and check out the specialist treatments on offer. A luxury spa will allow you to relax and do as little or as much as you like, with fine dining as standard.

5. Luxury Fashion

When choosing a fashion item as your anniversary gift, if you are anxious about whether your beloved will like a gift that you are considering, ask them what gift they would like.  They may surprise you with the request for a certain handbag that they have coveted for a while or they may want an item of clothing that you had not previously considered. Luxury is defined in different ways by different people and the monetary value of your gift will usually have less meaning than the intention and thought behind it.

6. Have A Royal Vacation

7 Luxurious Anniversary Gift Ideas In 2021

Another luxurious anniversary gift idea is to take a trip to any of the world’s royal palaces to appreciate luxury at its finest.  Drottningholm Palace is the private residence for Sweden’s royal family where you can wander in the stunning baroque garden and view the palace which is much the same as it was when it was finished in 1766.

There is also the famous Buckingham Palace in London and the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, once the home of former US movie star Grace Kelly who married into the family to become Princess of Monaco.

7. Create Your Own Celebration Gift Box

Order in a celebration gift box from their favourite store. These could be luxury champagne hampers to include champagne truffles, a bottle of bubbly and a pair of crystal champagne flutes. You could select all the foods they miss from their home country, including TimTams and vegemite if they are Australian for example.

Whatever you include in your celebration gift box, always remember to write a note of love and appreciation with it. Recollect the times you have gone through in the last year and how these have changed you for the better and made you appreciate your marriage more than before.

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