Sake Sensations: A Culinary Journey with Akashi-Tai and The Ivy Asia

In a captivating autumn revelation, Akashi-Tai, the eminent Sake brand in the United Kingdom, recently introduced a new and extraordinary fusion of flavours, in association with The Ivy Asia.

This collaboration, known as the “Sake Sensations” menu, will be available across eight exquisite venues throughout the UK. It promises to whisk patrons away on a sensory voyage inspired by the rich tapestry of Asian culture.

Sake Sensations: A Culinary Journey with Akashi-Tai and The Ivy Asia

Savouring Japanese Delicacies

The Sake Sensations menu at The Ivy Asia offers a symphony of Japanese delights, each thoughtfully paired with exquisite artisan Sake crafted by Akashi-Tai. This unique dining and imbibing experience elevates the senses to new heights, all within the opulent confines of The Ivy Asia’s enchanting restaurants, nestled in the heart of the UK.

As Sake aficionados continue to multiply worldwide, The Ivy Asia’s team of expert mixologists has joined hands with Akashi-Tai to craft an unforgettable cocktail menu. This menu celebrates the artistry of Sake, allowing guests to relish the magnificence of Eastern culinary finesse in the plush settings of The Ivy Asia.

Indulgent Beginnings: A Symphony of Flavours

The Sake Sensations menu kicks off with a sharing starter that harmoniously accompanies Sparkling Junmai Ginjo. This ensemble includes:

Sake Sensations: A Culinary Journey with Akashi-Tai and The Ivy Asia
  • Yellowtail Sashimi and Fresh Truffle Salad
  • Seared Beef Tataki with Three Kinds of Onion
  • Prawn Tempura with Chilli, Lime, and Coriander Dip

The journey continues with a sharing main, impeccably paired with Tokubetsu Junmai, featuring:

  • Black Cod infused with Miso
  • Salt and Pepper Fillet with Lime (190g / 6.5oz)
  • Cucumber, Peanut, and Coriander Salad with Chilli, Sesame, and Lime

The grand finale awaits with a shared dessert, elegantly matched with Shiraume Ginjo Umeshu. It includes:

  • Red Dragon Dessert: Soft Serve Ice Cream, Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, Peanut Brittle, Honeycomb, Fruit, and a Drizzle of Chocolate Sauce

Complementing this culinary spectacle is a range of irresistible drinks, such as:

Sake Sensations: A Culinary Journey with Akashi-Tai and The Ivy Asia
  • Dragon Gimlet: East 135 Gin, Elderflower, Dragon Fruit, and Sparkling Sake
  • Coco and Peach Sour: Hazotaki Blended Whisky, Lemon, Peach Syrup, and a Velvety Coconut Foam
  • Akashi Tea: Ivy Asia’s Iced Tea infused with Akashi-Tai Honjozo Kuro and Eucalyptus Syrup

For guests who prefer a vegetarian experience, a thoughtfully curated vegetarian pairing menu is also available.

A Legacy of Excellence

Akashi-Tai is renowned for its unwavering commitment to using only the finest ingredients in the crafting of liqueurs, sparkling, and dry Sakes. These artisanal creations are meticulously handmade in small batches within an independent, family-run brewery that has proudly upheld the Sake Heritage since 1856. This commitment to oenological craftsmanship finds its perfect complement in the irresistible Sake Sensations menu offered by The Ivy Asia.

As Akashi-Tai and The Ivy Asia join hands to curate this exceptional dining experience, patrons can expect nothing less than a culinary journey like no other. With the allure of Japanese culture, the richness of Sake, and the finesse of The Ivy Asia, the Sake Sensations menu promises to transport diners to the heart of culinary excellence, leaving an indelible mark on their palates and memories.

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