Anniversary Milestones and How to Celebrate Them

Whether you’ve been with your partner for one year or sixty years, commemorating your anniversary is an important tradition that deepens your bond and celebrates the relationship you have shared thus far. Indeed, the tradition goes back as far as the Roman era when Roman husbands would gift their wives precious metals and expensive gifts.

That’s not to say that you have to splash out; however, you celebrating your anniversary should reflect you both as a couple. So, if your anniversary is coming up, here are some ways to mark the special day and show your partner how much you treasure your life together.

Celebrating an Anniversary

Anniversaries are always exciting and give you the perfect excuse to celebrate. No matter which anniversary you’re celebrating, it’s important to take time to recognise the occasion.

Of course, it might be overwhelming to celebrate every half year or year. Many couples, they prefer to mark the really significant ones, like the 10-year milestones. After the 10-year milestone, you might find the anniversary celebrations are reserved for every five or ten years.

The Milestones and Associations

If you’re really committed, there’s a symbol attached to every single year of marriage, but for most people, they’re only interested in the really significant ones. Hailing in one year of marriage is a very big deal and although it might have been difficult, the paper anniversary is so-called because of its fragility, reminding couples to put effort in to keep the partnership strong.

As the years go on, the materials get tougher with cotton at year two, leather at year three, silk at year four all the way through to porcelain, silver, ruby and platinum. If you’re lucky to get to the 90-year anniversary, you will join a small group of people and will be awarded the granite anniversary.

Anniversary Milestones and How to Celebrate Them

Ideas for a Celebration

Depending on whether you’re a particularly flashy couple or would prefer to do something lowkey, there are heaps of ways to mark the day. Here are just a few ideas.

Take a trip

Use your anniversary to get away from it all with a trip for the two of you. Life can be stressful and busy at times, meaning that you often neglect to spend time with your special someone. A trip will readdress this balance and reconnect you both.

Gift something really special

Symbolise your bond through a thoughtful gift. Diamonds are always a favourite and they come in many forms, from diamond earrings to a diamond necklace, a gift your partner can treasure for years to come, representing the strength of your relationship.

Go all out with a party

If you’d like to celebrate with friends and family, there’s no better excuse to get all your loved ones in the same place and have a jolly good time!