Archway Battersea: A Sustainable Dining Experience

Archway, a beloved neighbourhood restaurant nestled beneath a historic railway arch in Battersea, offers a delightful and intimate dining experience at the doorstep of the iconic Battersea Park.

This establishment, born from the visionary behind Spook London, a leading modern hospitality company serving prominent brands and individuals, places a strong emphasis on seasonal ingredients and ethical culinary practices. Here, amidst the vibrant community, patrons can savour a diverse range of dishes paired with both old and new-world wines.

Archway Battersea: A Sustainable Dining Experience

A Culinary Mission with Heart

Emily Few Brown, the founder of Spook and Archway, embarked on a mission when she launched Spook in 2014 – to place people and the planet at the forefront of hospitality. Her vision revolves around creating personal and meaningful gastronomic experiences. Building upon this philosophy, Archway maintains a steadfast commitment to sustainability, incorporating elements of growing and foraging into its menu, thoughtfully curated by Head Chef, Lorenzo Nigro.

With a rich tapestry of culinary experiences and a profound passion for food, Chef Lorenzo Nigro brings his Italian heritage to the heart of the Archway kitchen. His expertise adds a delightful array of bold flavours and sophisticated dishes to the restaurant’s offerings.

Seasonal Sensations on Your Plate

Archway takes pride in its concise yet ever-evolving menu, meticulously adjusted in harmony with the changing seasons. This approach ensures that patrons can enjoy the finest produce available, establishing a unique connection between the land and the dining table.

Archway Battersea: A Sustainable Dining Experience

The restaurant welcomes diners for both lunch and dinner, featuring standout dishes like Tagliolini with mussels, tomato, and walnuts, Wood Braised Lamb Breast with Scarola, olives, capers, lemon, and oregano, and Grilled Langoustine with herb butter and puntarelle salad.

For those with a sweet tooth, a delectable selection of desserts awaits, including Custard Cream Bomboloni, Apple and Thyme Tarte Tatin, and a rotating array of seasonal sorbets.

A Wine List to Complement

Archway’s wine selection is thoughtfully curated to complement its diverse culinary offerings. The establishment boasts an ever-changing array of high-quality wines, encompassing both old and new world vintages. These carefully chosen wines enhance the overall dining experience, elevating the flavours of each dish.

With its relaxed, intimate, and contemporary ambience, Archway is firmly rooted in the Battersea community. This commitment to the local residents is evident in every aspect of the restaurant – from the carefully crafted dishes to the attentive service and the thoughtfully designed interior.

Archway Battersea: A Sustainable Dining Experience

Archway has the capacity to accommodate up to 45 diners and welcomes guests for dinner service between Wednesday and Saturday from 18:00 to 22:00, as well as for lunch on Fridays through Sundays from 12:00 to 15:00.

In the Words of Emily Few Brown and Lorenzo Nigro

Emily Few Brown, Founder of Archway, expresses her joy at the recognition Archway has garnered thus far: “I am so happy Archway has been well-recognized so far, and it is great to be part of the ever-growing buzz around Battersea. Together, with Lorenzo and the whole team, we love serving the whole community with truly good seasonal food.”

Lorenzo Nigro, Head Chef at Archway, shares his enthusiasm: “I love bringing my creativity to Archway’s kitchen. The ever-changing menu allows me to experiment with my cooking and seasonal produce, all in a really intimate environment, which I love.”

Archway Battersea: A Sustainable Dining Experience


Archway in Battersea is more than just a restaurant; it’s a testament to the commitment to sustainability, culinary excellence, and community. Under the stewardship of Emily Few Brown and the culinary artistry of Chef Lorenzo Nigro, this charming establishment offers an unforgettable dining experience that is both seasonal and sustainable.

The emphasis on quality, paired with a thoughtfully curated wine list, ensures that Archway continues to thrive as a beloved culinary destination in the heart of Battersea Park.

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