Bentley Bears: The Perfect Christmas Cuddly Companions

The Bentley bears, an endearing addition to the Bentley family, are set to make this Christmas season extra special for all Bentley enthusiasts and collectors alike.

These adorable and cuddly characters are now available for adoption, offering plush comfort and a touch of Bentley elegance. In this article, we explore the unique traits and distinct personalities of each Bentley bear, highlighting their exquisite details and the joy they can bring to their new homes.

Bentley Bears: The Perfect Christmas Cuddly Companions

Meet the Bentley Bears: Icons of Luxury and Elegance

The Special Edition Signature Bear is the epitome of sophistication among the Bentley Bear family. This dapper teddy boasts flexible joints and dons a formal ensemble complete with a grey and green double-ribbon necktie. It even features a Bentley-branded ear tag, adding an extra touch of luxury to its appearance.

With its impeccably tailored attire and attention to detail, the Signature Bear exudes an air of refinement that mirrors the timeless elegance of Bentley’s luxury automobiles. Whether placed on a collector’s shelf or nestled in the arms of a child, this bear is a true symbol of class and style, making it a coveted addition to any Bentley enthusiast’s collection.

The Engineer Teddy Bear: Ready for Action

For those with a penchant for motorsports, the Engineer Teddy Bear is a must-have. Dressed in white and green overalls, and sporting a matching cap, this bear mirrors Bentley’s own motorsport experts. What sets it apart is the working pocket on its suit, equipped with three sewn-in felt mechanical tools – a spanner, screwdriver, and a wrench – just in case any on-the-go fixes are required.

Bentley Bears: The Perfect Christmas Cuddly Companions

The Engineer Teddy Bear embodies the spirit of innovation and preparedness that defines Bentley’s engineering prowess. Whether it’s the thrill of the race or the joy of tinkering with precision tools, this bear is a perfect companion for those who appreciate the world of mechanics and performance. Its presence serves as a reminder of Bentley’s commitment to excellence both on and off the track.

The Heritage Racing Bear: A Tribute to Bentley’s Racing Legacy

The Heritage Racing Bear pays homage to the legendary Bentley boys who dominated the Le Mans 24 Hours in the late 1920s and early ’30s. This dashing bear dons a polka-dot scarf inspired by Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin, renowned for the famous supercharged ‘Blower.’ To complete the racing look, the Heritage Racing Bear wears a suave suedette helmet, racing goggles, and a bomber jacket, ready to conquer the Mulsanne Straight.

Bentley Bears: The Perfect Christmas Cuddly Companions

As a tribute to Bentley’s racing legacy, the Heritage Racing Bear embodies the fearless spirit of those who pushed the limits of speed and endurance. It serves as a tangible link to a bygone era of motorsport glory, inspiring enthusiasts to relive the excitement of Bentley’s historic victories. With its attention to historical detail, this bear becomes a cherished piece of racing history in the hands of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Cosy Knit Teddy: The Bentley Baby

For those seeking a cuddly companion with a touch of Bentley charm, the Cosy Knit Teddy fits the bill. This adorable bear comes adorned in a coordinating knitted jumper and bobby hat featuring the Bentley wings logo. The knit pattern reflects the craftsmanship excellence synonymous with Bentley’s heritage.

Bentley Bears: The Perfect Christmas Cuddly Companions

The Cosy Knit Teddy offers a warm and inviting presence, perfect for snuggling on a cold winter’s night or adorning a nursery with Bentley’s timeless aesthetic. Its cosy attire and attention to detail make it an ideal choice for introducing the next generation to the world of Bentley luxury and craftsmanship. With its soft embrace, this bear becomes a cherished childhood companion and a symbol of Bentley’s enduring legacy.

Luxurious Details and Quality Craftsmanship

Each Bentley bear is a testament to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are all 40cm in height, ensuring they make a statement wherever they go. The fur fabric they’re furnished with not only provides a soft and comforting touch but also offers a practical grip for steering, gearshift, and pedal work. An embroidered ‘B’ on one paw proudly signifies their Bentley lineage.

Beyond their visual appeal, these bears are crafted with precision and care, mirroring Bentley’s commitment to excellence. The attention to detail, from the stitching on their outfits to the texture of their fur, reflects the dedication of Bentley’s artisans to creating a product of unrivalled quality. These bears are not mere toys but enduring symbols of Bentley’s pursuit of perfection.

Bentley Bears: The Perfect Christmas Cuddly Companions

Price and Presentation

The Bentley bears are priced at £65 each for the Cosy, Engineer, and Heritage models, while the Signature Bear is available at £80. Just like Bentley’s iconic motor cars, these bears are built to last and can be passed down through generations.

Despite their luxurious appeal and impeccable craftsmanship, the Bentley bears are reasonably priced, making them accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts and collectors. Their enduring value as heirloom pieces ensures that they remain cherished possessions for years to come. To ensure they reach their new homes in style, each bear is presented in a 100 per cent cotton Bentley-branded dust bag.

Holiday Gifting with Bentley Collection

The Bentley Collection not only offers an array of beautifully crafted bears but also provides free UK shipping on all orders over £200. This makes it easier than ever to find inspiring gifts that will brighten the Christmas of every Bentley enthusiast and the next generation of fans.

Bentley Bears: The Perfect Christmas Cuddly Companions

In addition to the Bentley Bears, the Bentley Collection offers a diverse selection of high-quality items that cater to the preferences of Bentley aficionados. From elegant accessories to stylish apparel, this collection ensures that there’s something for everyone in the Bentley community. With the convenience of free UK shipping for orders over £200, holiday shopping becomes a seamless experience, allowing Bentley enthusiasts to share their passion with loved ones during the festive season.


This Christmas, elevate your gift-giving experience with the Bentley Bears, the embodiment of luxury, style, and cuddly comfort. With each bear’s unique personality and impeccable detailing, they are more than just soft toys; they are cherished companions and collector’s items that pay homage to Bentley’s rich heritage and commitment to excellence.

The Special Edition Signature Bear embodies timeless sophistication, while the Engineer Teddy Bear captures the spirit of motorsport innovation. The Heritage Racing Bear serves as a tribute to Bentley’s racing legacy, and the Cosy Knit Teddy brings warmth and charm to any setting. These bears, constructed with luxurious fur and meticulous craftsmanship, represent the pinnacle of quality.

With reasonable pricing and presentation in Bentley-branded dust bags, these bears offer lasting value and elegance. Furthermore, the Bentley Collection’s free UK shipping on orders over £200 makes it convenient to find the perfect holiday gifts for Bentley enthusiasts, ensuring that this Christmas season is truly special.

Make this festive season unforgettable by welcoming one of these remarkable Bentley bears into your home, or by selecting from the exquisite offerings in the Bentley Collection to delight your loved ones.

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